My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1792

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Back home, the night was almost over. I don\'t know if it was because Hang Jin was around or really tired. Chi Yangyang fell on the bed and fell asleep in less than two minutes.

But Hang Jin, who was lying beside Chi Yang, was completely sleepless. He looked at her tired face and thought about what happened this evening.

After Chi Yang\'s incident, he can be sure that the recordings of the two drug traffickers are intentionally played to him, so that he can work in Jiangbei in the future.

As long as their "business" is good, there will be no trouble for him, otherwise

"Dog! I don\'t think you can threaten me! " Hang Jin has never been afraid of anything in his life. No matter what he does, he will only be happy and never care about other people\'s feelings. Chi Yang is an exception.

All the friends around Hang Jin know that Chi Yangyang is the soft rib that no one can touch. No one can touch him except himself.

But this "soft spot" does not know how important she is to Hang Jin, nor how dangerous their situation is now.

Hang Jin thinks that Chi Yang must have been a pig in his last life. He only knows how to eat when the sky falls down.

Don\'t say he scolded her.

Take a look. Chi Yangyang falls on the bed and sleeps like a pig for a while. She has forgotten about this evening.

Hang Jin suddenly thought it was better to be a fool. After all, people often say that a fool has a fool.

"Little idiot, if I didn\'t protect you, you would have been eaten by the wolf!" Hang Jin poked Chi Yang\'s forehead, pulled the quilt to help her cover it, then came to the study alone, opened the computer to look up a locked document inside.

This document has been read by Hang Jin for countless times, but he has never been able to find out the flaws

It has been said that there is no perfect crime in the world What\'s more, two years ago, the case in which Chi\'s parents were killed was not perfect at all, but strangely no killer could be found.

That night, even though it was raining heavily, the sound insulation effect of the wooden house in the resort was not good. Two living adults were crushed, but the residents nearby didn\'t hear anything. How could you think about this.

After a close look at the archives, Hang Jin still hasn\'t found any effective clues.

He took out his mobile phone and dialed a phone: "before 10 o\'clock this morning, I need all the information about the two murders happened in Jiuyuan farm and Linyang Park in the western suburbs the other day."

Having said that, Hang Jin is still in the same style. No matter whether the other party hears it or not, he hangs up.

The official case is closed. The victim of Linyang park is the murderer of Jiuyuan farm. The evidence seems to have no flaws, but Hang Jin just thinks something is wrong.

What\'s wrong? Hang Jin didn\'t figure it out for a while, so he thought of going through the files of the two cases. If there is a problem, he will find out where it is.


After sleeping for about two or three hours, it was already bright. Chi had to get up to go to the detachment. However, when she got up, Hang Jin slept very well.

They didn\'t sleep last night. Now she gets up, and he sleeps like a pig. Chi Yangyang is very unbalanced. He raises his foot and kicks Hang Jin\'s ass: "big stupid pig, keep sleeping. I wish you become stupid pig as soon as possible."

"Little four eyes, are you fucking dying?" Hang Jin\'s irascible voice roared, which scared chi yang to run away. Isn\'t this smelly man asleep? How do you know she kicked him?

Chiyangyang thought that after knowing that Hang Jin liked her, she would be able to show off her power in front of him, but it didn\'t seem that she was still the one being bullied.

Chi came to work with a sense of imbalance and dissatisfaction with Hang Jin, but as soon as he got off the bus, he received a phone call. She is familiar with the person on the phone, that is, hang Zhenshan, the father of Hang Jin.

Chiyangyang has known hangzhenshan for many years, but because there is no direct contact between the two people, he never called each other. Today, it is the first in his memory.

Hang Zhenshan asked her to meet at a tea house across the street of Cangshan criminal police detachment. When the elder invited her, Chi Yangyang couldn\'t refuse. He called Jiang Zhen and asked for an hour\'s leave.

In the phone, hang Zhenshan didn\'t say what happened to Chang Chiyang, nor did Chi Yang ask more. After the leave, she trotted all the way to the teahouse across the street.

It has been two years since Chi Yangyang dismissed the detachment from Cangshan. After entering the teahouse today, she just knew that there was such an elegant small teahouse near their detachment.

As soon as Chi Yang entered the room, she was led to a small and unique private room. Hang Zhen Shan, dressed in a neat suit, sat cross legged in front of the tea table and made kungfu tea conscientiously. But before Chi Yang spoke, he said, "here comes the little pool, sit down."

"Uncle hang, can I help you?" In the impression of Chiyang Yang, hang Zhenshan seldom talks to Hang Jin like a father and son. In the past, many people were present when she met with hang Zhenshan. Generally speaking, she exchanged a few polite greetings. Today, I don\'t know what he wanted from her alone.

"Son, sit down first." Hang Fu pointed to the seat opposite, made the tea in his hand, and then looked up. "Xiaochi, do you like tea at ordinary times?"

"It\'s OK," chiyangyang replied politely

Hang Zhenshan handed her a cup of tea: "have a cup of tea first, then we can talk slowly."

"Uncle hang, what do you want to say is the same with me on the phone. Don\'t bother you to run." The way of meeting each other is too formal and too secret, which always makes Chi Yang feel a little flustered.

The only connection between them is Hang Jin.

Does uncle hang want to talk to her about Hang Jin?

But hang Zhenshan is not so boring.

Chi Yangyang took a sip of the dish, and it was not hard to find that hang Zhenshan was looking at her. He did not know whether he was looking at her glasses or the way she tasted tea.

Just when Chi Yangyang was upset, hang Zhenshan said, "Xiao Chi, you are the child that I and your aunt Yin grew up looking at. How excellent you are, we all look at you."

Hangzhenshan\'s speech speed is very slow, and his words are correct and round, which is a bit like the leader\'s speech on the stage: "especially your aunt Yin, she has treated you as our own daughter for a long time. When you go to school, she helps you organize the school. Two years ago, because of something wrong with your parents, she didn\'t help to run errands less. Recently, she sent around to introduce a good boy to you. "

"Chi Yang Yang a Leng:" ah

Didn\'t Hang Jin tell his parents that he and she were married?

Why does aunt Yin ask someone to help her find a partner?