My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1796

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"Old man, look at what you said, the little four eyes are a person, not a toy. Of course, I married her home because I like her. How could it be for fun. But when I am with her, I think life will have more flavor and color. It\'s really fun. " What\'s bad about Hang Jin is that he is too direct, and what\'s good is too direct.

For his relatives and friends around him, he always goes straight. Even though grandpa Chi is not so happy to talk like this, he can still say what he thinks.

Because he also knows that Grandpa Chi is also a man. He has been floating and sinking for decades, and has seen through the world\'s intrigues. If he wants to get grandpa Chi\'s approval for his marriage, he can only treat it with sincerity.

And he came with a hundred thousand points of sincerity.

"You like her? How can I not see it at all? " In fact, the old man can\'t see how, but he has his consideration, after all, marriage is not a joke.

Hang Jin came closer to Grandpa Chi: "let\'s have a good look, old man. You see in my eyes, I can\'t see the second person except for the small four eyes. "

Grandpa Chi pushed him away: "what I see in your eyes is me."

Hang Jin: "..."

The old man doesn\'t understand any romance. As expected, Chi Yang has inherited his old man\'s Eq. he just made a metaphor.

Grandpa Chi said, "Hang Jin, if you promise me one thing, I will agree to your marriage."

In fact, the old man of Hang likes Hang Jin very much in his heart. He is arrogant, but he is straightforward and won\'t play with others. He has bullied and protected Chi Yang for many years.

If he leaves one day, only Hang Jin can ask him to entrust him.

"You say." Hang Jin didn\'t ask any questions, but directly asked questions. No matter grandpa Chi put forward any conditions, he would try his best to complete them.

"No matter how many things we experience, we will always be good to our family. Her parents died miserably, leaving her alone. You may be such a relative in the future. " When it comes to his daughter and son-in-law, Grandpa Chi has tears in his eyes. Without that accident, their family would be happy.

Now he is the old one and a small one. He is old and powerless in many things. Chiyang is young and inexperienced in society, and she is determined to find out the murderer two years ago.

He was worried. He was worried that the girl only knew how to find the murderer and didn\'t know how to live a good life. If it goes on like this, even if she brings the murderer to justice, why does she live in the future?

"Don\'t say that, old man. I will take good care of her." Hang Jin doesn\'t know what will happen in the future, but at least now he wants to take good care of Chi Yang and plan to spend his life.

"Well, I believe you this time, boy." Grandpa Chi patted Hang Jin on the shoulder, took out two cigarettes from the cigarette box, handed one to Hang Jin, and lit one by himself. "Boy, in fact, our family\'s eyes are really good. If you can let her marry you willingly, it\'s also your blessing."

Hang Jin also lit a cigarette: "in fact, our eyes are the same, old man."

Grandpa Chi smiled, "right."

Hang Jin: of course

Grandpa Chi patted Hang Jin\'s shoulder again: "that little four eyes will be taken care of by you in the future."

Hang Jin also learned grandpa Chi\'s movements and patted the old man on the shoulder: "I hope my performance in the next few decades will not disappoint you, uncle Chi and aunt."

The roof of the hospital is a place where people are never seen at ordinary times. Today, there are two men, one old and one young. They smoke quietly without much communication. The picture is so beautiful that people can\'t bear to disturb.

But Hang Jin\'s phone rang suddenly, breaking the silence. At first sight, it was the Empress Dowager at home who called. He dared not not refuse to answer: "the empress dowager, I\'m here to say hello to you."

"Don\'t be a mouthful!" The Empress Dowager scolded Hang Jin first, and then directly issued an order, "I cooked the old hot soup. Tonight, you pick up the central government and go home for dinner."

"Yes!" "I\'ll call xiaosiyan right now," said Hangjin

"You boy..." I can hear that Yin nianxiao on the other end of the phone is smiling all the time, "you kid did such a happy thing but kept it from me."

Hang Jin knew what his mother meant. He knew that his mother was happy. He was also very happy. He was very happy. "Empress dowager, my son has never let you down."

Yin Nian said with a smile, "I know you\'re good at it, but don\'t talk nonsense. Bring my daughter-in-law home earlier. I\'ll feed her to be fat and white."

"Yes," said Hang Jin

His mother loves him so much that he has long been expecting him to marry him home. Now grandpa Chi\'s mouth is relaxed here. Are there two mountains between him and him? As long as the little idiot nods, they can choose the wedding time.

It\'s better to catch up with Ye Zhiyang and LAN Feiyang, so as not to let those two little bastards live in front of him all day long. He doesn\'t know how to love a person and has a long way to go after his wife.

He\'s going to slap the couple hard with reality.

Hang Jin hung up the phone and heard grandpa Chi say: "boy, when parents are still alive, take more time to go home and have a look. Life is short, don\'t wait to lose to know how to cherish. "

Hang Jin nodded: "I will, old man. I will spare more time to chat with you later. "

"I have a patient here. It\'s hot every day. I don\'t need you." Grandpa Chi paused and said, "your mother asked you to take your little four eyes home for dinner?"

Hang Jin nodded forcefully: "my mother is not sure that she likes xiaosiyan more than I do. She has been expecting me to marry xiaosiyan back home for a long time. Old man, little four eyes will never be wronged when they are married to our family. You can have ten thousand hearts. "

Grandpa Chi: "what\'s your father\'s attitude towards xiaosiyan?"

Hang Jin: "I married my wife. What\'s the matter with my father? It\'s better for him to accept the small four eyes. If he doesn\'t accept it, he has to accept it. Otherwise, he will wait for their Hangzhou family to break. "

Grandpa Chi glared at him: "boy, you need to understand that the best state of a marriage is to be happy with each other and to get sincere blessing from both parents. I don\'t want my family to suffer a little injustice. "

"Old man, as long as you nodded your head and agreed, she would not suffer a little injustice." Hang Jin began to smoke the cigarette that the old man had in his hand, and snatched the cigarette box quickly.

"My cigarettes." Grandpa Chi wanted to get back the cigarettes, but Hang Jin put them in his pocket. "You are right, old man. In order to be healthy, you must give up smoking."

Grandpa Chi stared angrily: "Hang Jin, you stinky boy!"