My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1813

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"I don\'t rule out this possibility, but I still say that. What we need is evidence. ". free serial" Zhao Ziqian takes the report back from Chi Yangyang\'s hands and cleans his voice. "Now the evidence is so bad for Hang Jin. If he can\'t find anyone else, he is afraid of crime and absconds."

The police officer said, "if someone set up Hang Jin, and now Hang Jin\'s whereabouts are unknown, is it possible that Hang Jin was also killed?"

As soon as the police officer spoke out, Chi Yang was shocked. Today, she has been uneasy and hung Hang Jin in her heart. But she just has no courage to think about the bad.

Now the police officer\'s words are like a sharp arrow, straight Cha her heart, let her legs tremble, almost did not stand, fortunately, she held the desk in time to stabilize t.

"No! Hang Jin will be OK! " Chi Yangyang forced himself to calm down. "Zhao team, I will continue to find a way to contact Hang Jin. You will send someone to find him. No matter whether he killed or not, bring him back first."

"I\'ll try my best to find someone here." Zhao Ziqian patted Chi\'s shoulder, "you work hard, don\'t worry too much. You have to believe that not everyone can get his master of Hangzhou. "

"Pool Yang Yang nods:" HMM


From Zhao Ziqian\'s office, Chi Yangyang drove to Jiangbei criminal investigation team for the first time and found Hang Jin\'s subordinate Xiao Wang.

Seeing Chi Yangyang, Xiao Wang\'s attitude was very good: "Chi forensics, what do you want to do with me?"

Without any polite words, Chiyang said directly, "where is Hangjin?" S3 ();

Xiao Wang felt his head: "Chi forensics, our eldest brother has been on the move. As long as he is not in the team, we can\'t find him at all. If you want to find him, it\'s better to call his cell phone directly. "

Chi Yangyang didn\'t know whether Xiao Wang really didn\'t know the whereabouts of Hang Jin or whether there was any secret. She added, "did Hang Jin perform the task with you last night?"

"No, no..." Their task is to keep secret. No one can reveal it to the outside world. What\'s more, Xiao Wang doesn\'t know the real relationship between Hang Jin and Chi Yangyang. "Chi forensic, what\'s the matter with you looking for our boss? Is it convenient for Fang to talk to me? "

"You didn\'t perform last night?" Chiyangyang looked at Xiaowang, his eyes were clear and cold, and he was full of threats. "If that\'s the case, how could Hangjin appear in the Mangrove Bay bar last night?"

"Chi forensics..." Xiao Wang suspects that H. is it the eldest brother who revealed his whereabouts to Chi forensic?

No way!

Their boss is better at keeping their work secret than any other member of their team. It\'s impossible to disclose the whereabouts of their tasks to an NV at will.

Look at Xiao Wang\'s expression. It\'s right that Hang Jin went to perform the task last night.

"There was a murder in Mangrove Bay magrey bar in the early morning. Now both human and material evidence point to Hang Jin. You should know the serious X of the matter," he added

Xiao Wang was stunned again, and then he was relieved for a while: "pool forensics, how can this be possible? Our boss will never kill. "

"I also believe that he will not kill, but what is needed is evidence that he did not kill." He shook his fist subconsciously and said, "now I can\'t find him, so I come to you."

"Forensics Chi, you come in first." Xiao Wang invited Chi Yangyang to a tea room, poured her a cup of tea, and called two more colleagues. "Chi forensic doctor, to tell you the truth, last night we went to carry out the task, but you should know that our tasks should be kept secret, and can\'t be casually mentioned to others Can I venture to ask you, what is the relationship between you and our eldest brother? How do you know he was on a mission last night? "

"I\'ve known him since I came out of my mother\'s womb. We grew up together. Now I\'m his legal Q son. Do you think I can know his whereabouts?" Yes, she is not only the little partner he grew up with, but also his legal q-son. When he is suspected of killing people, she will try her best to help him and find someone else.

"Q, Q son?" Wang was shocked. He didn\'t hear that their eldest brother was married. How could they have a Q son? However, it\'s not impossible to think about it carefully. Last time, the eldest brother called for Chi forensics. He was arrogant and didn\'t pay attention to anyone, but he was trained by Chi forensics to be silent.

Therefore, Xiao Wang believes what Chiyang said.

For the safety of the boss, Xiao Wang decided to cooperate with Chi Yangyang: "Chi forensics, last night we did go to carry out the task, but later people didn\'t catch it. The boss temporarily sent a message to let us withdraw."

When was the last message you received from him

"The last time we received his news was two o\'clock in the morning. After receiving the news, we withdrew according to his order, and there was no news of him again. "

"What kind of task are you going to perform?" Chi asked

"We can\'t tell you about it. But don\'t worry, we will find a way to find the eldest brother. "

"Well, if you have any news, please let me know immediately. Thank you." Chiyangyang didn\'t get involved too much. They had their confidentiality system, which she could understand.

After leaving the anti drug brigade, chiyangyang immediately returned to the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Cangshan District. S3 ();

just back to Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment, Chi Yang got the P-chip test report extracted from the nail of the deceased.

The P-chip DNA extracted from the dead\'s fingernails in the report sheet is once again consistent with the DNA left in the database by Hang Jin, and another strong evidence proves that Hang Jin is the murderer.

"Damn it! What\'s the matter? How could the P chips in the nails of the dead be Hang Jin\'s? " Chiyangyang still didn\'t believe that Hang Jin would kill people, but he took the report J to Zhao Ziqian for the first time. "This evidence points to Hang Jin again."

Zhao Ziqian, who got the report, felt his head was big again. He said, "immediately issue an arrest warrant, search Hang Jin in the whole city, and even if you dig three feet, you should dig him out for me."


In a twinkling of an eye, a day passed. People from J side searched for Hang Jin everywhere, but there was still no news. Hang Jin disappeared like a sudden evaporation from the world, leaving GG clean.

In the meeting room, the lights are on.

Zhao Ziqian, sitting in the chair, said, "have you finished the monitoring around the bar?"

"The police officer replied:" all the monitors have checked one by one, and the result is the same as the bar monitoring. Only Hang Jin\'s video entering the bar, there is no video of him coming out of the bar

The monitor can\'t find any clues. It can only start from other directions.

"Did the person in charge of the bar wake up?" he asked

A police officer said, "the doctor said that if you drink too much, you will not wake up so soon if you don\'t find that your life is gone in time."