My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1790

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He couldn\'t sleep. He wanted to talk to someone. He thought that only LAN Feiyang was there. But in the middle of the night, he always bothered people\'s little couple and didn\'t know each other.

Chi Yang Yang is trying to take back his extended hand, but his mobile phone suddenly rings, receiving a new message prompt tone.

She picked up her mobile phone and read the message: "want to know who killed your parents, go to 29 Xianglin road in half an hour.". Or you will never know who killed your parents.

When she saw the news, Chi Yang Yang\'s hands were shaking. She turned over one by one and changed clothes with the fastest speed. She was in a hurry to go out.

However, she hesitated as she held the door handle in her hand to open it.

Who sent her the message?

Why did the man choose to send her a message in the middle of the night?

Chi Yangyang doubted that the message was false, but when she thought about how her parents died, even if the message was false, even if the front was a dragon pond and tiger cave, she would rush.

She wanted to call the police and find Zhao Ziqian, but what happened yesterday gave her a new perspective on the whole criminal police detachment in Cangshan, including Jiang Zhen.

It\'s not that she doesn\'t want to believe them, it\'s that they have to.

Excluding the members of the criminal police force, Chi thought of Hang Jin again. When she thought of Hang Jin, she did not hesitate or doubt, and immediately forwarded the information she just received to Hang Jin.


"Boss, we\'ve been tricked!" Looking at the mess in the room and the sound effect of the very realistic recorder, the three sons carefully looked at Hang Jin.

"I can\'t see with eyes? Do you need to remind me? " The mission was out of the air, and it was the only failure of Hang Jin\'s action since he led the team. Hang Jin was more furious than every member of the team. "Damn, how dare you use the recorder to play Lao Tzu?"

Other people dare not say a word. Hang Jin asked people to patrol around again. After confirming that there was no one to trade tonight, he roared, "stop!"

On the way back, Hang Jin just turned on the machine. As soon as he opened it, he received a message from Chi Yang. When he saw the information, his mind flashed over the recorded conversation he had just heard.

-- I promise you that I have my own way to clean up Hang Jin. As for the way to use it, you don\'t care.

Do these bastards want to use central chi to deal with him?

Thinking of this, Hang Jin immediately ordered: "everyone pay attention, immediately transfer the team to No. 29, Xianglin road."

After that, he immediately made a call to Chi Yang, but Chi Yang\'s phone prompt was temporarily unavailable.

Hang Jin immediately turned on the mobile phone\'s installed positioning software and located chiyangyang on the coast of Mangrove Bay

Xianglin road and mangrove bay are located in the north of Jiangbei City and the south of Jiangbei City. The distance between these two places is less than half an hour.

Hang Jin immediately checked the time when he received the message. It was half an hour ago That is to say, Chi Yang\'s idiot is likely to have fallen into the hands of the enemy: "Chi Yang, you idiot, I want you to stay at home, you are not obedient to my mother."

After roaring, Hang Jin grabs the driver\'s seat and rushes to mangrove bay at a flying speed. At the same time, he orders: "all team members follow up and go to mangrove bay."


It\'s already two o\'clock in the morning. Jiangbei, a city that doesn\'t stay up at night, also has a rest time. There are few pedestrians and vehicles on both sides of the street, so they can go all the way.

Even though all the way was smooth, Hang Jin was still in a state of anxiety. For a while, he couldn\'t find Chi Yang. He couldn\'t be sure whether she was safe or not, so he couldn\'t rest assured.

All the time, he thought he was protecting the little idiot, but he didn\'t know that he had brought the danger to her as early as he didn\'t know it, so that she would be in danger with him.

It usually takes half an hour to get to hongshuwan from Jintang street. At night, it takes more than ten minutes to get to the destination under the smooth traffic and the speed of Hang Jin.

He followed the mobile phone positioning to find out, but he didn\'t find the person of Chiyang, but found his mobile phone in the grass

"Boss, what\'s the matter?" Several team members finally catch up with Hang Jin and see him pick up a mobile phone. His face is so blue that he will eat people in the next second.

Hang Jin said, "son three, take a group of people to No. 29, Xianglin road. Leave a group of people around to search with me. "

The third son bravely asked, "boss, what are we looking for?"

Hang Jin: "pool forensics."

Three son a Leng: "pool forensics how?"

Hang Jin: "we must find her and bring her to me safely. If she doesn\'t have a hair, I\'ll make you eat too much. "

At the same time, Hang Jin has taken out his mobile phone and dialed a phone: "old hang, let the Ministry of transport immediately get the city\'s monitoring, even if you dig three feet, you have to find Chi Yang Yang for me."

His father didn\'t respond in time. After a few seconds, he said, "Hang Jin, the Ministry of transport is not owned by our family. Can you find a solution for your personal relationship with Chi Yang Yang?"

"If she doesn\'t have a hair, you\'ll be waiting for her."

Hang Jin hung up angrily. A strange number called in. He answered and shouted, "who?"

"Hang Jin, it\'s me," said the soft voice of Chi Yangyang from the handset

Hearing the voice of Chi Yangyang, Hang Jin felt a tremor at the top of his heart, and his voice trembled: "little four eyes, no matter what happens, don\'t be afraid, I will save you."

"I\'m fine, now I\'m in Cangshan criminal police detachment," Chiyang said softly

Hang Jin didn\'t ask her how she lost her cell phone in mangshuwan. After starting the car, he said: "three sons, you take the whole team back. Go back today and have a good rest. Don\'t report to the team tomorrow. "


When he arrived at Cangshan criminal police detachment, Hang Jin dragged Chiyang into his arms and hugged her. He felt her breath and body temperature. He just put his heart down: "what happened?"

His voice was still fierce, but Chi felt his body shaking obviously. She patted his back and said softly, "I\'m ok, don\'t worry."

Hang Jin: "answer my question."

When he yelled, Chi Yang shrank his neck involuntarily: "I received another anonymous message tonight. I went to No. 29, Xianglin road according to the content of the message. I just went downstairs and found someone following me, so I knew the news might be false, so I tried to get rid of the stalker. On the way to get rid of them, I was worried that they installed a positioning system in my mobile phone, so I left my mobile phone in Mangrove Bay, and finally decided to come to the Interpol detachment. "

"Little idiot!" Hang Jin rubbed her head hard. He didn\'t dare to think what would happen if the little idiot didn\'t find someone following her and didn\'t hide cleverly in the criminal police detachment.