My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1826

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" in this view, Chi found that Hang Jin\'s forehead was sweating, his face and lips were white and bloodless, which made her heart hurt so badly that she could hardly breathe:" it hurts I\'ll get you some glucose. "

"No!" Hang Jin smiled and saw tears flashing in Chi\'s eyes. He raised his hand and touched her head: "little four eyes, I\'m really OK. Don\'t worry..."

Before he finished speaking, he interrupted: "although the wound has been bandaged, you have lost too much blood and should not move around. How are you? I\'ll ask the doctor about you. "

However, Chi Yangyang just stood up, and Hang Jin reached out his hand and pulled her back: "Why are you crying?"

Just now I told him to lie down. Now I sit up. For fear of pulling his wound, Chi Yang dare not struggle: "lie down and don\'t move. Don\'t you hear me?"

Hang Jin didn\'t care about her injury at all. All she saw was her tears: "I asked you how did you cry? Is the injury painful? "

"What am I crying for? Which eye of yours saw me cry? What do you think of my injury? " Chi Yangyang is also a good face person. She doesn\'t want to let Hang Jin see her tears, or know why she shed them, or let Hang Jin know how nervous she was when she helped him to get the bullet.

She was afraid that a slight tremor would touch a nerve in his leg, which would lead to his inability to walk normally for the rest of his life.

"Little four eyes..." Hang Jin called her down, stroked her eyes with his thumb, and gently wiped away the tears that rolled down her eyes. "I\'m fine, I\'m really fine, your heart can be put down."

She was worried about him, and Hang Jin was happy.

But she really cried for him, and he didn\'t feel any pain.

She\'s his little four eyes. She\'s as stupid as a little B á ICH who only knows how to work all day. How can she shed tears for him.

Just now, he had tried to distract her, but the effect was not so good. He made her cry.

"You look so ugly, you still call it OK, do you think I\'m really stupid?" Chi Yangyang said with a nasal sound, angry Du di.

"The bullet has been taken out smoothly. I have nothing left, you little fool." Hang Jin repeated patiently, "you really don\'t have to worry about me."

"You are the fool!" Chi Yangyang sniffed, because she didn\'t want him to see her tears, she forced a smile, "what\'s the best for me? It\'s worth doing this for me?"

"I don\'t know." Hang Jin is telling the truth. To ask him what is good about Chi Yang, he can\'t answer any specific questions. But he wants to be with her, marry her and take care of her for the rest of his life. This idea came into being many years ago.

"You are a big fool. You don\'t know where I am. You eat bullets for me." I wanted to stop crying, but I didn\'t know what happened. The more I could stop it, the more I cried out, "you big fool, do you know how scared I am these two days? I\'m afraid I\'ll never see you again. I\'m afraid you will disappear from my life."

Hang Jin really didn\'t know. He thought he disappeared for two days and her life would not be affected. Maybe no one bothered her. She was still happy and relaxed.

"Four eyes, I......"

"You don\'t know! You don\'t know! " After two days of fear, I finally found the vent of the k\'ung-ub-ung-o-hair, which was out of control.

"You just said that you like me, and I believe that what you said is true. You left me like this and disappeared silently. Do you know how scared I am these two days. I don\'t even dare to go back to our house. I\'m afraid that after I go back, I will face the empty house without you. Without you, where is a home? "

"Don\'t cry, little fool. I\'m in front of you. I knew the plans of those people, but they will. " It turned out that he was so important in her mind. Without him, that family was not home.

Hang Jin felt a long sigh of relief. He was very happy. It seems that he didn\'t hurt her in vain these years. Today, he didn\'t eat two bullets in vain.

"Why don\'t you tell me your plan? In case, in case you don\'t escape, in case... " The more he thought about it, the more he was afraid. The more he cried, the more he cried. His body kept twitching, which made Hang Jin worried and distressed. "You didn\'t say let me get out of your world, I\'m not better."

Chi Yangyang cried and said, "those are my angry words. You believe them."

It was sweet in Hang Jin\'s heart. She wanted to hear more words about him: "so you are really worried about me. You can\'t leave me."

This time, he did not deny it, but boldly admitted, "I can\'t do without you."

"Little fool, with your words, I will live forever. Don\'t even want to steal time from me." For her sake, she will cherish this life, and never know that she has fallen into the enemy\'s trap and has to drill into it.

"Who do you think you are? You don\'t hurt? You don\'t bleed when you get hurt? Can you heal your wounds automatically without treatment? Hang Jin, you are an ordinary man with flesh and blood. You don\'t have the ability to compete with Lord Yan for time. You need to understand. " Chi knows that this man sometimes doesn\'t know how big the sky is.

"As long as you are by my side, I can." Hang Jin held Chi Yang\'s face and kissed her tears gently. "Please don\'t cry, or let others see you. I thought I was bullying you."

He wiped his tears and said, "you bullied me. I\'m not allowed to cry. "

"I admit that I bullied you before, but today it\'s you who bullied me."

"I said you bullied me. You bullied me. Don\'t contradict me."


"Bullying is also learned from you."

"Well, you\'re right about everything. Can you stop crying?" Seeing her crying again, his heart was breaking.

"You promised me that I would never do such a stupid thing again."

"Fool, I\'m not doing stupid things. I\'m protecting my favorite girl. "He looked at her, pale lips slightly raised, clearly hurt, but in his eyes are full of tenderness.

Looking at his affectionate eyes, Chi Yang Yang\'s heart quivered slightly, and involuntarily opened his mouth: "when your legs are ready, let\'s take the time to do the wedding."