My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1787

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"I scared you?" Expressing love to a woman can frighten her partner. Hangjin thinks that maybe he is the only one in the world who can encounter such a thing.

"Do you really like me?" Chiyangyang is still skeptical, "every day I scold you for bullying me and make me angry. You\'d better say you like me. You are not a three-year-old. If you like a person, you will try to bully him. "

Hang Jin: "Laozi......"

"If what you said is true, then you must not refuse me that night when I was drunk. So it\'s wishful thinking that happened that night. It\'s not that I forced you. "

She said that he was taller and stronger than her. How could he force him when she was drunk? In the final analysis, he cooperated very well.

Hang Jin had a bad premonition, but she continued to ask, "what\'s the matter?"

Chi Yangyang leaned against Hang Jin\'s side and softened his voice again: "if you want to have two emotions, I won\'t have to compensate you for the loss of spirit and body. Can you transfer back the money I transferred to you last time? "

Upon hearing this, Hang Jin suddenly became furious: "Chi Yangyang, I told you, what you think is money. Can you have a little conscience?"

Chi Yangyang laughs at him. He laughs stupidly, but it makes people think that he is crafty: "I am so poor that I have no money to eat. What\'s your conscience?"

Hang Jin stared at her: "in your heart, money is more important than Laozi, isn\'t it?"

"Pool Yang Yang lightly a smile:" otherwise

"Idiot!" Hang Jin was so angry that he bit his teeth. He started the car again and drove back. He didn\'t say a word on the road, but Chi Yang thought about how to get Hang Jin to spit out the money.

After all, no one\'s money fell from the sky. All those money were hard earned by her. I\'m sorry for not taking it back.


Before long, they finally arrived at home. What surprised Chi Yangyang was that they had prepared the meals at home. She likes three of the four dishes, and Hang Jin likes the rest.

Chiyang Yang looked around and saw that there was no one at home. He wondered, "Hang Jin, we haven\'t arrived home. How can we deliver the food to the door?"

Hang Jin just came out of the kitchen after washing his hands: "idiot."

Hang Jin doesn\'t say, and Chi Yang doesn\'t ask again. She picks up chopsticks and eats them. Anyway, she believes he won\'t poison her.

At the entrance of the dish, it was a very familiar taste. Chi Yangyang immediately knew who made the dish: "Hang Jin, these meals are from Aunt yin?"

In her words, Hang Jin replied, "otherwise?"

Upon hearing this, Chi Yang was in a hurry: "Hang Jin, why don\'t you talk. We have agreed that we can\'t tell our relationship to our elders. How can you say that? "

Hang Jin threw his chopsticks on the table: "you haven\'t married, I haven\'t married, now we get married and become legal couples. How can you tell me not to let the elders know? "

What\'s more, he didn\'t tell his mother about it at all. His mother was as good as one. That day when they both went home for dinner, his mother doubted. But the idiot thought that the elder didn\'t notice anything.

She\'s an idiot. Do you think people all over the world are as stupid as her?

Chi Yangyang: "I......"

Before, she had always thought that Hang Jin had other girls in her heart, for fear that she might delay him, so she didn\'t want a third person to know that they had already got married.

But now it\'s different. Hang Jin has told her more than once that the girl he likes is her. It\'s always her. Only her. Then there are no other girls. Only her in his love world.

Since she is the only one in his love world, can she try to accept this marriage and treat Hang Jin as her lover?

Although her inner ideal object is definitely not the type of Hang Jin, Hang Jin is the closest person in the world besides her grandfather.

In addition, Hang Jin is a good-looking man with a high IQ. His genes are not so different from those of his offspring

In this way, Chi thinks it\'s good to continue the marriage with Hang Jin.

Hangjin didn\'t know what he thought. He shouted, "what are you?"

Pool Yang Yang turned a white eye: "like me still fierce me, let me how to believe you really like me?"

Hang Jin: "I......"

"Now, don\'t worry!" Seeing that he couldn\'t speak, he suddenly felt that he was going to turn over. He was overjoyed, but he suppressed his excitement and patted him on the shoulder. "As long as you change your temper later and treat me better, we can still live a good life as husband and wife."

She said she would live with him as a husband and wife.

Hang Jin suddenly felt a little floating.

Chi Yangyang has never seen Hang Jin look so stupid and stupefied. It seems that he likes her. It can\'t be fake: "since you told my aunt, let\'s talk about it. However, you are not allowed to speak in disorder in my grandfather\'s place. You have to wait until I do a good job of ideological work for him. "

More and more, Hang Jin couldn\'t believe what he saw and heard at this time: "little four eyes, have you accepted our marriage?"

When he saw that Hang Jin was stupid, Chi Yang was happy: "we have a real relationship. You still like me for so many years. Why don\'t I accept it. However, you must remember to be nice to me in the future, not cruel to me, or I may change my mind at any time. "

"Good." Hang Jin only hears the first half of the sentence. He can\'t hear what Chi Yang said behind him, but it doesn\'t matter if he hears it. There\'s nothing bigger than this idiot accepting him.

But Hang Jin was still worried, worried that he was dreaming: "little four eyes, do you understand what you are talking about?"

"I\'m not drunk tonight. Why don\'t I know what I\'m talking about?" he said

All of a sudden, Hang Jin was at a loss. He needed to be calm and calm. "Eat!"

See him that silly kind, pool Yang Yang sends him two words in the heart: "idiot!"


Chi Yangyang has made it clear, but Hang Jin still doesn\'t believe it. After eating, he comes to the study alone and wants to find someone to help him understand his mind, but he thinks that there are all rough people around him.

I still have to find LAN Feiyang to think about it. Who knows that the phone call is over? LAN Feiyang always reminds me that he is on the phone, so he has to change his cell phone to call ye Zhiyang.

Ye Zhiyang is eager to survive. He never slows down when he answers Hang Jin\'s phone: "fourth brother, do you want to bring yang to dinner again? When will you arrive, I\'ll prepare some of the central favorite dishes in advance. "