My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1802

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Zhao Ziqian personally led people to investigate the scene, but no clue was found out. He was so worried that his head was all big.

This day didn\'t stop for two days. Today there is such a big case. If it goes on like this, his post as the leader of the Criminal Investigation Detachment in Cangshan District will be almost unstoppable.

He growled angrily, "Damn it!"

A member of the team heard his swearing and asked, "boss, did you think of anything about this case of mutilation tonight?"

"What do you want to think? You need to find clues." As the criminal investigation team leader, Zhao Ziqian has the opportunity to contact with other team\'s cases. Tonight, of course, he is familiar with this case.

Two years ago, the case in the west suburb farm was very serious, but few people knew the details. He was one of several people who knew the inside story.

Broken bodies!

The corpse is placed in a room, which is a word of "kill".

These two commonalities alone are enough to make Zhao Ziqian believe that the case is related to the case of the corpse shredding in the western suburbs two years ago, but he dare not say anything.

The case of Xijiao branch has just been closed. The dead of Linyang Park was the murderer of the case of Xijiao farm\'s dismemberment two years ago and the case of Xijiao rainy night. The case was closed two days ago. Today, there is another case like this.

I don\'t know if the murderer is laughing at the incompetence of Jiangbei police.

What does the word "kill" mean?

Does the killer want to go on or something?

Zhao Ziqian doesn\'t understand.

What about Chiyang?

What is she thinking now?

His eyes turned to search for the figure of Chi Yang in the crowd, and after a while, he finally saw Chi Yang in a corner wearing white overalls.

Today\'s Chi Yang seems to be very delicate, as if the wind can blow down, but she did not drag anyone\'s hind legs. She carefully put pieces of corpses into the bag, with a cold expression like a robot.

This scene, inexplicably let Zhao Ziqian scalp again is a fit of numbness.

He has been a criminal police officer for many years. He must have seen more murders at the scene than the yellow girl, Chi Yangyang. Today, when he arrived at the scene and saw the corpse on the ground, he had goose bumps together. A little girl in Chi Yangyang was so calm that people were afraid. "Zhao team, after checking the scene, there is still no finding." A member of the team came forward to report and let Zhao Ziqian take back his eyes. He put away his inexplicable bad mood and said, "block the scene, leave a team of people to guard the scene, and other people will help Jiang and chi to take the body back."

Team member: "yes."

Zhao Ziqian goes to Jiangzhen and chiyangyang: "Jiangzhen and Yangyang, do you have any discoveries here?" Jiang Zhen stopped his work and looked at Chi Yang Yang. Chi Yang received his message. She told Zhao Ziqian, "the scene was very clean and the body was destroyed. Now we can\'t even confirm the death time of the dead. We have to take the body back for further autopsy."

"Good." Zhao Ziqian nodded, "Yang Yang......"

What else would he like to say? Chi Yangyang is immersed in his work again. Zhao Ziqian feels that as a leader, he has been neglected again, but not twice. He has been used to it.

He pretended to clear his throat as if nothing had happened: "OK, all that should be removed."

Before evacuating, Zhao Ziqian pulled Jiang Zhen aside: "Jiang Zhen, you have to take more responsibility for this case today."

Jiang Zhen looked at Zhao Ziqian coldly: "this is my duty. Without Zhao team, I will try my best to do the best. " He didn\'t ask Jiang Zhen to do his job. Zhao Ziqian felt that he had been rebuffed again, which made him very shameless as a leader. He pretended to cough twice again and lowered his voice again: "I\'m talking about Central The case of her parents two years ago hit and affected

her a lot. Although she looks like a nobody today, I\'m afraid she\'s close to collapse. " "Zhao team, as the team leader of Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment, you should be more concerned about the murders of people in your hands." Jiang Zhen looked at Zhao Ziqian coldly, and his voice was a little colder. "Yang Yang is my student. I will naturally care about her, so I won\'t bother Zhao team."

Zhao Ziqian: "I......"

He also cares about his colleagues. How can Jiang Zhen prevent him like a thief?

Who did he provoke?

During this period, all the bad things hit him.


When the criminal police evacuated, the crowd around was almost scattered, but one person was standing there, staring at the warning area, smoking one after another.

Zhao Ziqian came out and saw Hang Jin at a glance. He wanted to go up and say hello, but he saw Hang Jin throw his cigarette end and stride to Chi Yang, who came out of the warning area. "Four eyes, are you ok?"

"I\'m fine." Seeing that Hang Jin is still here, Chi Yangyang is a little surprised, but it\'s not surprising to think about it a little bit. She asked him to go back, but he didn\'t say he wanted to go back.

"It\'s all right?" Hang Jin is not at ease. She grabs her hand in a hurry.

"I\'m fine." Chi Yang Yang took back his hand and said in a warm voice, "I may have to work overtime till all night tonight. Go back first, don\'t wait for me."

"You are busy here. I can\'t sleep when I go back. I will accompany you back to Cangshan detachment." Hang Jin can safely go back to the ordinary case, but this case is unusual tonight. Hang Jin can\'t leave Chi Yang.

"Hang Jin, I\'m working, not playing. Please don\'t make trouble?" Chi has her own insistence. When she works, she doesn\'t want Hang Jin to join her.

Hang Jin shook his fist angrily. Is he making trouble?

He\'s worried about her! Zhao Ziqian is the most observant. Seeing that they are going to quarrel, he immediately went forward: "master hang, thanks to your help, we solved the last serial murder so quickly. If you have free time, why don\'t you go to our team and have a cup of tea? "

It\'s tea, but Zhao Ziqian\'s intention is that Hang Jin won\'t be confused. He can\'t help but look at the old boy twice. The old boy is also very clever: "put these thoughts into solving cases, your rate of solving cases will be improved a lot." "Yes, I will try my best. Is young master hang willing to go to our team for a seat this time? " Last time, Hang Jin helped Zhao Ziqian to solve the serial homicide case, the image of Hang Jin\'s dandy suddenly became higher in Zhao Ziqian\'s mind

and it was one of them to help Hang Jin get rid of the siege, and the other really wanted to ask Hang Jin for advice, hoping to solve the case as soon as possible.

"Good." Hang jinzhengchou can\'t find any reason to follow Chiyang Yang but Cangshan detachment. Now Zhao Ziqian invites him personally. Chiyang has nothing to say.

As early as Zhao Ziqian came to talk, Chi Yangyang had already stepped aside and got on the bus. Zhao Ziqian: "hang Shao, please."