My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1805

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" chi Yangyang changes his clothes and comes out. Hang Jin and Zhao Ziqian are still talking. It\'s a conversation, rather than a listener. Hang Jin is talking.

Before he knew about Hang Jin\'s work, Chi Yangyang always thought that Hang Jin was a second ancestor who had nothing to do but eat, drink, play and bully her.

After learning about Hang Jin\'s work, she tried to get to know him, and slowly found that Hang Jin was not what she had seen before. He had too many excellent points.

Even in a group of excellent people, as long as there is him, other people\'s eyes can\'t help but cast on him, he is as eye-catching as a luminous body.

In fact, her brother Jin has always been excellent, but he often changes his ways to bully her, so that she only sees his hateful side and ignores his excellence.

When he approached, he heard Zhao Ziqian say, "yes, I will continue to check according to your method. Whoever committed the crime this time, I have to find him out. "

However, Hang Jin\'s eyes had already been cast on Chi Yangyang. Seeing her exhausted, Zhao Ziqian said something he couldn\'t hear. He held Chi Yangyang\'s hand in front of him: "let\'s go home."

"Well." Chi Yang Yang tried to raise a smile and nodded to Hang Jin. Then he said to Zhao Ziqian, "Zhao team, I\'ll go back first. Call me whenever you have something."

"Good." Zhao Ziqian deserves to be quick, but he just said that with the Grand Buddha Hangjin here, how dare he call chiyangyang at any time

Hang Jin looked coldly at Zhao Ziqian: "don\'t solve the case?"

Zhao Ziqian giggled: "then you two are busy. I won\'t disturb you."

However, Chi added coldly, "I will invite Zhao team to have a drink."

Zhao Ziqian was happy to hear this from Chi Yangyang: "well, I\'m waiting for you to invite me to have a wedding wine."

Since Chi Yangyang has said that he wants to invite guests to drink their wedding wine, Hang Jin is naturally happy. He holds Chi Yangyang possessively: "little four eyes, your little B á ICH is finally enlightened."

He didn\'t waste years waiting for her.

Chi Yangyang smiled: "let\'s go."

Hang Jin walked with Chi Yang, not noticing the earthquake on the other end of the corridor and the loneliness in his eyes.

Because Chi said he would invite Zhao Ziqian to have a drink, Jiang Zhen also heard.

He has always known the real relationship between Chiyang and Hang Jin, but he has never worried about this relationship, because he knows that Chiyang has always rejected Hang Jin.

But now the development of the event and the direction of his prediction seem to be more and more far away. She is clearly beside him, but makes him feel that she is more and more far away from him.

"Jiang Zhen!" Zhao Ziqian found Jiang Zhen and said, "there are no powerful findings from other departments. Do you have any findings here?"

"No." Jiang Zhen coldly threw two words to Zhao Ziqian and walked away.

Zhao Ziqian vaguely felt that Jiang Zhen was angry, but he did not know why he was angry. Did he do anything to make Jiang Zhen angry?

Zhao Ziqian felt his nose and thought about it, then came to a conclusion that none of these people paid attention to the captain of the criminal investigation team in Cangshan District.


When he walked out of the gate, he came face to face with a gust of hot air, but he didn\'t feel hot. Instead, he leaned against Hangjin\'s side: "is the temperature down today? Why is it suddenly cold? "


The weather is getting hot and sick. The girl says it\'s cold. She must be tired and sick all night.

Hang Jin reached out his hand and probed into the forehead of the central part of the pool. As expected, he was a little hot: "go back to eat, take a hot bath and go to bed early."

"I\'m not hungry," said Chi

Facing the rotten corpse day and night, where there is any appetite, no vomiting, has been a very good professional quality.

"My empress dowager cooked food and put it at home. Go home and see if she can eat it or not." Hangjin didn\'t say anything more. He took Chiyang\'s car and drove it straight home.


Yin nianxiao\'s dinner is a very light vegetable congee, but even if it is such a light food, Chiyang Yang has no appetite to eat.

She put down her chopsticks and apologized, "Hang Jin, I can\'t eat it."

Hang Jin worried: "eat more. If you go hungry like this, you will not be able to eat."

Chi Yang Yang picked up his chopsticks and tried to eat again, but just when he met the food, his stomach turned like a mountain and a sea: "I\'m sorry! I can\'t eat it. " She put down her chopsticks. "You can eat it. I\'ll take a bath and go to bed first."

It\'s not that she wants to worry about Hangjin. She also tries to eat as much as she wants to reassure Hangjin. But the food in her mouth makes her feel that she\'s eating rotten corpses. Her stomach is rolling.

"Then take a bath." Chi Yangyang can\'t eat, and Hang Jin naturally has no appetite, but he still eats two bowls of porridge to maintain his physical strength. After all, he has to take care of the little B á ICH ī.

After eating the porridge, Hang Jin went into the kitchen and cooked a bowl of brown sugar water, which he personally sent to the room.

He pushed the door into the room, and Chi Yang just lay down. He handed the brown sugar water to her bed: "this brown sugar water can always be drunk."

Chiyangyang took the bowl and gave it back to Hangjin: "OK."

"Then go to sleep." Hang Jin put the bowl aside, pulled up the quilt to cover the middle of the pool, and probed her forehead. It was still a little hot, but it was not serious. It should be good to cover the quilt and sleep without taking medicine.

"Well." Chi Yang Yang nodded his head cleverly.

"Darling." Hang Jin sat next to her and patted the quilt gently. "I\'ll accompany you. Go to sleep."

"Brother Jin..." When he called out his name, Chi Yang Yang\'s eyes suddenly turned red. She remembered that once when she was ill, her parents were not at home. He accompanied her to sleep by her bed.

I didn\'t expect that when I grew up, I would have a chance for him to coax her to sleep.

"Darling, go to sleep." Hang Jin stroked her forehead again and patted the quilt gently.

Because of his company, Chi Yangyang successfully went to sleep In the dream, there is her and Hang Jin. He smiles at her brilliantly, which is the best smile she has ever seen in her life.

But suddenly, the picture in front of her changed into many bloody pictures. The corpses all over the room seemed to become a bloody hand, holding her neck tightly

"No..." She wanted to shout, but she couldn\'t make a sound. When she was about to suffocate, Hang Jin\'s voice suddenly sounded in her ear, "little four eyes, don\'t be afraid, I\'m here."

"Brother Jin..." Finally, she made a voice and called out his name. 14