My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1794

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As soon as he heard about his parents\' case, Chi Yangyang suddenly stood up: "Uncle hang, do you know the inside story of my parents\' case? Who is the killer? Why did the killer kill my parents? " "Xiaochi, as long as you get the divorce certificate from Hang Jin and persuade Hang Jin to associate with Jiang Eryue, I will let you know all the answers you want to know. Otherwise, you will never want to know the truth with your ability." Hang Zhen Shanpin said this in a leisurely way while drinking tea.

"Why?" Chi Yangyang\'s eyes were red. She didn\'t understand. She didn\'t understand how hang Zhenshan knew about her parents\' case. She didn\'t know why hang Zhenshan forced her to leave Hang Jin.

Didn\'t he say that he treated her as his own daughter?

Then the best way is not to marry Hang Jin and become a member of the hang family. Hang Zhenshan said without hesitation: "I just said that as long as I see the results I want to see, then I will answer all your questions for you one by one. Well, you mustn\'t try to tell Hang Jin about it. If he knows the way of

then what I said doesn\'t count. Of course, you can also check slowly. One day, you will find out the truth, but you don\'t know how long to wait that day. "

Chiyang Yang didn\'t know how she got out of the teahouse. She went back to the detachment for a long time. Her ears still echoed what hang Zhen Shan had just said.

Hangzhou Zhenshan, an important position in Jiangbei City, has won the advanced individual award every year. It is a well-known official in Jiangbei City, deeply loved and treated by the public, and he is also highly respected by Chiyang.

Today, Chi Yangyang just knew that everyone was not what she saw on the surface. Hang Zhenshan was not. He was not as good as she saw on the surface. He had a deep side that scared her.

Neither is Hang Jin. Hang Jin is arrogant and irascible on the surface and bullies her every day. But when she is in danger, Hang Jin always comes to her for the first time to give her the greatest support.

Is it because Hang Jin cares about her and worries about Hang Jin\'s involvement in the murder of her parents that hang Zhenshan prevents her from being with Hang Jin?

Chi Yang Yang doesn\'t know, and doesn\'t know what to do next?

Push away Hang Jin?

She can do it.

But why should hang Jin and Jiang Eryue communicate?

Why should she sacrifice Hang Jin\'s happiness?

She can\'t do that.


The colleague called several times in the side, Chi Yangyang just returned to his mind: "what\'s the matter?"

"Jiang told you to go to his office," said his colleague

"Good." Chi Yang Yang shook his head and tried to put hang Zhen Shan No. 1 middle school behind him temporarily. He simply cleaned up and went to Jiang Zhen\'s office. "Teacher, you come to me."

Jiang Zhen pointed to the opposite position: "sit down and say."

Chi Yangyang was stupefied and just sat down: "teacher, what can I do for you?"

Jiang Zhen handed her a cup of coffee: "Yang Yang, there are some things we can\'t change if we want to do more, so don\'t think about it. Just do what we have in hand."

"Teacher, I didn\'t think about that."

Jiang Zhen: "so what are you dazed about all morning?"

It turned out that he had an impact on his work because of his personal affairs. "Teacher, it\'s because of a little personal thing, I\'ll pay attention to it," he apologized

Jiang Zhen: "because of Hang Jin?"

"Pool Yang Yang nods:" calculate is right

Jiang Zhen added: "Hang Jin is a little grumpy, but he is a good man. As long as he treats you as a friend, treat you well and don\'t hurt your friendship because of some small things. "

"Thank you, teacher! I know Hang Jin is a good man, and I will cherish our feelings. " Jiang Zhen and Hang Jin have met several times. Each time they meet, they are tit for tat to Jiang Zhen and warn her not to go too close to Jiang Zhen.

Look at Hang Jin and Jiang Zhen. Chi Yangyang has to say that Hang Jin is mean.

Jiang Zhen hands a piece of information on his desk to Chi Yangyang: "I have a piece of information here. It\'s a note I took at our forensic exchange meeting yesterday. Take it back and have a look. I hope it will help you in your future work."

Chi Yang Yang took it with both hands: "teacher..."

Jiang Zhen said, "don\'t say thank you. Since you are my teacher, if you can help you at work, I will help you naturally."

"Thank you!" Although Jiang Zhen doesn\'t want to hear the word "thank you", Chi Yangyang still wants to say that it\'s lucky for her to be able to take care of Jiang Zhen when she enters this line.

In the afternoon, Chiyang Yang didn\'t think about hang Zhenshan anymore, so he put into work.

Chi Yangyang was in the detachment, and Hang Jin did not stop.

He ate a little casually outside at noon, and then went to the supermarket to buy a lot of things. He ate with the same clothes, stuffed a trunk of things, and drove to the hospital to see Grandpa Chi.

Grandpa Chi had a hot chat with his sick friends. When he saw Hang Jin coming, his face suddenly fell down: "Hang\'s young master, my little four eyes are not here. What are you doing here alone?" "I can\'t come to see you without my little four eyes." Hang Jin never knew how to look at people\'s faces. Even though grandpa Chi wrote clear words on his face and didn\'t want to see him, he still had the cheek to approach people. "Little Four is busy at work, but I\'m free, so I\'m here to chat with you all the time."

Grandpa Chi looked at Hang Jin with a big bag in his hand, and thought that his head was big: "my old man has a patient to chat with, and I dare not trouble you, young master of Hang family." "You don\'t want to see me, old man." Hang Jin put his things in the ward and sat down beside the old man Chi\'s bed. "Look at me, old man. I want to look good and talented. If you let my little four eyes marry me, then she will take me out with dignity, don\'t you think? "

After hearing that Hang Jin had another idea of looking around their house, the public outside the pool warned: "Hang\'s young master, don\'t scare my old man. He is old and doesn\'t need to be scared."

But Hang Jin didn\'t take it seriously, and he didn\'t even know how to say two polite words. He said directly, "old man, if you must marry me, would you stop it?"

Grandpa Chi looks at Hang Jin. I dare to say that he came to propose marriage today, but he didn\'t have any consciousness of being a younger generation. He looks angry and doesn\'t speak well: "my little four eyes are nearsighted, not blind."

Hang Jin is also very arrogant: "don\'t look at what you say, I\'m blind, so I can\'t see such an excellent man."

Grandpa Chi: "..."

He had never seen a man so arrogant, so arrogant as to be shameless.

No one can boast of his excellence in front of others every day. However, although Hang Jin is arrogant and sometimes he doesn\'t like him, he still likes him in his heart.