My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1808

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"Marvelous magrey? The name is very vulgar. I don\'t know how the wine tastes? " Hang Jin smiled, "but since this is your signature mixing, all of them have come to your shop. Why not have two drinks? Just give me two cups of life

The waiter added, "I\'m sorry, sir! Life Killing Margarita is limited to one glass per day. You can also choose other wine to try. Although the taste is not comparable to life killing Margarita, the taste is also special. "

Hang Jin\'s long fingertips gently tap on the table: "what if I insist on two drinks?"

The bartender said, "Sir, it\'s the rule of our shop that marguerie can order only one drink a day. Please don\'t embarrass me."

"You\'re in trouble? Where does that begin? " Hang Jin raised his eyebrows slightly and said with a smile, "I want two glasses of wine. You insist on selling me only one. Are you the one who embarrassed me or me?"

"Sir..." In the service industry, especially in the bar industry, I don\'t know how many troublemakers I want to meet every day. The bar attendant can generally handle them properly, but they can\'t, so I\'ll give them to the security personnel. But Hang Jin is different. Hang Jin is not only impolite, especially his temperament. You don\'t need to look carefully. You know that he can\'t afford it. Originally, he planned to call security personnel to rush people, but the waiter didn\'t have the courage.

Hang Jin raised his eyebrows: "what else is the problem?" "Sir, this is the rule of our shop. I am only an executor as a waiter. It\'s really not that I said I can make two cups for you." The waiter looked up at the opposite side, and there was a little panic in his eyes, but

it was fleeting, "unless I don\'t work, I dare not give you two glasses of wine."

Hang Jin said again, "who in your shop can give me two mugs of life killing magrey? Your boss? If so, let your boss come and tell me. "

Hearing the word "boss", the clerk glanced at the corner on the left subconsciously, and then said: "Sir, this is the rule of our shop. No one can break it, including the boss." "When you say that, I want to not only drink this wine, but also meet your boss and see what kind of person doesn\'t make any money." Hang Jin also glanced at the left corner of his eyes, where a young woman in a long red dress was sitting. The woman alone occupied a platform for several people, holding a glass of wine in her hand. The wine contained light yellow wine Hang Jin can\'t be sure that the wine in the glass is wine. He can\'t exclude some kind of light yellow drink: "what kind of drink do you have here to drink?"

The topic of Hang Jin changed so fast that the bar service staff was stunned before they thought back: "Sir, our bar only has pure water except wine, and we don\'t sell any other drinks."

"Oh Then give me your signboard to kill marguerie. " Jin didn\'t have to drink the brand wine in their shop either. He just wanted to get the news.

There are a lot of such sales methods on the market, some are hype means, some are real sales volume is too good, supply exceeds demand As for this store, Hang Jin thinks neither of the above reasons is true.

As for why the store doesn\'t sell, Hang Jin has learned something from the observation just chatted. Next, he needs a little time to answer his guess.

"OK, I\'ll ask marguerie to make it for you. Please wait for two minutes." At the moment when the waiter turned around, Hang Jin clearly saw that he was relieved.

It\'s reasonable to say that if you meet a unreasonable guest, the staff should be polite and deal with it. There\'s no need to be scared like this This shop is really unusual.

Not only did the staff perform differently, but Hang Jin also found something else unusual.

In the two bars he went to earlier, the location of the cameras was almost the same. A glance can basically confirm that there are several cameras, the purpose of which is to frighten those who are trying to commit crimes, but this store is different.

In addition to the cameras that a few guests can see at a glance, there are many hidden cameras in this shop. Ordinary people can\'t find them at all. Hang Jin can find them, which is inseparable from his superior brain and professional knowledge.

What is the purpose of installing so many hidden cameras?

Do you want to monitor the staff or the guests who come to drink?

Or both?

At present, Hang Jin has no idea.

The bar staff quickly handed a cup of pale yellow liquid to Hang Jin: "Sir, this is our bartender magrey\'s lethal magrey. I hope you like it."

"Well." Hang Jin nodded, took the glass and shook it gently twice.

Light yellow liquid?

He looked up again at the woman in the left corner, just as the woman was looking at him, two pairs of eyes and four eyes collided in the air, and Hang Jin hooked his lips and smiled. He took up his glass and went to the woman.

He sat down opposite her: "Miss, is there anyone else here?"

The woman smiled: "yes."

"I said how could such a beautiful woman drink alone in a bar without even a flower protector." Hang Jin smiled, "excuse me."

Hang Jin got up to go, and the woman said, "when you leave here, there is no one else."

It turns out that she has, which means him.

Hang Jin shrugged and sat back: "it\'s a great honor to meet such a beautiful young lady in the thousands of people and have a drink with such a beautiful young lady." "It\'s said that once you touch this cup of wine called lethal magrey, you will become addicted to it, and you will never give up it again. How dare you drink such wine? " The woman gently shakes the glass in her hand, and the yellow liquid becomes almost transparent with the shaking of the glass, which has an indescribable charm.

"I\'ve only heard that drugs and beauties are addictive Can this wine be addictive? " Hang Jin fixed his eyes on the woman in front of him, shook his glass gently and took a sip.

This wine smells light, but it tastes strong. For Hang Jin, who often drinks, he can feel the strong taste. Ordinary people can imagine it. "How is it? Isn\'t it a little unacceptable? " The woman lies on the table, half picking her eyebrows, and has a myriad of manners and feelings. "But this wine is like human beings, don\'t be confused by its first feeling You can try a few more. Maybe there will be a special surprise in

"Is it?" Hang Jin smiled, raised his glass under the woman\'s gaze, and tasted again.

What a surprise!

What a strange wine!

The second product is totally different from the first one.

The first time I tasted it, it tasted strong and pungent. The second product is in the mouth, the taste is very light, and there is an unspeakable mellow fragrance.