My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1785

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After he came back, he worked nonstop. At nine o\'clock in the evening, the autopsy report came out. No accident, the dead died of poisoning. To be sure, the poison is arsenic with high reputation.

When he got the autopsy report, Hang Jin frowned so much that he could almost form two vertical lines. He looked up at the third son and said, "how are you doing here?"

Seeing the fierce look of Hang Jin, the third son instinctively stepped back two steps: "boss, the rest of the prisoners\' food has been taken out of the garbage. I haven\'t found any clues."

"You can\'t do anything one by one," roared Hang Jin. "What\'s the use of letting your group of rubbish follow me?"

The roar of Hang Jin made the third son back two steps, but he still whispered: "boss, our main job is to catch drug traffickers, not to do criminal investigation, which needs to be done by professional people."

This words, really let Hang Jin speechless, but he has always been a person who does not care whether you have a reason or not, anyway, what he said is the truth: "I have never seen you catch more drug traffickers than others."

Three sons: "..."

Come on, bear with it, who let his boss be this arrogant temper? The key family also has the capital of arrogance and hegemony, because since the boss came, their speed of catching drug traffickers has increased in a straight line.

Now the number of drug traffickers caught in a month is more than that in the previous half of the year. If we catch them at this speed, no one will dare to commit crimes in Jiangbei again, and they will be able to stay at home and rest every day.

There are no clues or suspicious figures found in the food, and Hang Jin is in charge of the monitoring. No one can find any clues. That is to say, he has worked hard for two months to track the traces of drug gangs. Once the man died, all the clues were broken, and everything went back to the origin.

"Damn it!" Hang Jin was so angry that he raised his hand and smashed the teacup on the table. The teacup hit the wall and broke instantly. "If you let me find out who is playing a trick, the boss has to pick his skin."

"Three son cringe way:" eldest brother, how should do now

Hang Jin stares at him and says, "salad."

After that, Hang Jin picked up his mobile phone on the desk and dialed a number. He answered quickly there. He asked, "where is it?"

On the other end of the phone is Chi Yangyang: "I\'m still in the office, ready to go home."

"Stay in the office. I\'ll pick you up." His tone was still very unfriendly, but he understood that he was caring about her, so he said it honestly.

Recently, there have been several cases that people can\'t figure out, and several people have died, but no one knows where the murderer is or who the murderer is targeting.

So Zhao Ziqian told us at six o\'clock this evening that we should pay attention to safety. When necessary, we should specially arrange police officers to escort civilian workers, especially forensic doctors, home.

The General Administration of Jiangbei is located in Cangshan District. It is only two blocks away from the Cangshan Criminal Police Detachment where the Central Committee of Chiyang is located. The Central Committee of Chiyang didn\'t wait a few minutes for Hang Jin to arrive.

When she came to the door, she saw that Hang Jin was driving a mountain bike, which was much bigger and more powerful than his red sports car. To be honest, such a car is more suitable for a bully like Hang Jin.

She got on the bus and asked, "how did you change today? Is this car allocated for your work? "

Hang Jin said coldly, "you are not stupid in such matters." But how can this woman be as stupid as an idiot in the matter of affection?

Seeing that he didn\'t care about her, Chi Yang closed his mouth and looked out of the window.

It\'s ten o\'clock in the evening. It\'s the most beautiful night scene in Jiangbei City. There are many tall buildings on both sides of the street. The lights are so beautiful that they look like a color picture.

But I don\'t know how, Chi Yangyang feels that such a beautiful picture is so unreal, like a mirage, which may disappear in a blink of an eye.

Jiangbei, the place where she was born and raised, she felt more and more unfamiliar, as if she had never belonged to this city, and there were fewer and fewer people she cared about here.

Coldly, Hang Jin said, "what are you thinking about?"

Chiyangyang still looked at the tall buildings on both sides of the road outside the window and said: "Hang Jin, we grew up in Jiangbei City. We are so familiar with every piece of land here. Where there is a mountain, where there is a river, where we can see the sea view, where we can eat the most authentic Jiangbei snacks, are all clear, but these days I suddenly feel like I am right here Cities are becoming more and more strange, as if they were not born and raised here. "

"You little idiot, do you read a lot of suspense novels?" Han Jin snorted

Chiyangyang looked back at him and said, "when I was a child, I used to read suspense novels, and I was always frightened by some terrorist cases inside. I found that the real society is far more terrible than suspense novels since I came into contact with the profession of forensic medicine. The most terrible thing in the world is not the devil, but the heart. "

Hang Jin suddenly emptied his hand and held it in his hand: "with the devil of Laozi around you, what are you little idiot afraid of?"

"Yes, I do feel quite at ease when I have you, but you can\'t stay with me 24 hours, can\'t you?" Looking at him, Chi Yangyang suddenly grinned, "although you are the one I hate the most, you are the one I appreciate the most, brother Jin!"

Hang Jin: "..."

Shit, here we go again.

This little girl\'s film certainly doesn\'t know how devastating her smile is to him. The key is that she still calls him brother Jin in the last whine.

His soul is almost gone, and he can\'t drive well.

For the sake of their personal safety, Hang Jin immediately took back his hand and pretended to drive seriously: "little idiot, don\'t talk to me in that whine tone, it makes me sick."

Chi Yang Yang reaches out and pinches him: "who is whining? Who makes you sick? "

Hangjin was in pain, but she didn\'t move. She asked her to pinch it. "You."

Chi Yangyang punched him again: "disgusting, right? Then I make you disgusted to spit out the breakfast you had this morning. Brother Jin, brother Jin, brother Jin... "

Her voice was soft and soft. Hearing Hangjin\'s whole body was numb, she was almost happy to be a fool. On her face, she pretended to be calm: "little idiot!"

"Didn\'t you hear that disgusting?" It\'s hard for chi yang to put down his burden and make a face at him, "you don\'t want me to shout, I will shout to you. Brother Jin... "


Hang Jin suddenly approaches the car, and then slams on the brakes. The car stops steadily on the side of the road. Before Chi Yang responds, he is hugged by Hang Jin\'s hands and kisses her domineering.