My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1811

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Then, speaking of this, the NV people trembled with fear and opened their mouths to say something. Y didn\'t make a sound. ... free serial

Zhao Ziqian said: "you saw the murderer kill in front of your eyes?"

Nv person flustered nods, J almost chokes out a voice: "yes."

Zhao Ziqian asked again, "what kind of person is it?"

The NV thought, "it\'s a man. Very tall I didn\'t see the rest. "

A man!

Very tall!

The man who matches these two key words grabs a large number of them on the street, which is not a clue at all.

Zhao Ziqian only thinks that his head is big again. During this period of time, there are always some messy cases. In a short period of time, the cases are bigger than the ones he had done in the past ten years.

"There\'s nothing else?" he asked with a calm face

NV\'s head was shaking like a BOL drum: "at that time, the light in the bar was very bad, and the bar was in the backlight, plus I was scared to be stupid, even if I saw what he looked like, I can\'t remember it now." S3 ();

"you know very well that you are scared and stupid." Zhao Ziqian looks at the NV man, who looks like he\'s scared, but his eyes don\'t fluctuate, which makes him feel that there is something wrong with the NV man.

Zhao Ziqian didn\'t ask any more questions. He looked at the police officer who made the record and said, "take the person back and let her think about it. When do you think about it, give her a statement. "

When the NV people heard that they were going to take her back, they screamed with excitement: "Mr. police, I didn\'t kill anyone. Why do you arrest me? There are sick children in my family waiting for me to go back. "

The play is overdone.

Zhao Ziqian frowned, and the policeman on one side replied quickly: "we are not going to catch you, but take you back to cooperate with our police work. You should understand that it is the responsibility and obligation of every citizen to assist the police in investigating cases. Now there is a human life case, and there are your fingerprints on the scene. To cooperate with us is to help you clear the suspicion. "

"I really didn\'t kill anybody. Why can\'t you believe me?" "My child is still waiting for me at home. If she didn\'t see me, she would not like to eat y."

The police officer said: "as long as you cooperate with us and let us find out the murderer earlier, then you can naturally go home to accompany your children. If you know something and deliberately conceal it, it will not only delay us in solving the case, but also make you fall into a crime of disturbing the official business. Should we say that you can do it by yourself? We can\'t do it by you. "

"I said, I said..." The NV man wiped a tear and said, "at that time, because I came in through the back door, the location was backlit, the murderer didn\'t find me, but I saw him."

Zhao Ziqian\'s eyes once again looked at the NV people, and heard the hurried way: "when I saw him at the first sight, I only thought that it was the best looking man\'s face that I had ever seen in my life. At that time, I looked at that face and it was silly. In two or three seconds when I was stunned, I saw that he waved a dagger and stabbed it on the ground. It was blood splashing on his face that made me realize that he should be killing people... "

"What else?" the policeman asked

"After the blood splashed on his face, he stabbed J hard," the NV said. At that time, I was so scared that I fell to the ground and forgot what happened behind me. I vaguely remember that he killed the perfect man and left me. When he left, he gave me a stare, which was fierce