My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1782

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Jiang Zhen: "..."

"Teacher, you talk to me bigger than heaven." Chi slowed down his speech and said slowly, "I always remember the four words you said to me, so I take every homicide seriously and try my best not to wrong any innocent person or let any murderer go."

Jiang Zhen was still silent on the other end of the phone. Chi Yangyang didn\'t know what he was thinking. She continued: "you have told me more than once that the profession of forensic medicine is very special, because we are a profession to speak for the dead. We\'ll tell the victims what they didn\'t have time to tell them. "

Jiang Zhen at the other end of the phone still didn\'t speak, but Chi knew he was listening: "teacher, I have been working with you for nearly two years, and you have been my model. As your student, I always think it is a very proud thing. What\'s going on in order for you to say something like this to me? "

After a long silence, Jiang Zhen at the end of the phone finally opened his mouth, but he didn\'t respond to Chi\'s words: "Yang Yang, it\'s not early, you have a good rest."

With that, Jiang Zhen hangs up.

Chi Yangyang holds the mobile phone tightly.

She knows what kind of person Jiang Zhen is.

Jiang Zhen\'s attitude towards work is more clear to her.

If Jiang Zhen wants to turn a blind eye to the truth, he should be sadder than killing him.

A year ago, there was a homicide in Linshi. Jiang Zhen, as a specially hired forensic doctor, went to help the criminal police solve the case.

When the clue points to the son of a senior official in Linshi, some people want to close the case carelessly. It is Jiang Zhen\'s insistence that the real murderer be brought to justice.

At that time, she worked with him and saw with her own eyes how he fought against power. He told her that everyone was equal before the law with his practical actions, and he let her see the beauty of this society.

What happened?

Chi Yangyang couldn\'t find out.

Just as she was trying to guess what happened, Hang Jin, who had been away for several hours, came back.

When Hang Jin entered the room, Chi Yangyang was still thinking about Jiang Zhen. She didn\'t find Hang Jin for the first time. Until Hang Jin came up and robbed the file in Chi Yangyang\'s hand, she saw him: "what are you doing?"

"What are you doing?" said Hangjin coldly

Chi Yangyang: "give me the file back."

Hang Jin: "I asked you, what are you doing in the hours after I left?"

Chi Yangyang: "organize the files."

Hang Jin knew that he could not walk or return, and Chi Yang never cared. He knew what she was thinking, but he didn\'t give up. He had to listen to her.

Now, she managed to sprinkle a handful of salt on his wound.

However, what Hang Jin didn\'t expect was what Chi Yangyang said next, not only spreading a salt on his wound, but also inserting a knife into his heart.

She said, "Hang Jin, please return the file to me quickly. I have something important to check. Now I have no time to make fun of you."


Hang Jin was so angry that he bit his teeth: "is it in your heart, Chi Yangyang, that I\'m doing everything in nonsense? Is my Hang Jin just a man who can only make a fool of himself

Chi Yang Yang nodded stupidly: "aren\'t you?"

Hang Jin: "..."

I was almost out of breath.

Chi Yangyang didn\'t notice his anger at all. He said stupidly, "it\'s not early. If you want to sleep, you should sleep first. I really don\'t have time to play around with you. I have to find out the reason why Mr. Jiang Zhen is abnormal today."

"Jiang Zhen?" Hang Jin didn\'t know how he didn\'t tear the skin of Chi Yang immediately, and he could talk to her in the normal way of human conversation. "In the middle of the night, I went out for a few hours, you didn\'t care about my things, but you were so interested in Jiang Zhen\'s things. Is Hang Jin your man or Jiang Zhen your man? "

Hang Jin\'s words, even though Chi Yang Yang\'s feelings were dull, she also understood: "Hang Jin, we are all adults. Don\'t always know how to make a noise like a child?"

"Make a noise?" Hang Jin was so angry that he threw the file on the table: "ha My woman thinks of other men in the middle of the night, and I\'m not allowed to ask? "

"Hang Jin!" Chi Yang stood up angrily. "Jiang Zhen is my mentor. He helped me when I was in the most difficult time. I can\'t care about him if he has something."

Hang Jin angrily said: "since he is so important to you, do you still want to marry him with your life?"

After hearing the words of Hang Jin and Chi Yang, she was furious. She didn\'t think much about what she shouldn\'t say. She nodded her head immediately: "yes, I want to marry him as his wife and accompany him for a lifetime."

What Hang Jin said was angry words, but when Chi Yangyang took his words, he was confused. He was not only confused, but also angry, but more painful. His heart was hurting.

He always thought that even if the girl he guarded well didn\'t understand his feelings for him, sooner or later, she would understand his intentions for her and understand that she had him in her heart.

However, the truth is not.

She even wanted to be someone else\'s bride and go with other men all her life.

This is what Hang Jin never expected. At that time, he didn\'t know how to get away from their home again in a way that he never had before.

Hang Jin is gone again!

Chi Yangyang also left a bellyful of anger, but she didn\'t have the time and mind to get angry with Hang Jin. She had to know what happened in yesterday\'s case.

It was almost dawn. She didn\'t sleep any more. She packed up early and rushed to Cangshan criminal police detachment.

When she arrived, it was still early, but many of her colleagues were earlier than her. Someone had already started working. She went straight to Jiangzhen\'s office, and Jiangzhen was also there. It seemed that he didn\'t sleep all night: "teacher..."

"Here comes the central government." Jiang Zhen looks up to her. He has never seen the fatigue in his eyes, which makes him feel hurt. "Teacher, can you tell me what happened?"

Jiang Zhen closed the folder in front of him and said lightly: "there is an international well-known forensic exchange meeting this afternoon. You can listen to it with me and learn from international experts."

Chi Yangyang: "teacher..."

Jiang Zhen waved his hand: "it\'s only half a day. I don\'t need to prepare for it. Just pack up and start with me at noon."

Chi went to Jiang Zhen\'s desk and worried: "teacher, I want to know what happened yesterday? What makes a murder a suicide? "

"Chi Yangyang, am I the boss or are you?" Even though he was angry, Jiang Zhen\'s voice didn\'t improve much. "If you still think I\'m your teacher, don\'t ask more."