My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1780

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Hang Jin put two marriage certificates into Chi Yang Yang\'s hands and said, "idiot, what are you looking at?"

Chi Yangyang holds two marriage certificates. He feels hot and wants to throw them away. However, seeing Hang Jin\'s fierce eyes, he dare not throw them away. He can only hold them in his hands rigidly: "what are you doing with this?"

At the sight of these two certificates, she will think of what she did wrong that night when she was drunk, so that everything that happened later could not be changed.

"Open the book to see whose name is written in it and whose photo is pasted." Hang Jin, who had been taller than Chi Yang, now looked down at her and made him feel oppressed.

Chi Yangyang didn\'t want to turn it over. He stammered: "you, what do you want to say?"

"I don\'t want to turn it over?" The tight string in Hang Jin\'s head suddenly fell off. He grabbed the marriage certificate and turned it over to Chi Yangyang. "This is the marriage certificate registered by the Civil Affairs Bureau together."

Chiyangyang: "..."

She\'s not blind. The three words of marriage certificate are so big. How could she not know it\'s a marriage certificate.

Hang Jin continued to roar: "from the moment when the two steel seals on the certificate are sealed, you idiot and Laozi are the legal couple protected by the law of the state."

"It\'s not that you don\'t know that there are other reasons why we got the marriage license. You are not voluntary. I am responsible for my own mistakes after drinking. I also paid a large sum of money to compensate you. " Thinking that all the savings have been given to Hang Jin, Chi Yang Yang is still a little distressed. He is distressed that his hard-earned money will be gone.

If she was awake that night and knew what she had done, the money would not be wronged. The problem is that she didn\'t feel anything that night.

I\'ve lived for more than 20 years, but for the first time, I don\'t know why

Hang Jin was so angry that he said, "this marriage certificate you and I got is a responsibility in your heart. It has no other significance?"

"Is there anything else in your mind?" Hang Jin was about to explode, so Chi moved back again, trying to open his distance. If he wanted to hit her, she would have a chance to run away.

What does it mean that he is not voluntary?

If he doesn\'t want to, who the fuck can make him marry her?

Others, including Jiang Eryue, know him, but this idiot doesn\'t.

This idiot was born to be his nemesis. If you talk to her more, you will lose two Jin of his blood.

Hang Jin shook his fist and tried to control his anger: "little four eyes, do you know who I am?"

"What answer do you want to hear?" "Chi Yang Yang Leng Leng, tentatively asked," legitimate husband? "

"You also know that I am your lawful husband." This idiot finally said the right thing, and Hang Jin was a little more comfortable, "now someone says you want to pursue your man, what should you do?"

As the old saying goes, "I told you, you make your own decision."

Hang Jin: you idiot

I\'m afraid he said it in vain for such a long time,

he was so angry!

It\'s a blast!

He had intended to pretend that he didn\'t hear the conversation between Chi Yang Yang and Jiang Eryue. As long as Chi Yang asked him to go to Jiang Eryue\'s appointment, he would listen to her. But when he saw this idiot woman, he couldn\'t pretend that he didn\'t know, and he couldn\'t go to a woman\'s appointment with his own thoughts calmly.

Chiyangyang, this woman is an idiot. Does he want to commit idiocy with her!

Now he regrets it!

"Oh..." In response to the fierce reaction of Hang Jin, Chi Yangyang gave a warm and cold voice. It seems that Hang Jin\'s anger has nothing to do with her.

Don\'t say, she really doesn\'t think Hang Jin\'s anger has something to do with her.

Hang Jin usually gets angry when she can\'t move. She hasn\'t seen it before. If she sees more, she will not be surprised. It\'s hard to attract her special attention.

"Time and place." Since she had no idea about his appointment to go to Jiang Eryue, he was on his way. Why did he worry about her.

"What?" Hang Jin changed the topic too quickly, so he didn\'t keep up with his brain circuit.

Hang Jin doesn\'t have a good way of speaking: "where did Jiang Eryue ask me to meet?"

"Ah She didn\'t say that. " Chi Yangyang carefully looked at Hang Jin and stammered, "do you want me to send a message?"

Hang Jin: "..."

Bang -

he seemed to hear his lungs explode.

Even if it hasn\'t been bombed yet, it\'s not far away, so he can\'t stay any longer.

It was only when he heard the sound of Hang Jin leaving the door that he slowly regained his mind and even knew what he had just done.

She found dully that Hang Jin seemed to be more angry today than ever before.

But she didn\'t know where his anger came from? What does it have to do with her?


Out of the house, Hang Jin called Jiang Eryue directly and arranged to meet at a coffee shop near Jiang\'s house.

When Hang Jin arrived at the appointed place, Jiang Eryue had been waiting in the coffee shop for a while. When she saw Hang Jin appear, she immediately greeted him with a smile: "Hang Jin, you are here."

However, Hang Jin didn\'t give Jiang Eryue a good face or even sat down, so he said, "Jiang Eryue, I said that even if all the women in the world die, I can\'t like you with me."

Hang Jin\'s words are like a sharp blade. They are straight into Jiang Eryue\'s heart. It hurts. But she still keeps smiling: "Hang Jin, we are only in our twenties, and the road of life is still long. People\'s thoughts will change as they grow older. Don\'t say that at a young age. "

Hang Jin doesn\'t know whether other thoughts will change, but he can be sure that he can\'t put down the idiot of Chiyang in his life: "Jiang Eryue, don\'t talk to me about these things. I came out to see you alone this time to tell you two things. One is that I won\'t like you. The other is that I\'m not allowed to use Chiyang. If you use her later, don\'t blame me for being rude to you. "

Not only did he speak unkindly to her, but now he even used threats.

Jiang Eryue also tried to keep smiling, but it was really difficult: "Hang Jin, you and Chi Yangyang grew up together, you and I grew up together. Why can you protect her like a calf, but to me like an enemy? Have I done anything to hurt you and the central bank? "

"No." Jiang Eryue smiled bitterly and continued, "I used to be and now I am my best sister. I take her feelings into consideration before I do anything."

"You care about her feelings? I don\'t know what your intentions are. You think you have cheated me. " Hang Jin sneered, "if it wasn\'t for the sake of everyone growing up together, I wouldn\'t let you have a chance to get close to her."