My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1824

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" the conversation between Sha Ming and several people just happened. Chi Yang heard it. If it wasn\'t for a San to protect her, maybe she can\'t even get up now. There\'s no strength to control the leader of the group, Sha Ming, to change the situation.

"Good." Hang Jin didn\'t ask any more, but he couldn\'t help but look at Chi Yang\'s eyes and see a bag on her head, which made him feel so sad that he wanted to cut people. So he came to take up the gun and smashed it on Sha Ming\'s head, "dog thing!"

Hang Jin is very cruel. Sha Mingtong\'s head immediately flows blood down her temple.

Sha Ming is afraid of death, but he can\'t suffer from such cowardice in front of so many people. In a man\'s world, face is more important than life.

"I have only one life. I\'m not afraid of anything. The surname hang, today is dead, I also want to let you and your careful liver bury for me Sha Mingtong glared at Hang Jin fiercely and roared, "don\'t worry about me. Pick up the gun and shoot him. Whoever can lift Hang Jin\'s head back will make great contributions. Sister 19 will naturally reward him according to his contributions."

Sha Mingtong\'s words went on, others were still a little hesitant, but soon one of them stood up, and others followed.

Bang Bang

at this time, there was a lot of gunfire, and the special police in bulletproof clothes rushed to the scene one after another, which made the scene full of people.

"Listen to the people inside. You are surrounded by us. Put down your arms and surrender immediately, or you will be treated as resisting arrest."

All the members of the anti drug brigade and the special police arrived together. The outcome of the game was very clear. Sha Ming gave up his struggle and fell to the ground softly.

Someone ran to Hang Jin. He saw that it was Xiao Wang. This kid was a little smart this time. It wasn\'t too late.

Xiao Wang ran to Hang Jin and asked, "boss, do you have anything to do with Chi forensic?"

Hang Jin looked coldly. His legs were still bleeding. He asked if there was anything wrong with him. Did Xiao Wang have eyes for food?

Knowing that Hang Jin has a big temper and doesn\'t know when to stop, Chi Yangyang quickly replied, "Xiao Wang, I\'m ok, but Hang Jin is injured. Do you have an ambulance with you? If you have a car, please help your eldest brother get on first. "

"I\'m fine." Hang Jin said.

Chi Yangyang was so angry that he said, "now, what can you do?"

However, Hang Jin picked up Chi Yangyang and told her with practical actions that he would not call an ambulance due to such a little skin injury.

Chi Yang was so angry that he wanted to beat him, but he didn\'t dare to beat him. After all, the man was hurt and she couldn\'t bear it.

Soon, Hang Jin took Chi Yangyang to the ambulance: "deal with her injuries quickly."

Chi Yangyang: "I\'m ok. Help him with the wound first."

The injury of Chi Yangyang was on his head and back. There was a covering surface with hair and clothes that could not be seen. Hang Jin was bleeding on both legs. The doctors wanted to deal with the wound for him first. However, Hang Jin was concerned about Chi Yangyang: "I want you to deal with the injury on her body."

Hang Jin\'s bad temper has been learned by everyone. The doctor dare not have any more objection, and immediately deal with the wound for Chi Yang.

What he suffered was a skin injury, which was not serious. The doctor cleaned the wound and put medicine on it. Then he looked at Hang Jin with worry. But in Hang Jin\'s eyes, he was still the only one in his heart: "is there anything uncomfortable? Let the doctor have a look."

"I\'m fine. Let them help you with the wound." Really, if he didn\'t know that Hang Jin is such a bastard, Chi Yang would have doubted whether he is stupid or not. She would have dealt with this injury casually, but his leg is still bleeding. What if he didn\'t deal with it in time?

The doctor said: "hang team, your wound is still bleeding, you must deal with it in time."

"I said I\'m ok. You have a problem with your ears. Can\'t you hear me?" Hang Jin glanced coldly. "You go ahead. I\'ll accompany her here."

The doctor got out of the car obediently. As soon as the door was closed, hang Jincai changed his calm face and grinned with pain: "Damn it, it hurts me so much! If I don\'t take good care of these bastards, I won\'t be named hang. "

"You said you were OK? Do you know it\'s painful at this time? " Chi Yangyang\'s mouth was angry with him, but her hand was not idle. She immediately opened the medicine box and found the disinfection tool. "Now I\'ll help you disinfect the wound. It\'s a little painful. You can bear it."

"I can\'t bear the pain." The young master hang was injured outside without saying a word. He became a little dog afraid of pain in front of Chi Yang Yang. In the end, he didn\'t want chi yang to pay more attention to him and let him know how important he was in her heart.

But the pain he showed was not really very painful, it was that kind of cheap, flirtatious, so naturally it would also reduce the psychological burden of Chi Yang.

Chi Yangyang didn\'t bother to talk to him. He started directly, cut off his trouser legs and sterilized his wounds.

To be honest, when he was training abroad, the injuries were much more serious than this one. Hang Jin could bear the pain, but he cried out: "little four eyes, can you be lighter, you are so clumsy, are you going to murder your husband?"

"Murder your husband? You\'re looking for trouble! You fool! You can be so cruel to yourself! " At the thought of Hang Jin shooting himself without hesitation for her sake, Chi Yangyang\'s heart ached one after another. She took a breath of blood and tried to calm herself down and take gauze and medicine. "Now I\'ll make you part of M á Zu, take out the bullet from your right leg first."

"Little four eyes, you are not a doctor, you are a forensic doctor. I am still alive, not a corpse. There\'s no need for medicine. If you give me the clip, I can handle it myself. " The gun was opened by Hang Jin himself. When he hit his left leg, he was very well controlled. The bullet went through the flesh and skin, and the injury was not serious. The right leg shot was not well controlled. The bullet was left in the wound and almost hurt the bone. However, Hang Jin\'s performance in front of Chiyang Yang was just a small injury. It was just a joke for my young master.

"Shut up!" Chi Yangyang is very reluctant to sew Hang Jin\'s mouth with a needle, so that he won\'t talk disorderly, which bothers her, but Chi Yangyang is willing to sew his mouth. When she sees the bullet in his right leg, her nose is sore and she almost tears, but she tries to blink the tears back. Her eyes are red and she says, "Hang Jin, if you have more words, I will listen to you without anesthetics, and you will die of pain It serves you right. " 7