My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1804

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"" I\'m glad that the child was brought by my grandparents. I\'m glad that it wasn\'t a weekend. Otherwise, wouldn\'t the murderer even let a child go? " After hearing the report of Chi Yang Yang, everyone was silent. Suddenly someone in the conference room made such an exclamation.

All people immediately cast their eyes on the speaker, and then involuntarily moved their eyes to the body of Chi Yang, who was particularly uncomfortable.

She doesn\'t need a sympathetic look.

Chi Yangyang avoided everyone\'s eyes: "I have to say. Zhao team, do you have anything unclear? "

"No. You\'ve given us all the results you can. Now it\'s up to us. " Zhao Ziqian clapped his hands, "everyone, come on, this case has caused a lot of discussion among the people, and triggered a small-scale panic. The leader attaches great importance to it. We are limited to solve the case within one week. Everyone should act separately and look for clues."

Jiang Zhen took the lead: "I will check again here, hoping to find out more clues."

"It\'s hard for you. I\'m sorry." Zhao Ziqian nodded, glanced at the people present and swept them around, "little Liu Xiaojia, you two go to visit the neighbors of the couple to see if you have any business competition with them? Tang man, you and I are going to visit their parents. "


Thinking of visiting the elders of the dead again, Zhao Ziqian is the first two.

He couldn\'t see the situation where the white hair man sent the black hair man.

I wish there would never be a homicide. It would be good for him to lose his job.


After the meeting.

Jiang Zhen calls to Chi Yangyang: "Yangyang, you have been busy all day and all night. Go back and have a rest."

"Everyone is busy looking for clues. How can I go back to rest at this time?" Chi Yang Yang shook his head, but her expression was not very good, because she didn\'t like everyone to treat her as a weak person and take special care of her.

She confessed that in the past two years, she had never had a job that left everyone behind.

"The central government, the body matters. You can work well only if you have good health. " The worry in Jiang Zhen\'s eyes can\'t be hidden no matter how he hides it, but because Chi Yangyang\'s mind is not in him, he doesn\'t find it.

"Teacher, you can insist. Why can\'t I? I\'ll go to the autopsy room and see if I can find out something. " With that, he handed Jiang Zhen a smile that was almost invisible, and turned to the autopsy room.

Looking at the rotting corpses, Chi Yang didn\'t even frown. He examined them carefully. Now, apart from the basic information, they can\'t find out what murder weapon the murderer used to decompose the body.

Looking at the corpse of a table, another picture suddenly appeared in the middle of Chi Yang\'s brain. In a trance, the corpse seemed to have become a parent\'s, and the corpse turned into a person\'s appearance, a bloody person in front of her eyes.

She looked at Chi Yangyang with tears and blood: "Yangyang, help me, help me..."

"Mom..." Chi Yangyang felt that her heart was just like being grabbed by someone. She couldn\'t breathe because of the pain. "Who is it? Who killed you and my dad? "

"Central..." In a blink of an eye, the blurred picture in front of him has disappeared, and Chi Yangyang is relieved from his dreamland and finds himself in a cold sweat.

"Mr. Zhang and Mrs. Zhang, don\'t worry. I will try my best to find out the murderer so as to comfort you in the sky and prevent more innocent people from being hurt." Chi took a deep breath, pressed down his anger, and focused on examining the body again.

In the middle of the night, Chi Yangyang dragged out the exhausted autopsy room, but he didn\'t expect Hang Jin to meet him when he went out. Hang Jin stood by the wall. It seemed that he had been here for a long time: "you didn\'t sleep all night last night. Why don\'t you have a good rest at home?"

Hang Jin approached her and said, "come and pick you up."

"Don\'t pick me up. You have to rest yourself. " Because he had just touched the rotten corpse, Chi Yang didn\'t want to be too close to Hang Jin, and unconsciously stepped back. "I have to be busy for a while, you go back first."

Hang Jin frowned: "how long will you be busy? Don\'t eat, don\'t drink, don\'t sleep. Do you think you\'re hard-working? "

She\'s not iron, but she wants to find some useful clues as soon as possible, but she doesn\'t find anything, it\'s useless: "am I useless? I\'ve examined the body over and over again, but I still haven\'t found anything

Hang Jin said: "the murderer is prepared to commit the crime. He will try his best not to leave clues for you to catch. This kind of thing is not urgent. We can only find it slowly and check it slowly."

"Slowly? How slow is it? Wait until the murderer does it again, wait until more innocent people suffer? " Chi knows that he shouldn\'t be angry with Hang Jin, but in front of him, she can\'t control her temper.

She didn\'t know, people are like this, always room in front of strangers and unfamiliar people room to keep a good temper good image, and bad temper side always stay the closest people.

She added, "I\'m sorry! I shouldn\'t be mad at you. "

"Go back to rest first." Knowing that she was tired, Hang Jin didn\'t quarrel with her. There was the most real worry and concern in her voice.

"Well." Pool Yang Yang obediently nods, "I go to change clothes."

"I\'ll wait for you." Hang Jin said.

If Chi Yangyang is more careful, he can find that Hang Jin is still wearing yesterday\'s clothes, because he left Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment early and didn\'t go home.

Today, he visited the neighbors of the dead couple\'s houses and shops, trying to ask for some clues from the neighbors, but I\'m sorry, the neighbors don\'t know anything.

The time of death of the dead was about 2 p.m. on August 15. Because it was Monday, there were few guests in the restaurant. At noon, they went home as usual to have a rest for two hours. Who knows that they never went to the restaurant again.

Because it was noon, many neighbors went out to work. They asked if they had seen any strange voices heard by strangers that day, and all of them said they had not.

The scene of the crime can\'t be found any more, and the visit has no result. Obviously, this case is like the case of the Chi family couple two years ago. It\'s not easy to find the murderer in a short time.

"Hang Shao, I heard that you are here. I\'ll come and have a look. You are really here." The influence of this case is not small. Zhao Ziqian can\'t find any clue. Hang Jin is the life-saving straw he can catch now. As soon as he comes back to the detachment, he inquires about Chi Yang and Hang Jin. It\'s said that Hang Jin has come. He doesn\'t even drink his saliva, and rushes over.

"You talk first, I\'ll change clothes," said Mr. Chi

"Yang Yang, you are so considerate." Zhao Ziqian is fond of Chiyang Yang\'s character of not making trouble, who would have expected to bump his head into Hang Jin\'s fierce eyes, "hang Shao, I\'m not..."

Hang Jin said coldly, "whether she is considerate or not, it\'s all my people. Can it be what your old boy can think?"

Zhao Ziqian touched his neck: "you gave me ten thousand courage, and I dare not think about it." 14