My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1812

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Jingling bell -

after the autopsy, Chi Yang had just returned to the office. The telephone on the desk suddenly rang loudly. She picked up the receiver and said politely, "Chi Yang, forensic department."

"Yang Yang, no matter whether your work is finished or not, come to my office as soon as possible." Zhao Ziqian\'s voice came from the phone, which sounded anxious and Mao impetuous.

"What is it?" Chi asked, but Zhao Ziqian had already hung up. She had to put down her work and hurried to Zhao Ziqian\'s office.

When she arrived, Zhao Ziqian pushed her to his office chair and sat down, then pointed to the computer screen: "can you help me to see who this person is? Is it our grand master of Hangzhou

"Hang Jin?" Chiyangyang looked at the computer screen, and Zhao Ziqian immediately clicked to play it, while explaining, "this is from the bar monitor. Hang Jin has been to the accident bar, and had more arguments with the dead at 1:00 this morning."

"Why is Hang Jin in the bar with a little more?" Chi Yangyang has some doubts about him. Hang Jin usually goes out in the middle of the night to perform tasks. If he is going out for a drink, ye Zhiyang and their j will accompany him. Who dares to quarrel with them, "have you ever photographed him with a partner? And when did he leave the bar? "

"And there\'s no surveillance footage of him leaving the bar..." Zhao Ziqian looked steadily at Chi Yangyang, "and the killer\'s appearance described by the witness is similar to that of Hang Jin by seven or eight points..."

"It\'s definitely not Hang Jin. He can\'t kill people." Even though the video is in front of her, Chi believes that Hang Jin won\'t kill. She needs to know Hang Jin better than anyone else. "Hang Jin is a man with a big temper. He won\'t let go of anyone who offends him. It\'s all about beating people on the face. He won\'t hold a grudge. He secretly lures the bar for J hours to kill people to vent his anger."

"Yang Yang, we are police. We pay attention to evidence in handling cases, not to believe him In fact, with the relationship between you two, I can completely stop your work. " Zhao Ziqian is one of the few people who know the real relationship between Hang Jin and Chi Yang. He can stop Chi Yang and continue to follow up the case, but he did not.

But without 100% accurate evidence, Zhao Ziqian, like Chi Yangyang, chose to believe in Hang Jin: "I also believe that master hang didn\'t kill people, but what\'s the use of believing? We need enough evidence that he didn\'t kill. " S3 ();

"I know, I know everything you say. If he is suspected, I must find out evidence to prove that he is clear and not has the final say. What Zhao Ziqian said about Chiyang is naturally understanding. She just said that in a hurry.

Zhao Ziqian said again, "where is he now?"

Chi Yang shook his head: "I don\'t know."

Zhao Ziqian: "we can\'t contact him. Try to contact him."

"Good." Chi Yangyang quickly took out his mobile phone and called Hang Jin\'s s s person number m again, but the phone handset was still cold and cold without the temperature of the machine sound, "he turned off, I still can\'t find him."

Zhao Ziqian was so worried that two eyebrows of Mao were about to be frowned into two vertical lines: "if we can\'t contact him again, and can\'t find his people to come back to cooperate with us in the investigation, there will be a lot of trouble."

"Zhao team, wait a minute. I\'ll get in touch with individual J." Chiyangyang called Ye Zhiyang\'s J\'s phone number m in turn, and the answer was no exception. Hang Jin didn\'t contact them last night, and they don\'t know where Hang Jin is now.

FA Xiao can\'t find Hang Jin here. Chi Yangyang has to call back to hang\'s house. Yin nianxiao answers the phone. Yin nianxiao is very happy to hear Chi Yangyang\'s voice: "Yang Yang, come home to have dinner with Hang Jin again tonight. I\'ll call Hang Jin later and ask him to pick you up from work. "

Chi Yangyang didn\'t ask Hang Jin if he was at home, and she already knew the answer from Yin nianxiao\'s words. In order not to worry the elders, she didn\'t say that she couldn\'t find Hang Jin: "Auntie, I have to work overtime today, I won\'t go home for dinner, and you don\'t have to call Hang Jin."

Yin nianxiao is a little disappointed: "well, it\'s the same with going home for dinner some other day."

"Good," said Chi

Hung up Yin nianxiao\'s phone, Chi Yang Yang didn\'t know who else to call Hang Jin. After thinking about it, he thought about Hang Jin\'s going to accompany grandpa alone, so she called grandpa Chi on the last phone: "Grandpa, is Hang Jin there?"

"Ah, when I saw the call from my central bank, I thought my central bank missed me. She just missed her love brother. Grandpa\'s heart hurt." Grandpa Chi didn\'t know what happened. He joked with him.

"Grandpa Is Hang Jin there? " Outside the pool, he joked publicly, but at this moment, he didn\'t have such a mind. When Grandpa Chi heard something, he immediately changed his tone, "Yang Yang, did that kid Hang Jin do something to apologize to you? If it\'s grandpa, I\'ll die. "

In Grandpa Chi\'s eyes, Hang Jin is hateful, but he also has merits. The boy has a bad reputation, but he never teases C with flowers. Because of this, he dares to give the boy chi yang J.

Chi\'s thoughts were all disturbed: "Grandpa, it\'s not..."

Grandpa Chi continued: "Hang Jin used to bully you. It was a prank like a child. It didn\'t hurt you in essence. These grandfathers can bear it. But if he dares to mess around outside, my old man will never let him off. Don\'t be afraid, Yang Yang. Grandpa still has the strength to deal with him. " S3 ();

chi Yangyang fondled his forehead helplessly: "Grandpa, I\'ll hang up before Hang Jin is there."

After a round of searching, all the people who can contact have contacted, but they haven\'t found Hang Jin yet. The worried heart in the X cavity of Chi Yang Yang almost popped out of his mouth: "Zhao team, I still can\'t find him."

"You can keep trying to contact him, otherwise..." Zhao Ziqian\'s words have not finished, a police officer knocked on the door and entered, "Zhao team, the result of fingerprint comparison of the murder weapon comes out."

Zhao Ziqian and Chi Yangyang looked at the police officer who had run into the door at the same time and said, "what\'s the result?"

"The fingerprints on the murder weapon are exactly the same as the fingerprints Hang Jin left in the fingerprint library, so we can apply for an arrest warrant," the police said

"Why?" He got up in a hurry and rushed to grab the report from the police officer. "Is there anything wrong?"

"Forensic Chi, how rigorous our escorts are, you should be clear that there will be no mistake in this," said the police officer

"But it doesn\'t rule out that the real murderer took Hang Jin\'s fingerprints on the murder weapon and deliberately framed him..." J didn\'t even think about it. This idea came out of Chi Yang\'s mind.