My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1806

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"" I\'m here. " Almost at the first time when he had a nightmare, Hang Jin held her in his arms and comforted him, "don\'t be afraid, you\'re just having a nightmare."

Hang Jin knew that the girl pretended to be strong in the daytime, but she was really scared to death. This case of dismembering the corpse just let her experience the scene where her parents were killed.

How could she not be afraid, and he could not help her except to be with her.

He wanted to be stronger, strong enough to cover the sky with one hand and protect her under his wings.

"Is it really just a dream?" Why can the dream be so real, so real that she can smell the chilling smell of blood, as if the murderer is committed in front of her.

"Four eyes, yesterday\'s case was a case of corpse breaking. Yes, but you should understand that they are not your parents, and the murderer may not be the same person." Hang Jin slightly increased his grip on her and lowered his head to rub against her forehead. "Now what you can do is to find out some clues as much as you can. Don\'t get into the tip of the ox horn. Do you understand? "

"Isn\'t it really the same person?" If it wasn\'t for the same reason why the body was chopped up, it would be like two years ago. The site map of two years ago has never been released to the public. Even she accidentally saw it on the data. These two cases are definitely not a coincidence.

Many questions, Chiyang Yang can\'t understand, but she believes that Hang Jin knows more than she does, but Hang Jin doesn\'t want to tell her some of the same details.

Hang Jin doesn\'t tell her the details are different from the purpose of Hang Zhen Shan. Hang Zhen Shan wants to threaten her, and Hang Jin must want to protect her Hang Jin didn\'t know that what she wanted most was the truth, even if she lost her life.

"It\'s too early to make a conclusion. Let\'s wait for the truth to come out." Hang Jin picked up the hot water cup on the bedside table and said, "drink some water and go to sleep."

"I don\'t want to sleep." Chiyangyang is afraid that when she falls asleep, the horrible nightmare will come again. She doesn\'t think she can bear the nightmare attack again and again.

"It\'s OK not to sleep. Chat with me." Hang Jin uses her arm as her pillow to let her bowl his powerful arm and feel her body temperature. Only when Hang Jin has the real feeling that she is in his arms, "do you remember other people who went to school with you besides the people we grew up with?"

"Others who go to school together?" Chi Yangyang instinctively remembers from the people who went to primary school together that six years of primary school is the most innocent time in her life. However, because she is too young to remember many things, there is still a person who makes her remember deeply, "I still remember the little zebra in our class."

What happened to him from childhood, Hang Jin didn\'t know. Maybe his memory is more profound than that of him. When chiyangyang mentioned the little zebra, Hang Jin immediately remembered: "it\'s the one with poor academic performance and often running nose. His two-year-old brother played with his toys, and he beat his brother up?"

"Yes, yes, he is." When he mentioned the little zebra, he couldn\'t help laughing. "You say he\'s ten years old and five years old. When his two-year-old brother plays with his toys, is it funny that he can beat his brother up?"

"It\'s funny. It\'s not only funny in behavior, it\'s funny in appearance. " Hang Jin has a deep impression on that little boy. Two snivels hanging on his nostrils are like two noodles, which are often teased by a group of people.

"But I haven\'t seen him since I graduated from primary school, and I don\'t know how he is now," he added? Do you get better grades in middle school or go to university? "

"Going to college is a good way forward in life, but not the only one. Even if he didn\'t go to college, he had a wonderful life. " The former Hang Jin couldn\'t say anything like this. Maybe he has experienced more things recently, worried about more things, and his venom has been restrained.

Chi Yangyang sighed: "yes, everyone\'s life has a different way to go. Some people can go all the way to old age, but some people can\'t see the sun tomorrow because of an accident. "

This topic is a little sad. Hangjin doesn\'t want to take it on. He turns the topic aside and says, "is little zebra your classmate in primary school, and is there any classmate in junior high school or high school who impressed you deeply?"

"Yes." Chi Yangyang thought of a high school boy, looked up at Hang Jin, with a hint of prying. "My third year classmate, Zhang Langlang, said he wanted to pursue me as his girlfriend, and you beat him to the ground that afternoon, because then you secretly fell in love with me?"

"What is secret love? I\'ve known what I like about you for a long time. I don\'t know if you\'re such a little B á ICH. " In a word, Hang Jin has never concealed his love for Chi Yang. Otherwise, how can ye Zhiyang\'s fools know that Chi Yang is his heart? No one dare to touch her hair.

"Everybody? So all of them have known about Zhiyang, Kaizhan, Yuanbo and Feiyang? " No wonder that day, after I believed that Hang Jin liked her, she called LAN Feiyang. LAN Feiyang\'s tone was just a fool you know now.

It turns out that Hang Jin really likes her for many years. She likes her in his unique way, but she doesn\'t want to believe it. "Chi Yang Yang also some doubts in his heart:" that Er Yue elder sister know you like is me

"B á ICH, what do you say?" If Jiang Eryue doesn\'t know his special feelings for Chiyang, how could Jiang Eryue\'s woman think of using Chiyang as a small B á ICH.

"She knows that, too." It turned out that Jiang Eryue asked her to persuade Hang Jin not because she was Chiyang, but because she was a special presence in Hang Jin\'s heart.

She\'s such a fool.

Foolishly used by Jiang Eryue.

Hang Jin poked her on the head: "you are stupid!"

He poked chi into his quilt, and soon looked up at Hang Jin.

Hang Jin was a little uneasy to her: "why do you look at me like this?"

Chi Yangyang quickly kisses him on the corner of his mouth, and then leaves quickly. He laughs very thief: "brother Jin, you see, you like me, we are legal husband and wife. Do you think you can give your bank card to me for management?"

"Ah..." Hang Jin sneered, "give you my bank card to raise another man? Don\'t even think about it

Chi Yangyang wanted to change his way to get his money back. Who would have thought that Hang Jin was really a man who couldn\'t get in the oil and salt? She was so anxious that she said, "then you give me my money back."

Hang Jin: don\'t think about it any more

Chi Yangyang: "that was my money."

Hang Jin: "that\'s the cost of sleeping with me. Now it\'s my personal property."

Chi Yangyang: "Hang Jin, you are shameless!"

Hang Jin: "I just don\'t want to be ashamed. What can you do with me?"

Chi Yangyang: "you......"

During the quarrel, Chiyang forgot the case of the corpse shredding completely. He was sleepy after quarreling and fell asleep in the arms of Hang Jin.

This time, she slept soundly because she knew he was there all the time. 14