My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1791

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"Well, it\'s all right. Let\'s go back first." Hang Jin\'s face was not good. Chi Yangyang immediately smiled sweetly, saying that he could not reach out to smile.

"You idiot are heartless." Hang Jin gave Chi Yang a vicious look and poked her on the forehead. "When can you think about something?"

Just now, if she steps in the wrong way, it\'s very possible that she won\'t have this life. She picked it up again. She\'s an idiot like a nobody.

Hang Jin suddenly wants to take a rope to tie Chi Yang around so that he can protect her 24 hours a day.

Chi Yangyang angrily took his hand: "Hang Jin, don\'t poke me in the head all the time. If you poke it again, my skull will be punctured by you. "

Seeing that Chi Yangyang is extremely stupid and a little cute, Hang Jin is angry and funny: "you can never be smart without poking you idiot."

Chi never thought he was stupid: "who says I\'m not smart? I just live under your oppression for a long time, and I can\'t give full play to my intelligence like a genius. "

Hang Jin was so amused by her that he laughed: "just like you, you have a talent of intelligence. I think the talent is almost the same. You are the kind of little white idiot who is cheated out to sell and helps the number of people. "

When it comes to the heart of Chiyang, she nodded: "I admit that I was sold to help count the money. I was cheated by you, and I foolishly ran to get your marriage license, and finally gave you all my savings. "

Thinking of money, Chi Yang\'s heart was hurt again. It was her hard-earned hard-earned money.

"Who lied to you..." Hang Jin\'s words are extremely unfounded, because it\'s certain that he cheated her, and he has to find a way to come back. Otherwise, the little idiot will explode when he knows the truth.

"By the way, how is your situation there?" Chi knows how dangerous things are tonight, but she doesn\'t want Hang Jin to worry too much about her things and try to distract him.

Tonight\'s message is to seduce her, so I don\'t rule out that there was a problem with the message that last time I asked her to go to the West Suburb Farm She only heard that the dead in the western suburbs were witnesses of the night their parents were killed. Who knows.

All along, she desperately wanted to get close to the center of the case, but every time she used the power of nine cows and two tigers to get close, she was vigorously bounced open.

What is the truth of the murder of parents?

What kind of person has the ability to keep her from pursuing the truth?

There are only a few people who really have power and power in Jiangbei City. They always think that their parents and their relationship are getting along well. Why do they stop pursuing the truth?

Is there really a dirty secret?

We can presume boldly when investigating the case, but Chi knows that all the presumptions must be based on the facts, and everything must be based on the evidence. Otherwise, even if the murderer is in front of her, she will not be able to deal with it.

Naturally, Hang Jin didn\'t want Chi Yangyang to worry about his affairs: "you don\'t understand your own affairs all day long. What\'s the relationship between Laozi\'s affairs and your little idiot?"

"What does it matter to me?" Chi Yangyang glared at him, "you don\'t mean you like me. I can\'t ask you anything. Which door does it like?"? I don\'t think you\'re kidding me again. "

"Who the fuck is playing with you?" Hang Jin knocked on her head and grabbed her waist. "It\'s going to light up this day. Stop grinding and hurry to go home with me to sleep."

"Hang Jin, you are a liar. You must have lied to me. The girl you like must not be me." Chi Yangyang murmurs, "you see how Shiyang likes Feiyang elder sister. She asked him to go east, but he never dared to go west. If you look at you again, every day, besides being cruel to me, you are still cruel to me Wuwuwu How pitiful I am... "

I thought I could turn over to be the master, but I didn\'t expect that I would only be bullied by him.

No way!

No way!

She can\'t allow this kind of "perverseness" to continue to grow wantonly between her and Hang Jin. She must find a way to turn around and become the real master of the family.

But Hang Jin immediately poured a basin of cold water on the head of the central pool: "what do you think about, you want to learn from LAN Feiyang to Ye Zhiyang, I think you are tired of living."

"You can kill me." Chi Yang Yang looks at him with a proud face. "Kill me, and your beloved girl will be gone. You will be very sad."

Hang Jin: "..."

This idiot really wants to turn the world upside down.

Hang Jin Yu Sai and Chi Yang Yang are even more proud: "Hang Jin, let me ask you, when did you like me? What advantages do I attract to you? "

Say it!

Say it!

Let me have a good time.

Unexpectedly, another basin of cold water poured on the head of the central pool, which was like cooling from the head to the tip of the heart, and then from the tip of the heart to the feet.

Because he said, "because I\'m attracted by your mental retardation. Among a group of normal people, it\'s fun to see an idiot, you know? "

In Hang Jin\'s eyes, she is a different idiot from normal people?

The middle of the pool gnawed with anger.

Damn it!

This man must have lied to her.

No one is willing to bully the beloved girl.

How angry!

I want to bite him!

Then, Chi Yangyang didn\'t know how. She opened her mouth and bit Hang Jin\'s arm. She just let him go after a deep tooth mark.

She bit his deep tooth mark. He didn\'t frown, but he was still smiling. Even he thought his smile was a little attractive.

She Leng Leng: "I bite you so deep tooth mark, you don\'t hurt?"

"Little idiot!" She certainly doesn\'t know. As long as she is with him, what is the pain?

"You are the idiot!" She bit so deep tooth mark, he didn\'t hurt, he is the real idiot, right, "I bite so hard, you really don\'t hurt?"

Chi Yangyang\'s voice just fell down and was kissed by Hang Jin, but he just gave her a kiss and let her go. He held her face and said, "I don\'t hurt if you are by my side!"

His voice suddenly became gentle, gentle as if he had been hiding wine for decades, but he could make people intoxicated with it when he smelt it, and Chi Yang Yang was intoxicated.

Brother Jin of her family is not only good-looking, but also attractive when he is gentle. How could she not find these advantages when he has been together for more than 20 years?

"Home." Hang Jin holds up the stupefied pool center.

This evening, Hang Jin understood that his opponent was far worse than he thought.

The opponent not only knows that Chi Yang is his weakness, but also knows that Chi Yang is tracking down the murder of her parents. It seems that the other side has understood their background very clearly.

Maybe the enemy is giving him a warning this time.