My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1800

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Chi Yangyang said with a smile: "people live all their lives to eat, wear and have fun. These preconditions have nothing to do with money In other words, talking about money is talking about life ideals. "

Hang Jin glared at her: "I\'ve known you for more than 20 years, but I never know you can talk with your mouth."

Chi Yangyang didn\'t take his fierce eyes seriously at all: "I\'ve been with you for a long time. How much can I learn?"

Money, in the past, Chi Yang didn\'t care so much, but now she has to. She had to find out the truth about the murder of her parents without spending money.

Although money may not be able to do things, but now the society to find people to do things without money is almost impossible.

There is no useful clue for her from Hangzhen mountain, but she knows from her words that there must be a secret in the murder of her parents, which is likely to be known by Hangzhen mountain.

The relationship between her father and hangzhenshan has always been good. They have been brothers for many years. When Grandpa learned that her parents were killed and fell ill, she didn\'t know anything. It was hangzhenshan who came out to help her with her parents\' affairs.

As a matter of fact, the relationship between hang Zhenshan and her father is so good. Hang Zhenshan should stand up to testify when he knows the truth, but he not only didn\'t stand up to testify, but also threatened her with this So can we prove that there is a lot of power behind the case? This force is not even willing to mess with hangzhenshan?

So who is it that makes Hangzhou mountain avoid three points?

Is there such a person in their circle in Jiangbei?

Two years ago, Mr. Chi straightened out the relationships around his parents, but he didn\'t find any motive. Because in these years, parents have not complained with anyone or even blushed with others. Father and mother are the templates of good temper in the government compound.

If it is impulsive killing, the murderer will not kill people or break up bodies, and will not find any traces of the murderer on the scene, so she can be sure that the murderer must have a plan to commit a crime.

Since the people around her parents can\'t find out the clues, now she can try to check the people around Hangzhen mountain to see if she can find some clues.

Jingling bell -

the mobile phone in her pocket rings suddenly, which makes Chi Yangyang excited. She just takes out her mobile phone in a daze. When she sees that the phone is coming from the team, she immediately answers: "Xiao Li, what\'s the matter?"

Hang Jin didn\'t know what was said on the other end of the phone, only to see Chi Yang\'s expression suddenly become dignified, and then to hear her say, "I\'m going to catch up."

She hung up the phone and looked at Hang Jin. "Another murder happened. I\'m going to catch up now."

Hang Jin: address

"I\'ll take a taxi myself," he said

"I asked your opinion?" Hang Jin\'s tone was the same as that of Wang Laozi. Chi Yangyang knew that he was angry again and had to report his address.

Hang Jin lived in the city of Jiangbei when he was a child. He was very familiar with the city. He could be more accurate than the navigation on which street to go.

Hang Jin immediately turned to the left turning lane and left turned to the destination from the traffic light intersection.

On the way, Chi Yangyang didn\'t speak again.

Although the profession of forensics deals with corpses almost every day, and she has seen a lot of them, she still feels uncomfortable when there are cases.

Hang Jin didn\'t have a good word on his mouth, but he left one hand to hold Chi Yang\'s hand.

There are many unsolvable things and unsolvable problems in Chi\'s mind: "Hang Jin, what do you think about the case of Linyang park?"

"That case is not closed. What can I think of it?" Hang Jin also knew that there was a problem with the case, and he was also investigating, but now he didn\'t find a clue. He wanted to wait until he found a clue to discuss with her, and didn\'t want her to bear too much pressure. "Anyway, no matter what I think, it won\'t have any impact on the case."

"I may be the only one who has seen the western suburb murderer, but I didn\'t see the murderer with my own eyes, and it was very dark that night. I didn\'t see the face of the escaping man at all. I\'m not sure that the victim of Linyang Park was the murderer on the rainy night in the western suburb." There are many loopholes in this case, but the case was closed in a hurry. It seems that he was trying to cover up something. He wiped his forehead, but said, "the murderer didn\'t leave a trace on the scene. Why do they say that he was the murderer of that case? Because I said, "is the body shape of the victim in the case of Linyang Park similar to that of the person who escaped that night?"

Hang Jincai knew that what Chi Yangyang cared about was not only the misjudgment of the case, but also the anger of what she said. If she didn\'t say that, wouldn\'t those people have thought of closing the case this way?

Hang Jin understood what Chi Yang thought, and became more and more distressed: "small four eyes, this case has nothing to do with half your hair, you don\'t have to go into it to blame yourself."

Chi Yangyang was upset and became more and more excited: "the western suburb detachment said that they couldn\'t find the murderer before, but they only spent half a day to determine that the victim of Linyang Park was the murderer of the western suburb case, and closed the case curtly. Let\'s not say whether these two cases are controversial or not. Even if there is no dispute, it will take two days to sort out the evidence. If everyone does this, is there justice in the world? I\'m afraid it\'s going to be a mess. "

Hang Jin held Chi\'s hand tightly: "there are many dark and disgusting things in the world. We are too small to change others and the world, but at least we can try to make ourselves and the people around us live in the sun and be a bright and positive person."

This is the first time that Hang Jin has said such positive energy words, which makes Chi Yang look at him with great admiration again.

Hang Jin is grumpy and often bullies her and scolds her for being stupid, but when she is with him, it is the most relaxing time for her. She is very calm and warm.

And some people, on the surface, are kind to her, but they don\'t know how to drive her away

Between people, it\'s OK to have no contrast. One contrast stands at a high level.


Hang Jin is right. They are too small to change others and the world, but they can try to keep their heart and be bright and positive.

For the friends around you!

For myself!

After thinking about it, Chi\'s mood naturally calmed down. She looked out of the window and sighed softly: "if I didn\'t make a mistake, the case of Xijiao and Linyang park must have something to do with my parents\' case. If you want to find out the truth of that case two years ago, you must first find out who is the murderer of these two cases. "