My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1820

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But Chi quickly dismissed the idea.

The murderer is not stupid. She knows that she has not found any clues at present, and will never be foolishly self cast and caught.

So who else?

Is it Hangzhou Zhenshan?

Because she didn\'t listen to Hangzhen mountain and left Hangjin, Hangzhen mountain used such a low-level method.

It\'s also unlikely.

Hangzhou Zhenshan is not satisfied with her, but it doesn\'t show up in front of Hang Jin and Yin nianxiao, which proves that Hangzhou Zhenshan is considerate and won\'t use such a stupid method.

So who else?

Would it be Hang Jin?

Will it be Hang Jin?

If it\'s really Hang Jin, she will go even if it\'s the dragon pond and tiger cave in front of her.

Thinking about this, Chi became calm, but her brain became more and more heavy. She felt that her eyelids would close, and she might never open her eyes again.

Chi Yanyang pinched himself hard again, trying to keep himself awake with pain.

At this time, she found that the driver was observing her from the rearview mirror in the car, and she asked: "don\'t want my life, why give me medicine? What\'s more, I\'m a small forensics expert. I don\'t offend people at ordinary times. Who will invite me? "

Just when he thought that the driver would not answer her, the driver opened his mouth slowly: "it just let me not want your life, but didn\'t tell me not to give you medicine. In addition, the one you want to see is not a troublesome Lord. If he starts to mix up, you will have better control over the coma. "

This man really doesn\'t pay attention to Chi Yang. He speaks frankly.

"Not easy to mess with? Is it Hang Jin Chiyang Yang did not want to be Hang Jin, but also wanted to be Hang Jin. If there is any news about Hang Jin, even if it is not good news, it is better than not knowing where Hang Jin went.

The driver said again, "you will know when you go."

"I will know when I go. Ah... " Head more and more heavy, Chi Yang Yang and severely pinched their own, but this time no use, she is not able to resist the role of drugs, fell into a dark.


Near the outskirts of the city.

A garage that\'s already full of crap.

There are several broken lights in the factory, and several people are sitting around a small table drinking wine.

Drinking and drinking, one of the men in white T-shirt smashed the bottle in his hand impatiently, and said angrily, "Hang Jin is really a thief. He has all fallen into our hands, and even let him take our people away."

Another man in a black shirt answered, "when the little yellow girl arrives, we don\'t need to do anything. Naturally, Hang Jin will send us back. Can you believe what you want him to do then? "

The Yellow caring man doesn\'t believe: "that yellow girl really has such a big ability? Can hang Jin really come back for her? "

"Let\'s wait and see," said the man in the black shirt

"But..." he said

The man in the black shirt interrupted him: "no, let\'s have a good drink now. Don\'t worry about things that shouldn\'t be worried about. As soon as we believe that wench arrives, Hang Jin will send him back, and he can only let us deal with him. "

The yellow T-shirt man is still worried: "in case..."

"In case." The black shirt man handed a bottle of wine to the yellow T-shirt man and patted him on the shoulder. "Your eldest brother was caught by the boy Hang Jin. The court gave him a sentence of ten years. You wish you could peel the boy alive to solve the hatred of your heart. But don\'t forget what sister 19 told you. We can\'t move Hang Jin for the moment."

"Can\'t move? Why can\'t you move? Do we have to watch him take our brothers in one by one? " Yellow T-shirt man picked up the bottle and Gulu Gulu took a few sips of wine. His eyes were red. "I just can\'t swallow this breath without killing him."

"You can\'t swallow it. Do you think sister 19 can?" The man with the black shirt was calm. He took a glass of wine and took two sips of it. Then he said slowly, "as for how you can\'t move Hang Jin, I can\'t answer you. Go to ask sister 19 yourself."

"I......" The Yellow caring man didn\'t want to ask, but didn\'t have the courage to ask. The woman of the 19th elder sister looked good-looking and spoke softly and sweetly, but she was ruthless, just in accordance with the saying, the snake and the scorpion are beautiful.

None of them, the men who followed her, dared to jump in front of her.

The man in the black shirt said, "if you don\'t dare to ask, do as she tells you."

During the conversation, there was movement outside.

The man with black shirt is the fastest. He is the first one to stand up and rush to the window. When he sees the person, he is a little relieved: "it\'s the third one who brought the person back."

The yellow T-shirt man picked up a bottle of wine and Gulu Gulu poured it into his stomach. He staggered to the door with the smell of wine: "I\'d like to see what kind of woman can hold our famous Prince hang."

At this time, they called the third man carrying Chi Yang walked in, he had no pity to throw chi yang to the ground: "I brought back the people."

"Let me see what this woman looks like?" The yellow man squatted down, reached out his hand and turned over Chi Yangyang, who was facing the ground. The first thing he saw was Chi Yangyang\'s thick glasses. He belched with wine. "The taste of the young master of Hangzhou is very special. He likes such a four eyed girl with local flavor."

When he spoke, he began to remove the thick eyeglass frame of the central part of the pool, and saw the pink skin of the central part of the pool, and his fingers went up uncontrollably: "it\'s not surprising that the young master of the hang family, who has such an attractive face under the eyeglass frame, can see her."

"Take your hand off, she\'s not something you can touch." The third looked coldly at the yellow T-shirt man.

"I just fucked her. What can you do?" Yellow T-shirt man not only does not listen, hands along the pool central face down to explore.


In the blink of an eye, I heard the sound of the head breaking, and then there was the yellow T-shirt man\'s scream: "you fucking want to die!"

The third one held the hand of the yellow T-shirt man with cold eyes: "sister 19 told me that this girl was only used to threaten Hang Jin, and could not touch her hair."

"Why can\'t you move?" The yellow T-shirt man grinned with pain, but still wanted an answer, "what does Hang Jin have to worry about? Is it because of the forces behind him? We don\'t want to die in this business. What else can we be afraid of? "

"Don\'t ask more than you should. There are some things you shouldn\'t know. " The third released the hand of the yellow T-shirt man and looked coldly at the people. "Who dares to touch this girl\'s hair again, he will be your end."