My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1810

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" it\'s not light yet, and central Chi is awake again.

When she woke up, she instinctively touched her side, but did not feel the familiar body temperature. She was stunned first, then she sat up and looked at the sleeping position of Hang Jin.

He\'s not here?

"Hang Jin?"

When calling his name, Chi looked at the restroom, but there was no light or sound in the restroom. Hang Jin should not be in the restroom, so where would he go?

Is it going to be a mission?

Chiyangyang quickly grabbed his mobile phone and opened it. There was indeed a message from Hang Jin. Xiaosiyan, my young master is busy with his work. He remembers to eat breakfast when he gets up early, and then goes to work after eating. He is not allowed to be hungry. If you don\'t obey me, I will come back to ask you to look good.

It\'s two words that care about her, but they are written in a vicious way, which makes everyone uncomfortable. Fortunately, Chi Yang knows that Hang Jin is such a person. She knows that if she wants to hear good words from him, it\'s hard to climb to the sky, and she doesn\'t care about him.

Chiyangyang\'s fingertips flicked and quickly typed a few words - I see!

As long as you click send, this message can be sent out, but at the last moment, Chi Yang Yang is hesitant.

If Hang Jin is doing anything dangerous at this time, any disturbance will affect her. She can\'t disturb him at this time.

Yes, we must not disturb Hang Jin when he is on a mission.

Chi Yang and Yang Li put away their mobile phones.

Because there is no Hang Jin around, Chi Yangyang can\'t sleep in bed any more. She just got up early and found out the few ingredients in the refrigerator and made some simple breakfast by herself.

She heated a glass of milk and fried a poached egg. It didn\'t look good, but it tasted good.

Eating the poached eggs, Chi Yang suddenly thought of the time when she and Hang Jin Gang got married.

At that time, she couldn\'t make breakfast, and Hang Jin forced her to do it. The breakfast she made was really not delicious. Hang Jin scolded and ate it with a big mouth, and every time he ate it completely.

If she didn\'t know the taste, Hang Jin\'s endless eating style could make Chi Yang think that what she made was rare.

Now her cooking was much better, but she was not accompanied by Hang Jin.

All of a sudden, Chi felt that the eggs, which looked and tasted good, were becoming very bad.

What\'s wrong with her?

I used to wish he could stay away from her. I\'d better let her never see him. Recently, I can\'t see him when I wake up and open my eyes.

Habit is a terrible thing!

No way!

No way!

Absolutely not!

She can\'t let herself go on like this. She can\'t rely too much on Hang Jin, no matter in life or work. Otherwise, she can\'t live without him one day.

In such a thought, he took a few mouthfuls of eggs and ate them like a wolf.

I\'ve been busy finding things for a while, and it\'s light.

Hang Jin is always hanging in Chi Yang\'s heart. If there is no accident, Hang Jin\'s task should be over by dawn.

Hesitated again and again, Chi Yang Yang was still worried, so he took his mobile phone to call Hang Jin. When he called, he heard the cold sound of the machine - the phone you dialed was turned off, please call again later.

It\'s dawn. Hang Jin hasn\'t started yet. Isn\'t his work finished yet?

It shouldn\'t be.

What\'s the accident?

Chi Yangyang did not dare to think about the bad, and shook his head.

He must have been delayed by something. He forgot to turn on the machine. There would be no accident.

He comforted himself a lot, and he just went out to work.

When I came to Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment, the first person that Chi Yangyang ran into was Zhao Ziqian, who was tired. It seems that he stayed up all night: "Zhao team, do you have any new discoveries?"

"It\'s Yangyang. I\'m looking for you. Don\'t go to the office. Come with me." When he finished, Zhao Ziqian had already walked out for several steps, and Chi Yangyang hurriedly followed him, "Zhao team, is there any situation?"

Zhao Ziqian said: "there is another homicide case. Jiang Zhen is busy with the case of dismemberment. You and I will go to see the situation first."

Hearing that there was another murder, Chiyang Yang felt only a sense of tightness. He didn\'t talk any more all the way. He followed Zhao Ziqian in a dull way. Before long, they arrived at Mangrove Bay, a famous scenic spot in Jiangbei City.

The scene has been blocked. The policeman who arrived first explained the general situation to Zhao Ziqian: "Zhao team, the dead man is a male, about 20 years old. According to the reporter, the dead man is the bar attendant of this bar."

"Yangyang, you..." Zhao Ziqian turns around and plans to let Chi Yangyang go to the autopsy first. Before the words are out, he sees that Chi Yangyang has put on a shoe cover, walked up to the corpse with a toolbox and squatted down to check the corpse Sure enough, the speed of forensic doctors in their team is awesome.

He pretended that nothing had happened and asked the policeman, "who reported the case?"

"It\'s the bar cleaner." The police officer pointed to the trembling young woman in the corner beside him. "When we arrived, he was trembling with fear. Now he is in a better state. I\'ll call her over for questioning?"

Zhao Ziqian nodded, "go."

The police officer quickly took the cleaner to Zhao Ziqian, who asked, "tell me what you know."

The cleaner looked up at Zhao Ziqian, looked down at him with a sharp look, and then he stammered: "I came to do the cleaning work around six o\'clock in the morning. When I got to the bar, I saw Xiao can\'s body Comrade police, I don\'t know anything. I didn\'t kill people, not me... "

"You didn\'t kill people. Who killed them?" Zhao Ziqian looked at the young woman coldly. "Tell me?"

"I don\'t know! I really don\'t know anything! I\'m a health worker. What can I know! " Suddenly, the woman stopped stuttering and spoke faster. "Please let me go back! I really don\'t know anything. "

Zhao Ziqian has been an X í NGJ ǐ ng reporter for many years. He has met many frightened reporters. He is excited and scared. He keeps repeating that he is not the first murderer or not. His intuition of doing x í NGJ ǐ ng for many years tells him that although this woman is not a murderer, she knows a little bit of n è im ù news.

He added, "don\'t you tell me the details? How can I prove that you are not the murderer? "

The woman asked, "I said, will your police protect my personal safety?"

Zhao Ziqian said: "it\'s the responsibility of our police to protect the safety of the hostages. If you don\'t mention it, we will also protect your safety."

The woman hesitated for a while, and then said slowly: "this bar closes at 4 a.m. every day. We come to do disinfection work at 6 a.m. Usually we all come on time. Today, because my husband went home to see a doctor with his child, I was delayed. In order to finish the work on time, I came here an hour earlier. Who knows to see... " 14