My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1827

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"A wedding?" Looking at Chiyang, Hang Jin could not see a trace of excitement in her eyes. He couldn\'t help but raise his eyebrow, "small four eyes, are you sure you want to have a wedding with me?"

"Can I have fun with you about this kind of thing?" He nodded and answered calmly.

Her calm, let Hang Jin confirm his own guess, his brow frown more tightly: "you tell me, why did you suddenly propose to hold a wedding with me?"

If she was moved and agreed to marry him just because of the things he did for her today, he would rather not, not at all.

"We\'ve all got marriage licenses. Legally speaking, we\'re legal couples. Shouldn\'t we have a wedding?" This is the most realistic answer that Chiyang gave to Hang Jin.

Chi didn\'t think there was any problem with his idea, but at Hang Jin, it was like listening to a big joke: "sorry! I don\'t want a wedding like this. "

"What kind of wedding do you want?" Chi Yangyang didn\'t know what he said made Hangjin unhappy. He looked at him in a sullen way. "Or do you not want to let more people know that we are husband and wife?"

It\'s not impossible.

At present, few people know that she is his wife, and someone has arrested her to threaten him. After their wedding, they will make the relationship public, so more people will know the real relationship between them.

Because of the special work of Hang Jin, it\'s possible that more people will catch her and threaten him. In this way, she will not cause him trouble every day. If so, it\'s OK not to publish.

So Chi added thoughtfully, "if you have your own worries, it\'s OK not to have a wedding. I don\'t mind."

"You little idiot doesn\'t mind, but I do." "Hang Jin Huo roared, because he pulled too hard to the wound that had just been bandaged, which made him hiss," idiot! "

Chi Yangyang quickly laid down according to him and comforted him: "you still have injuries. Don\'t get excited first. Whether or not I want to hold a wedding, I will listen to you. Do you has the final say?

"You little idiot!" Looking at her innocent appearance, Hang Jin knew that the little idiot didn\'t know what made him angry. She still thought in her heart why he was so difficult to serve.

"Well, I\'m a little idiot. You say I\'m a little idiot. I\'m a little white idiot!" Now he is the wounded. What he said is what he said. Her adults let him a lot.

"Little four eyes..."


"I asked you seriously. You answered me honestly."

"You said."

"I ask you, do you like me or not?"

"Ah..." Chiyangyang didn\'t seriously think about it, and didn\'t know for a while what his feelings were for him.

She can\'t leave him, because she is used to his "bullying" and can\'t leave him? Or is there something about him that you can\'t do without him?

She really didn\'t know, so she honestly replied, "I, I don\'t know."

After that, Hang Jin is not angry. Chi Yang Yang\'s survival instinct has made her move back, and she is afraid to open the distance with him.

"You don\'t know whether you like me or not. You have to have a wedding with me. Then ask your heart why you do this?" Hang Jin suddenly felt a little tired. He was really tired of losing too much blood. He slowly closed his eyes. "I\'m tired. I want to have a rest. You can take another car."

"Oh, good..." Chiyangyang promised well, but he didn\'t act. He sat quietly beside the single bed, looked at his pale face anxiously, and couldn\'t help but reach out and caress his face gently. He was speechless and sour in his heart.

Does she really like him?

Don\'t like it?

If you don\'t like it, why does Jiang Eryue feel bad after she knows that she likes him?

Like it?

If I like it, I hope he is happy. If someone likes him, she should be happy.

But when she learned that someone liked him, she was not only not happy for him, but also uncomfortable.

She only knows that she can\'t live without him. Her feelings towards him should be a habitual dependence.

The more he thought about it, the more confused his mind became. He grabbed his head impatiently and let it go. He found that Hang Jin had opened his eyes and looked at her, making her very embarrassed: "you are going to have a rest."

"I can\'t sleep here." Hang Jin\'s voice was hoarse and a little weak.

"Then I\'ll go out." As long as he can have a good rest and let her run with the car, she has no complaints.

"I can\'t sleep more when you leave."

"What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to say you like me as much as I like you." Hang Jin wanted to say this to her, but he didn\'t want to force this little idiot. She didn\'t think through things slowly and it didn\'t work. So he said, "I\'m thirsty. Go and see if there is hot water. Pour me a glass of hot water."

"Good." He immediately got up to look for hot water. There was a hot water pot on the shelf beside the carriage. He quickly poured a disposable cup for him. He took a small drink to test the temperature first. The water was a little hot. She immediately blew it until the temperature was right. She just handed the cup to his mouth. "The water is not hot. You can drink it."

Looking at the careful appearance, Hang Jin felt soft again: "you feed me."

Without hesitation, Chi Yang Si immediately emptied one hand to hold him, took the cup in the other hand and carefully sent it to his mouth: "drink slowly, don\'t choke."

Hang Jin took a sip: "it\'s a little cold. You can add some hot water to me."

Chi Yangyang quickly added hot water to him and sent the cup to his mouth again: "this should be OK."

Hang Jin took another sip: "it\'s hot."

He immediately got his mouth and blew: "you try again."

After drinking the water, Hang Jin thought of other ways to "torture" Chi Yangyang, but he didn\'t complain at all. It\'s estimated that this little idiot didn\'t even see that he was trying to fix her. Later, Hang Jin didn\'t have the heart to fix her again. He fell asleep soon after he calmed down.

But he didn\'t sleep for a long time, and the car didn\'t reach the urban area of Jiangbei. Hang Jin was surprised: "little four eyes!"

Chi Yangyang is sitting beside her, watching his cold sweat, she quickly holds his hand: "I am here, here, not afraid."

He stared at her, his eyes gradually changed from fierce to gentle, but what he said was still his unique tyranny: "stay with me, and don\'t go anywhere without my permission."

He meant to be with him for a while or a lifetime. Chi would not have the heart to think about it. Only Hang Jin knew what he wanted to express.