My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1786

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Chi Yangyang\'s eyes widened with fright. Her silly appearance made Hang Jin laugh out: "you are really an idiot. You don\'t know how to close your eyes when a man kisses you."

"I don\'t have much experience." As Chi Yangyang was saying, Hang Jin kissed again. This time, she learned how to be obedient and closed her eyes. Hang Jin stopped kissing her again, saying, "little idiot!"

He\'s laughing again!

It must be that she can\'t even kiss well.

Chi wants to prove it to him, but he doesn\'t know how to kiss well: "I\'ve closed my eyes to your words, what\'s wrong with you?"

Hang Jin rubbed her head: "little idiot!"

At least this little idiot doesn\'t exclude him from kissing her, which is a good phenomenon.

"Why do you always curse?" Chi Yangyang Dudu mouth, she certainly did not know how coquettish her voice was, and only in front of Hang Jin would she.

In the eyes of other little friends, she is a little sister protected by them. In the eyes of her colleagues, she is the most proud student brought out by Jiang Zhen. She works with great vigour and never loses to a man.

"An idiot is not a curse." Hang Jin smiled, and the laughter was low and deep. "In my place, waste is a curse."

Chiyangyang: "well, anyway, it\'s all right with you."

Hang Jin said again, "do you like me to kiss you?"

"Chi Yangyang nodded honestly:" still OK

Hang Jin was dissatisfied and said, "what is it? Is it so hard to admit that you like me kissing you? "

"It\'s OK with me, just like it." When he said this, he thought it was not right, and added, "no other man has kissed me. I can\'t compare. How can I know if I like you to kiss me?"

"Little idiot, do you want other men to kiss you?" Hang Jin knocks on her head. Her voice is evil, but her heart is happy. No one has kissed her except him.

"I didn\'t think about it," he said

"Idiot!" After that, Hang Jin held her head and kissed her again, but the window was suddenly knocked, "you can\'t park here, don\'t you know? Get the car out of here. "

Hang Jin pressed down the window and looked coldly at the traffic police: "you can\'t stop here. You can\'t stick your ticket. What window can you knock on? Tired of living, isn\'t it? "

The traffic police were yelled at first, then the fire broke out: "I said you didn\'t listen to the advice when parking illegally, do you think I dare not stick your ticket or what?"

"Waste!" Hang and Jin didn\'t pay any attention. They pressed the window directly.

Chiyang hit him: "stop making noise, drive home first."

Hang Jin instantly changed into a ruffian\'s smile: "can you go home and then kiss?"

Chi Yangyang did not hesitate: "if you want to kiss, you can kiss. Anyway, it\'s not what I said can count."

Hang Jin poked her forehead, put on the forward gear, stepped on the accelerator, and the car rushed out: "what a little idiot!"

"Can\'t you always scold me for being an idiot, which makes me doubt my ability to work recently?" he said

Hang Jin: "how about that little fool?"

Chi Yangyang: "I hate it!"

Hang Jin didn\'t tease her any more. He was busy driving back to continue what he hadn\'t done before. But Chi Yang, who was so idle, suddenly said another thing: "did you meet elder sister Eryue?"

She didn\'t mention that Hang Jin could pretend that it didn\'t happen. When she said that, what Hang Jin tried to forget came back to her mind: "can\'t you see me, Chi Yang?"

Chi Yangyang didn\'t understand what he meant: "what do you mean?"

Hang Jin didn\'t want to talk to her.

But Chi Yangyang had a heartfelt speech to say to him: "Hang Jin, love is a matter of two people, in fact, you really don\'t care about the feelings of people around you. As long as it\'s the girl you like, try to chase. If the other party is not the girl you like, don\'t be reluctant to be with her because she likes you. "

He\'s not her. He has to be silly with a girl he doesn\'t like.

Hang Jin asked, "if the girl I like doesn\'t like me at all and wants to push me to other women every day, can I pursue her as much as I can?"

Chi Yang has no experience in such matters as feelings. Since Hang Jin asked her, it proved that he still trusted her. She thought for a moment and said, "it depends on whether that girl has someone she likes. If so, give up as soon as possible. If not, and she doesn\'t hate you, you can still try. "

Hang Jin said again, "that girl seems to hate me so much."

"Why does she hate you?" he asked? Is it because you talk to her as ferociously as you do to me? "

Is he mean to her?

He doesn\'t think so.

However, Hang Jin gave a light hum.

Chi Yangyang hates iron and shakes his head unfairly: "Hang Jin, I tell you, girls like mature and stable men, and no one likes boys who are rude to themselves. If you want to change her image, be gentle with her. "

Hang Jin asked, "how to be gentle?"

"This..." Hang Jin asked Chi Yang about this problem again. She felt her brain and thought seriously, "first of all, you can\'t kill her. Secondly, you should pay more attention to her. Especially when she is in a bad mood, you should accompany her to relieve her boredom."

Hang Jin: what else

"I think of so much for the time being," said Chi

Hang Jin: what kind of man do you like

"Me?" Chi Yangyang pointed to himself, "I have never thought about what kind of man I would like. I always feel that love is about fate. When the fate comes, the person who belongs to you will come naturally."

Hang Jin: "how about me?"

"You?" Chi almost laughed. "Don\'t tell me again, I\'m the girl you like. I\'ll tell you, if you like a person, you have to be a little more specific. Don\'t stay up and down. "

Once again, chiyangyang showed Hang Jin How Insensitive she was in her feelings. She didn\'t have to knock on such a insensitive person, or she could only come directly: "little four eyes, you forgot that your name was written in the spouse column of the young master\'s marriage certificate?"

Chi Yangyang: "ah That\'s not... "

Hang Jin interrupts her: "do you forget that my young master said that you are the girl you like?"

"Chi Yang Yang but rational analysis:" you say you like me, don\'t say I don\'t believe, is to fly Yang elder sister Zhi Yang elder brother who listen to who won\'t believe

Hang Jin stopped the car at the side of the road again, holding Chi\'s head and letting her look into his eyes. He said with great affection: "little four eyes, I like you all the time, and I want to marry you. Or do you think I\'ve eaten too much or I\'m crazy, playing the marriage game with you? "

"Hang Jin, don\'t scare me!" Chi had never seen Hang Jin so serious before. For a while, he couldn\'t tell if he was teasing her again.