My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1793

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Is it because she misunderstood him that Hang Jin didn\'t tell her elders about this?

But if the elders don\'t know, what about the dinner last night?

She is too familiar with the taste of those dishes. It\'s Hang\'s mother who can\'t be wrong.

Just when he was confused, he heard hang Zhenshan say, "Xiao Chi, your aunt Yin is that you always feel the same pain as your daughter-in-law."

"Uncle hang, I know your family is good to me." How good aunt Yin is to herself. Of course, Chiyang can feel it. It\'s just that Hangzhen mountain suddenly mentioned it today. There must be some reasons, "Uncle hang, I have something to say."

Chi Yangyang is no longer stupid about the world, but he is not. Hang Zhenshan never contacts her in private at ordinary times. Today, when he looks for her so seriously, he should have something to look for her.

"It\'s not a big deal." Say, hang Zhen mountain lifted a cup to drink a cup of tea, just slowly way again, "although the matter is not big, but this is a favor no one but you can help."

Hearing that only he could help, Chiyang praised Haikou: "Uncle hang, you say. Whatever you ask me today, I will help you if I can help you. "

Hang Zhenshan smiled and said, "it\'s not the boy of Hang Jin in our family. You know that boy\'s temperament is very wild. He does everything according to his preference and never cares about the people around him."

It turned out that it was really related to Hang Jin. Chi Yangyang sighed a little relieved: "Uncle hang, I told brother Jin about this, but he said it would be difficult to change for a while."

"It doesn\'t matter if he can\'t change for a while. The key is that he has a change of mind." Hang Zhen mountain means something.

"He wants to change." In front of the third party, Chiyang always unconsciously protects Hangjin.

Hangzhen mountain was drinking tea and scolding his son: "Hang Jin, that boy, is more than twenty men. He is not a bit stable as a mature man."

Chi Yangyang didn\'t answer. Actually, her brother Jin still has advantages. It\'s not useless. "Look at Er Yue, the daughter of the Jiang family. She was born in the same year as Hang Jin, but she is much more sensible than Hang Jin. Now the child comes back from his study trip, and he is graceful, knowledgeable and considerate... " Hang Zhenshan sighed, "Why are the children from other families so excellent? Let\'s look at Hang Jin..."

"Uncle hang, brother Jin is not bad." It\'s said that Jiang Eryue damaged Hangjin, and Chiyang was not comfortable. "How do you like that child? Aunt Yin told me last night that she wanted a daughter-in-law like that." Hearing this, Chi Yangyang\'s head roared. What he wanted to say, hang Zhenshan didn\'t give her a chance to interrupt. "The key is that you Yue is also interesting to Hang Jin, our family. That\'s because Hang Jin\'s kid is not enlightened Xiao Chi, could you please help to persuade Hang Jin and let him and Jiang Eryue see everywhere? "

"Ah..." At last, chiyangyang understood the purpose of hangzhenshan\'s search for her, but he also listened foolishly.

She just believed that the girl that Hang Jin liked was her, and she was willing to try to accept the marriage. However, now the elders of Hang family came to tell her that they had their favorite daughter-in-law candidates in mind and asked her to persuade Hang Jin.

Does God want to make such a fool of her? Is it fun to play with her like this?

Chi Yangyang doesn\'t understand why they want Hang Jin to do something he doesn\'t want to do. Jiang Eryue and hang Zhenshan are the same.

Hang Jin is an adult. He has his own thoughts and choices. Why should he control his thoughts.

In addition, Chi thinks there\'s no reason to like a person or not. It\'s right that Jiang Eryue likes Hang Jin, and it\'s also right that Hang Jin doesn\'t like Jiang Eryue.

However, Chiyang Yang is more confused. Jiang Eryue is better than her in many aspects in everyone\'s eyes. Why does Hang Jin like her rather than Jiang Eryue?

Is it true that, as Hang Jin said, he is attracted by her mentally retarded temperament?

In any case, Chi concluded that she could not persuade Hang Jin about this matter: "Uncle hang, brother Jin\'s emotional affairs, I can\'t interfere." Hang Zhenshan said: "it\'s not for you to intervene, it\'s for you to tell him that our parents and Eryue want them to be together. Hang Jin always listened to you. We said he would not listen, but you said he would. Of course, we are not forced to Hang Jin and ER Yue together. We just want him to give each other a chance to get to know each other well. It depends on the two of them. "

"Uncle hang......"

"Xiaochi, you wouldn\'t want to help Uncle hang."

"No, it\'s just me..." Chi Yangyang would like to slap himself. Why did he just put the big talk in front of him? Now he\'s buried in the hole he dug.

"Xiaochi, Hang Jin always treats you as his own sister. He will certainly listen to your words." Hangzhou town mountain specially increased the "sister" two words of speech, listen to Chi Yang Yang scalp a numb.


Hang Jin has never regarded her as her own sister!

"No..." Chiyangyang wants to say that he and Hangjin have obtained the license, but he can\'t export it.

Hang Jin has told the parents of Hang family about their marriage license. Uncle hang also came to see her as a lobbyist, and he didn\'t mention her marriage license with Hang Jin. Presumably, he didn\'t want her to marry Hang Jin.

"Xiaochi..." "Uncle hang, I\'m sorry! In fact, Hang Jin and I have already got the marriage license. We are both legally protected couples at present. " Chi said it as soon as he clenched his teeth. After he said it, he didn\'t feel afraid. They had their favorite daughter-in-law candidates, but she was the only one that Hang Jin wanted to marry.

"You\'ve got a license to get married?" Hangzhenshan\'s expression was not unexpected. He looked at chiyangyang kindly and kindly. "Last night, Hangjin almost lost his life because of you. Did he tell you about it?"

"What, what?" Chi Yangyang listened to what happened last night that she didn\'t know.

Hang Zhenshan said: "there are many excellent men in the world, but aunt Yin and I have only such a son as Hang Jin. If he has a slip, your aunt Yin may not live

"Uncle hang, it\'s not up to me. If you want us to divorce, you have to tell Hang Jin." What\'s the meaning of Hang Zhen Shan\'s words? Chi Yangyang still hears it, and she refuses to be tough. "Xiaochi, I always thought you were a smart kid. You know what you want most, but I found it\'s not the case when I chatted with you today." Hang Zhenshan still smiles gently. In the eyes of the people beside him, he is definitely an amiable


"What are the conditions?" At the moment, there is an illusion that he has never known Hangzhou Zhenshan. Hangzhou town mountain drink tea, light way: "two years ago sensational whole city wine original farm corpse case has not been solved, do you know what is the reason?"