My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1817

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" in the evening.

Another day without new clues.

Hang Jin Zhen disappeared from the sky.

Chiyang Yang doesn\'t know how he got out of the Criminal Investigation Detachment in Cangshan. His brain is full of people\'s mind. He sits in a taxi and looks at the street scene on both sides of the road. Hang Jin and her past come to her mind like a movie.

"Little four eyes, do you think you are stupid? You can let others bully you if I am here. " It was just at the beginning, because she was short-sighted and wearing glasses, she was teased by her naughty classmates and robbed her glasses.

She thought that her classmates were also joking, but she didn\'t care much. Hang Jin came to her class and stood on the platform and pointed to the classmate who robbed her glasses and said, "Chi Yang is my man. Who dares to touch her a hair in the future?"

Since then, no one in the class has laughed at her nearsightedness, and no one dares to rob her glasses.

At that time, there was a boy in the school who wrote for her. Hang Jin saw the boy and dragged him out to fight. The boy lost in the fight. Later, no one dared to write for her.

From then on, from high school to university, Hang Jin would pick her up and send her to school every day, and guard her as a guardian, resulting in no boy dare to pursue her.

Seeing her classmates fall in love one by one and break up again, she didn\'t know what it was like to fall in love until she graduated from university.

Because of the good, Chi Yang Yang also asked the female students who were in love with each other what it was like to be in love.

The schoolgirl looked at her incredulously: "Yang Yang, there is a young master in Hangzhou. Do you know what it\'s like to be in love? You amuse me. "

Before, Chi had never understood why Hang Jin should know what it\'s like to fall in love with her, because she didn\'t see any girl Hang Jin had fallen in love with, so she shouldn\'t learn from him even if she wanted to learn from him.

At that time, Hou Chiyang didn\'t understand why so many girls in the school showed kindness to Hang Jin, who never paid attention to others.

Once, a girl wrote a love letter to Hang Jin. He didn\'t even read the letter and tore it in front of others: "if you want to pursue Hang Jin, you don\'t have to pee to look after yourself first."

What virtue is that girl?

In the eyes of Chi Yang Yang, not only in the eyes of Chi Yang Yang, but also in the eyes of all the people in the school, the girl is the appearance of the school flower level. Hang Jin even despises the ugliness of others. Chi Yang Yang thinks Hang Jin has a high vision, after all, he looks really good.

First of all, he is tall. At the age of seventeen or eighteen, he is very handsome and has a good family background. He has a proud and arrogant capital.

She never knew that the girl he liked was her.

He always called her a small four eyes, always make her angry All the time, she thought he should hate her, but he suddenly confessed to her that the girl he always liked was her.

When she heard this for the first time, she intuitively thought that he was tricking her again and didn\'t put it in her heart at all.

When listening to his confession for the second time, she saw that he was serious. She believed a little, but not a hundred percent. She always believed that to love someone should be to respect each other and love each other. She always considered everything for each other.

She didn\'t find any of these points in Hang Jin\'s body before.

Now I think it\'s not all. Although he always murders her and always asks her to do this and that and never dare to disobey him, these are small things. He never forces her to do anything in big events.

In fact, he is not bad, but she never found out that he is good to her.

No wonder he always scolds her for being stupid.

It\'s silly of her not to know that he has been in love with her for such a long time.

"Here you are, Xiaojie."

The taxi driver called several times, and Chiyang said, "I\'m sorry."

She paid quickly to get out of the car.

Standing still, she took a deep breath and tried to adjust her mood before walking to the hospital.

In the ward, Grandpa Chi is sitting at the head of the bed with a newspaper in his hand.

Although he wore presbyopia glasses, he could still hold the newspaper very close because of his age. It was hard for him to read.

However, after two days\' absence, Chi found that the old man seemed to be a lot older, which made her feel sour again.

Grandpa never said something despondent in front of her, but she knew that Grandpa\'s body was not as good as day by day, and there was no time to continue to watch the changing wonderful world.

It\'s really not much time to look at Grandpa like this.

Can\'t help it, Chi Yangyang went over and hugged grandpa Chi: "Grandpa, you are reading the newspaper."

"Here comes the Central Committee." Grandpa Chi put down his newspaper and smilingly rubbed his head. "What\'s the matter today? Can\'t you hold grandpa to be coquettish?"

"I want to hug Grandpa." Holding the old man, Chi Yang was reluctant to let go, for fear that he would never have the chance to hold him like this again.

Grandpa Chi looked at him and said, "girl, did that kid Hang Jin make you angry?"

Chi Yang shook his head: "No."

"No?" Although Chi Yangyang has made a good disguise, she was brought up by grandpa Chi. How could he not understand the children he saw when he was a child? "He dares to bully you, Grandpa breaks his leg, let him know that our old Chi girls are not easy to bully."

"Grandpa, Hang Jin didn\'t bully me." Chi Yangyang sat down beside grandpa Chi\'s bed, and quickly took the pillow to let the old man lean on it. "Grandpa, you have to read the newspaper hard. I\'ll read it to you."

"I don\'t need you to read the newspaper. Tell me what happened to you and Hang Jin." Grandpa Chi is not a good liar.

Chi Yangyang is afraid to mention that Hang Jin can\'t control her emotions, so she tries to turn the topic around. Grandpa wants to continue talking about Hang Jin. She takes this opportunity to have a good chat with grandpa to see how grandpa thinks about Hang Jin. After all, grandpa is her only family member, and her marriage grandpa\'s opinion is very important.

After thinking about it, Chi asked: "Grandpa, tell me the truth, that boy Hang Jin is really such a thing in your heart?"

Grandpa Chi said with a smile, "do you really want to hear grandpa tell the truth?"

Pool Yang Yang nods: "think."

Grandpa Chi: "first of all, no matter what I say, you are not allowed to be angry with Grandpa."

Chi Yangyang: "well, I\'m not angry with you."

"That kid of Hang Jin is so arrogant that he doesn\'t know how to speak properly and respect the old man..." Seeing that Chi Yang\'s face gradually became bad, he said again, "but I don\'t know why I still like that ugly boy." 14