My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1803

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Hang Jin shoved the car key into Zhao Ziqian\'s hand: "let your men drive my car back. I\'ll just find a car to squeeze."

It\'s said that he would find a car to squeeze. In fact, Hang Jin had a goal for a long time. He walked two steps to the car he was sitting in, and then pushed it up. He sat between Chi Yang and Jiang Zhen.

Even though Jiang Zhen and Chi Yang Yang are working now, Hangzhou is still very uncomfortable to see them sitting together. Now he is sitting in the middle of them and protecting Chi Yang under his wings. He is a little relieved.

Zhao Ziqian went to the door and said, "hang Shao, will this car be too crowded?"

"Can you manage or not at this time?" Hang Jin doesn\'t have a good airway.

Just now, he boasted that the old boy was smart. He would be confused again. But the next second, he saw Jiang Zhen open the left door and get off the car. Hang Jin thought Zhao Ziqian was smart.

Zhao Ziqian\'s thief smiled: "hang Shao, please take more care of this case."


When Jiang Zhen left, Hang Jin felt happy and wanted to say something, but when he saw the pale face of Chi Yang, he swallowed all his words.

As soon as he grasped the two hands of Chi Yang, her hands were as cold as two ice cubes. There was no temperature. Hang Jin rubbed them hard for her: "little four eyes, I\'m here. Don\'t be afraid!"

Chi Yangyang didn\'t say a word. She bit her lower lip hard. Her lips were bleeding. But she looked at some place as if she didn\'t know the pain.

Hang Jin raised his hand and squeezed her chin, forcing her to release her lips, but it didn\'t work. He watched Chi Yang bite himself. Hang Jin suddenly lowered his head and kissed her lips, and instantly tasted the bloody sweet smell.

His kiss let Chi Yang loosen the teeth that bit his lips, and she suddenly opened her mouth to bite his lips again. She bit his lips fiercely, biting them open, and tasted the warm and bloody taste. She just released her teeth.

She looked at him as if she had something to say, but she didn\'t want to say another word to him.

Hang Jin dragged her to his arms and held her. He patted her on the back with one hand: "Yang Yang is lovely. If you have a word with brother Jin, don\'t hide everything in your heart and bear it alone."

Chi Yangyang buried himself in his arms and bumped into him, as if to vent his fear and worry

The girl\'s strength was not small, which hurt Hang Jin\'s heart and mouth. But he didn\'t back away a bit. He patted her on the back and said gently: "good, brother Jin is here." "Brother Jin, you said..." Chi Yang Yang raised his head slowly. Her voice was shaking when she spoke, which made her unable to say a complete sentence smoothly. She took a deep breath and calmed her nerves. Then she said, "do you think this case is related to that case two years ago? Did you say that the lunatic murderer came out to kill again? How many people do you think that murderer needs to kill before he can stop? " "From the day you started the profession of forensic medicine, you should understand that no matter what the case is, we can\'t guess it out of thin air. We need to speak with evidence." Hang Jin stroked her back and whispered, "little four eyes, brother Jin will be with you all the time,

just like when you were a child."

"Thank you!" After saying thank you, Chi Yangyang got out of Hang Jin\'s arms. "Can you promise me something?"

"No way," said Hang Jin

When she said the right thing, Hang Jin never refused her. Chi felt a little aggrieved for a while: "I haven\'t said anything, you can\'t say it."

"I can promise you other things, but you can\'t let me get involved in this case." Hang Jin knows Chi Yang too much. With a change of her eyes, he knows what she is going to say.

Chi Yangyang: "you......"

Hang Jin said again: "now I am not only your brother Jin, but also your man, your legal husband. I don\'t care about your affairs. Who will take charge?" "I don\'t care about my business." She didn\'t want to take advantage of his reputation. She wanted to find out the truth of the case by her own ability. After the truth was found out, she told hang Zhenshan frankly. Without his help, she didn\'t take advantage of Hang Jin, but she found out the truth.

"For today\'s special situation, I don\'t care about you," said Hang Jin. If you don\'t have to deal with your affairs in the future, I\'ll leave you with nothing to eat. "

Chi Yang Yang was so anxious that he punched him: "why don\'t you understand?"

Hang Jin grabbed his fist, put it on his mouth and kissed him: "I don\'t need to know anything else, I just know that Laozi\'s woman Laozi must protect." "You..." Although it doesn\'t make sense for him, he is determined to protect her. In addition to his parents and grandparents, there is really another person who is willing to protect her, accompany her, and don\'t want her to suffer a little bit of damage.

Hang Jin dragged her to his arms again and held her: "the sky is falling down and I am a tall man who supports you, let alone the sky is not falling down now, let alone you are not afraid. Work as you should from now on, and let it all go. "

Chi Yangyang: "well."

Hang Jin, Hang Jin, he is really her reassurance. With a strong hug, three or two words can completely eliminate her fear and fear.

He is really her savior.


After working overtime all night, the autopsy report from the forensic Department came out the next afternoon.

The body is two dead people, one male and one female. The time of death is about 2:00 p.m. on August 15. The two dead people are husband and wife.

The dead man, Zhang Kaitong, was 32 years old and 1.72 meters tall. Li Xueling, 31 years old, is one meter and fifty-eight in height. They run a small restaurant. They treat people well and never have a conflict with them.

The husband and wife have a daughter, who is five years old this year. They were in kindergarten on the day of the crime and usually lived in grandparents\' home. Until now, five-year-old children do not know their parents were killed.

The assurance department compared all the blood stains on the scene of the crime with DNA, and confirmed that they were all the blood of Zhang Kai and Li Xueling, but no third person was found on the scene.

Not only is there no blood trace of the third person, nor is there any fingerprint, hair and other substances of the third person at the scene of the murder. Even the traces of the lives of the couple\'s children are clear. That is to say, after the murderer committed the crime, he cleaned the scene thoroughly, and cleaned the scene very clean. Then it can be concluded that the murderer may have found out the work and rest time and habits of Zhang and Li\'s husband and wife, and knew that no one would visit their home during that time, so as not to rush to clean the scene.