My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1797

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Today, there is nothing to be busy with. Chi Yangyang rushed to the hospital to see grandpa in advance. Unexpectedly, no one was found in the ward. He asked the patient next door who had a good relationship with grandpa and didn\'t know where grandpa was.

Chi Yang Yang is trying to find a doctor and nurse. Hang Jin comes back to take care of Grandpa Chi. He quickly goes forward to help Grandpa Chi and worries, "Grandpa, what\'s wrong with you?"

Before grandpa Chi could speak, she smelled the smoke on Grandpa Chi. She knew instantly what was going on: "Grandpa, you\'re secretly smoking again. How many times have I told you that smoking is harmful to your health. Children all understand the truth, how can you not listen to it? "

Just now he was torn down by Hang Jin. There is no complaint about justice outside the pool. Now he is reprimanded like a child by his granddaughter. He wants to sing a song of grievance.

So Grandpa Chi wronged Baba and said, "I\'ve been quitting smoking for many days. Today, the young master of Hangzhou family bought a pack of cigarettes and dragged me to smoke with him. You know I\'m addicted to cigarettes and can\'t stand the temptation. "

Hang Jin: "I......"

How can a man do this?

"Hang Jin!" Chiyang Yang glared at Hang Jin and said, "you said it\'s not enough for you to harm me one day. How can you buy cigarettes for the elderly. What do you want to do all day long? "

It\'s hard to argue with Hang Jin. He bought the cigarettes and smoked them with the old man. The key is that the elder he can\'t offend is the opposite. He can only shut up.

Fortunately, Grandpa Chi didn\'t have a conscience at all, but he relieved Hang Jin: "Yang Yang, grandpa is a little hungry. You call to ask if aunt Hu has brought any rice."

"Grandpa, lie down for a while. I\'ll call to see if aunt Hu has come. " After helping grandpa chi to lie down, he quietly pinched Hang Jin and gave him a warning in the eyes. It seemed that he would go back to pick him up in the evening.

Hang Jin: "..."


The little idiot\'s gall is getting fatter and fatter.

Chi Yangyang is trying to make a phone call. Aunt Hu comes with the heat preservation box and pushes the door. When she sees that Chi Yangyang and Hang Jin are also there, she smiles and says, "Yang Yang, your boyfriend is so beautiful."

"He is not..."

Before he finished, Hang Jin snatched the words: "aunt Hu, you have a good look in your eyes. When I marry Yang Yang the other day, you must come to have a wedding party. "

"Hang Jin, don\'t you..."

Grandpa Chi interrupted him again: "well, you two are going to quarrel. Don\'t bother me here." He quietly gave Hang Jin a look, and asked him to take his sweetheart away quickly. Don\'t delay his time on the old guy.

After receiving the message, Hang Jin grabbed Chi Yangyang and said, "Grandpa, let\'s go first today and come back to accompany you another day."

Chi Yangyang was dragged out of the hospital by Hang Jin Lian before he had a good talk with Grandpa Chi. When she got on the bus, she didn\'t say a word more. Hang Jin found something wrong with her: "little four eyes, who can I show you a bitter melon face?"

He looked out of the window and didn\'t plan to answer him.

Hang Jin said, "scolded by your boss?"

Chi Yangyang still ignored.

Hang Jin reached out his hand and pinched her face: "it\'s not a good habit to be scolded by my boss and then spread his anger on me. But you can tell me which son of a bitch makes you unhappy. I\'ll take care of him for you. "

"It\'s your father\'s son of a bitch named hangzhenshan who makes me angry." Chiyangyang wanted to say that, but reason told her not to, so she still ignored the chatter of Hang Jin.

Chi Yangyang ignores people, and Hang Jin doesn\'t give up because of her indifference: "if you let my empress dowager see you like this, you must think that I bullied you."

At last, he said, "didn\'t you bully me?"

Hang Jin: "I didn\'t provoke you today."

Chi Yangyang: "you know grandpa\'s health is not good, and you buy cigarettes for him to smoke. You dare to say you didn\'t provoke me."

Hang Jin: "I just want to make the old man happy and let him promise to pursue you. But don\'t worry, he only smoked two cigarettes. I robbed half of the cigarettes he didn\'t smoke

Chiyangyang thought it funny again: "if you dare to rob cigarettes from Grandpa, you will not be afraid of his old man fighting with you."

Hang Jin said with a smile, "I\'m not afraid of him. I\'m afraid that he doesn\'t agree with you."

Chi Yangyang: "Hang Jin, do you really think we are suitable?"

Hang Jin glared at her: "little idiot, you are going to be stupid again."

"Elder sister Eryue is better looking than me and has higher EQ than me. Why can\'t you see her?"

Hang Jin: "who is blind to say that Jiang Eryue is better than you?"

Chi Yangyang: "don\'t you think so?"

Hang Jin: "in my eyes, you are the most beautiful in the world."

"You can talk." No matter whether Hang Jin\'s words are true or not, Chi Yangyang is very happy to hear them. After all, this is the first time Hang Jin praised her for her good looks.

In fact, she is not ugly, but she is often said to be ugly by Hang Jin, which makes her less confident.

"At last I laughed." Hang Jin sped up his speed and said, "my empress dowager specially cooks old hot soup for you. Let me take you home for dinner tonight."

"Thank you for your kindness, but may I not go?" She must have met Hangzhou Zhenshan again when she went to hang\'s house. After talking to Chi Yangyang in Hangzhou Zhenshan, she didn\'t know how to face Hangzhou Zhenshan.

"If you don\'t go, my queen mother must kill me." Hang Jin glanced at Chi Yangyang and saw that he didn\'t want to go. He added, "if you don\'t want to go, don\'t go. I\'ll call the Empress Dowager and say I\'m busy."

"Hang Jin..."

"What\'s the matter with you today?"

"Hang Jin, we are only twenty years old and still young. Would you like to give your life to me at a young age and never look at another woman again? " After asking, Chiyang Yang looked at Hang Jin. She only wanted a word from Hang Jin.

Hang Jin: "I\'m such a dedicated person, can\'t I?"

It\'s enough to have Hang Jin.

Chi Yangyang put down the big stone in his heart and smiled: "go to your house for dinner. If you don\'t go to aunt, you will be sad."

Hang Jin: women are really fickle animals

"Yes, women are fickle. What can you do to me?"

Hang Jin: "I can eat you."

Chiyangyang: "hooligan!"


About half an hour later, Hang Jin took Chi Yangyang to hang\'s house. Just after getting off, Hang\'s mother Yin nianxiao hurried to take chi Yangyang\'s hand and said, "you can come here, Yang Yang."

Yin Niang smiles sincerely. Chi Yangyang can feel it. She smiles and answers, "Auntie, I came here two days ago, and I\'m disturbing you again today."