My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1788

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Hang Jin doesn\'t have a good way of saying, "ask your woman to answer the phone."

"You look for Feiyang?" Ye Zhiyang looks back and doesn\'t see LAN Feiyang\'s man. "She just got a phone call. She went out to pick it up. Fourth brother, what do you want from her? I can tell her."

Hang Jin\'s voice roared even louder: "let her answer the phone."

Hang Jin\'s tone doesn\'t sound very friendly. Ye Zhiyang dare not delay. He looks for LAN Feiyang with his mobile phone. He finally finds it in an empty room. But LAN Feiyang is on the phone and still talking hot.

In front of his fiancee, ye Zhiyang has always been afraid to speak out. What\'s more, now she is still on the phone, he can only whisper to remind: "Feiyang, the phone of fourth brother."

LAN Feiyang covers the phone microphone, takes away the phone, and says, "Yang Yang is calling me."

With Chi Yang in, it\'s the best umbrella. Ye Zhiyang hurriedly said, "fourth brother, Fei Yang is talking to Yang Yang on the phone."

Hang Jin paused and said, "let blue fly away. Let me listen to what they are talking about."

Ye Zhiyang gives LAN Feiyang a look, and LAN Feiyang understands. Turn on the loudspeaker quietly, and soon Hang Jin hears Chi Yangyang\'s voice, which is exactly Chi Yangyang\'s laugh: "Fei Yang sister, Hang Jin\'s son of a bitch really likes me, and I can turn over to be the master! Ha ha ha ha... "

LAN Feiyang was so surprised that he wanted to turn off Yang Sheng, but because of the power of Hang Jin, he dared not, so he whispered: "cough Don\'t be too happy, Yang Yang. "

"Sister Feiyang, you don\'t know. I\'ve been bullied by the big devil Hang Jin for more than 20 years. For more than 20 years, he made me stand and I dare not sit. He told me to go east. I dare not go west. I have been enslaved by him for more than twenty years. Today, he told me seriously that he liked me and promised not to bully me again. Do you think I can be unhappy? " Where did Chi Yangyang know that Lan Feiyang\'s voice was on, and what she said was broadcast to Hang Jin.

Chi Yangyang\'s laughter was like a magic sound that floated into Hang Jin\'s ear. He wanted to bear it, but he kept walking to the room.

When he kicked the door open, the voice in the phone stopped, and Chi looked at him innocently: "Hang Jin, why did you kick the door again? It\'s ok if the door is broken, but you scared me. "

Look at this little idiot!

He gave her some paint, and she wanted to start a dye shop, didn\'t she?

Can see her silly appearance, he really can\'t bear to break her: "some habits developed for more than 20 years, it\'s hard to change for a while and a half."

At this time, Chiyang responded quickly: "then kneel and rub your clothes."

Hang Jin: Chiyang

"I\'ll make a joke with you. Why are you so serious. Go to the bathroom quickly. Go to bed early after washing. There are still things to do tomorrow. "

Hang Jin glared at her again, and then went to the bathroom.

Chi Yangyang is happy to roll on the bed. After being enslaved for more than 20 years, he suddenly turns over to be the master. If she had believed that the girl in Hang Jin\'s heart had always been her, she would have turned over earlier.

But it\'s not too late now. There are still decades to come. She has many ways to repair him.

Chi Yangyang is proud of it. The cell phone on Hangjin\'s bedside table suddenly rings. She looks up and sees that it\'s a phone number without storing information: "Hangjin, your phone number."

Hang Jin didn\'t answer. Chi said, "Hang Jin, someone is calling you. Do you want me to answer it for you?"

Hang Jin still didn\'t answer, but the door of the bathroom opened. He didn\'t wear anything. He came out naked and saw Chi Yang disappear. He picked up his mobile phone and said, "what\'s the matter?"

"Hooligan!" Chi Yang Yang didn\'t know what the person at the end of the phone said. Anyway, it was not a good thing to see Hang Jin\'s face. Soon Hang Jin hung up and said, "I have some work to do. You stay at home."

"The poisoner died inexplicably in the detention room. You haven\'t found a clue yet. If you don\'t rule out an insider, you should be careful."

Hang Jin didn\'t take it seriously at all. He bowed his head and gave a kiss to Chi Yang\'s face: "I\'m still waiting for the second half of my life to make a horse for you little idiot. If you dare to move me, I\'ll make him eat nothing."

He wiped his saliva on his face: "Hang Jin, I\'ll tell you seriously. Don\'t hang around. When you deal with drug dealers, you know better than I do how fierce they are. You must be more careful when you go out. "

Hangjin picked his eyebrows happily: "little old woman, I know."

Chiyangyang: "..."

Alas, there\'s no way to deal with this bastard. She told him the business. He\'s always hanging around like this. Don\'t you know that she\'s worried about her safety?


In a short time, Hang Jin had changed his clothes. Chi Yangyang got up to see him off. He hugged Chi Yangyang again and kissed him heavily: "I will clean you up when I come back."

When he just took a bath, he was full of thoughts about how to eat this idiot. However, there were so many assholes at work that he could only temporarily dismiss this idea.

Chi Yangyang watched him go out: "be careful!"

Hang Jin said, "I see. Close the door quickly and lock it. No one is allowed to open the door except for me. "

Chi Yangyang: "I know."

Hang Jin waved: "gone."


Hang Jin had never been so happy when he went out. He whistled on the way to the team. When he arrived at the team, a group of subordinates saw that he was so happy, but they were puzzled.

The drug dealer they finally caught died in the detention room today. Now, no clue has been found. The eldest brother was still grimacing two hours ago. Don\'t make me angry.

After only two hours, now I see his heart is in full bloom, and I don\'t know if he is going to have any luck.

Seeing that Hangjin is happy, Sanzi daren\'er is a little bit bigger. He quickly reported the collected information: "boss, I just received the online report. Someone is trading in Jintang street tonight, but we don\'t know how many people there are on the other side. We don\'t know if the other side has any weapons. "

"Not clear?" As soon as Hang Jin raised his eyebrows, the third son went back two steps in fright. He held his heart and waited for Hang Jin to scold him. However, Hang Jin only asked him gently, "are the action team members here?"

Boss didn\'t swear!

The boss didn\'t swear!

It\'s strange!

Three son Leng Leng Leng, careful way: "still short of two."

Hang Jin said, "let those who arrive first prepare.". You can call the other two to hurry them up. Don\'t delay things. "