My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1778

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"Ah..." Jiang Eryue\'s words stunned Chi Yangyang. She was still a little uncomfortable, but she didn\'t find out where the comfort came from. She said, "but brother Jin has a girl he likes."

"Do you know that the girl that Hang Jin likes likes likes him?" Hang Jin has a girl she likes. Of course, Jiang Eryue knows, and this girl is right in front of her, and only this girl can give her the answer she wants.

"This, this Maybe not. " Chi remembers that she and Hang Jin liked that girl once.

That day, she saw the girl splashing boiling water on Hang Jin in the old Xie\'s restaurant. If that girl likes Hang Jin, she won\'t splash Hang Jin in front of so many people in the restaurant.

"I don\'t like it!" Hearing what Chi Yangyang said, Jiang Eryue\'s eyes brightened instantly, but she didn\'t dare to believe it. "Yang Yang, you are serious and clear. Tell me, you really don\'t like Hang Jin?"

"Ah..." "Sister Eryue, we are talking about the girl that brother Jin likes. Why do you suddenly bring the topic back to me?" he asked in a confused way

This time, Jiang Eryue is confused. Isn\'t it clear that the girl that Hang Jin likes is her?

But Jiang Eryue\'s reaction was quick, at least faster than Chi Yangyang, who was confused and confused: "OK, we don\'t talk about the girl that Hang Jin likes. Then tell me, do you like Hangjin? "

Chi Yangyang: "I......"

Does she like Hang Jin?

She didn\'t know. She only knew that she clearly hated Hang Jin\'s bullying her every day. But if he wasn\'t around, she would be afraid that she would never see him again. This kind of psychology was too contradictory. She thought for several times and didn\'t understand, so she was unwilling to think again.

Jiang Eryue hopes to hear that he doesn\'t like it, so before he gives an answer, she says, "Yang Yang, I can tell you for sure that I like Hang Jin."

"I, I know you like him. You just told me once." He suddenly felt a little upset, just like the sour feeling when he heard Jiang Eryue was going back to China the other day. Jiang Eryue added: "Yang Yang, I\'m coming back this time to ask for an answer. If you like Hang Jin, I will leave and never appear in front of you again. If you don\'t like him, I have no scruples. I will try my best to chase him. "

"Sister Eryue, it\'s your business that you like him. It has nothing to do with whether I like him or not." Chi Yangyang didn\'t like Jiang Eryue\'s words very much. He frowned subconsciously.

Jiang Eryue said, "because you are my best sister, I will take your feelings into consideration before making any choice."

"Sister Eryue..." Jiang Eryue\'s feelings are so heavy that he doesn\'t want to take over, because she doesn\'t have such great love. In the past two years, what she has in mind is to find out the murderer of her parents. She has little energy to think about other people and things.

Jiang Eryue asked, "Yang Yang, I\'ll ask you again. Do you like Hang Jin?"

Is Jiang Eryue speaking for this?

Can Chi Yangyang say he likes it?

What\'s more, she doesn\'t know whether she likes or doesn\'t like Hang Jin?

"I think I don\'t like it," he said

Hearing that Chi Yangyang said he didn\'t like Hang Jin, Jiang Eryue was very happy: "Yang Yang, since you don\'t like Hang Jin, I will let go to pursue him."

"Good..." He nodded vaguely.

Hearing this, Hang Jin was eager to kick the door open, and rushed in to question Chi Yangyang. But this time, he didn\'t do it.

He turned around and walked away, briskly.

He left, but the conversation between Jiang Eryue and Chi Yangyang continued. "But elder sister Eryue, I want to make it clear to you that you like Hangjin. You don\'t need to think about my feelings. Of course, whether I like Hang Jin or not is also my business. It has nothing to do with you, and I will not consider your feelings. You want to pursue him, not depending on whether I like him or not. " After a long time around, Chi finally came out of the circle, "because he is not an object, he is a person, and he has the right to choose the girl he likes. We should respect his choice."

Jiang Eryue never thought that Chi Yangyang would say something like this: "Yangyang, I......"

Chi Yangyang smiled like relief: "sister Eryue, I am a layman or a selfish person, I can\'t think so much for others. I\'ll ask Hang Jin for you. This is the last time I\'ll ask him for you. "

"Central..." As expected, chiyangyang has changed. She is no longer the little girl who was protected by a group of people around him. She has her own ideas and thoughts. Fortunately, she promised to help her meet Hang Jin.

As long as Chi Yang goes to ask Hang Jin, it doesn\'t matter if Hang Jin doesn\'t see her, Jiang Eryue. What\'s important is to make Hang Jin understand that no matter how many years he has worked hard, Chi Yang will never have love for him.

Even though Hang Jin will not give up after he clearly understands the idea of Chiyang, it will have some influence.

If, if

Well, there should be no if, no man can stand such a test of feelings.


Because Hang Jin didn\'t say a word, the party left first. It was not happy.

Before leaving, LAN Feiyang held Jiang Eryue: "Eryue, we haven\'t seen each other for a long time, so it\'s better to find another place to sit down for a cup of coffee and have a good chat."

Jiang Eryue looked at the Chi Yang Yang who left with Ye Zhiyang: "why don\'t you call him together? There are only three girls among the seven of us. We can\'t talk to each other and leave him behind." "I just asked the central bank. She still has work to do." After Chi came back from the toilet, he was in a bad mood. LAN Feiyang noticed that he wanted Ye Zhiyang to take her back to rest first. What\'s more, she wanted to talk to Jiang Eryue about Hang Jin. Chi

was not convenient for him.

"She didn\'t say she didn\'t have a job today. What else could she do?"

"Eryue, I just want to talk to you alone. Don\'t you give me this chance? Since you don\'t want to sit alone with me, I\'ll make a long story short and make two sentences clear to you. "

"Feiyang, we are the best sisters. Why don\'t I want to sit alone with you? Come on, let\'s find a place. "

"I don\'t need to find a place, Eryue. I want to ask you if you haven\'t given up on the fourth brother yet."

Jiang Eryue looked at LAN Feiyang strangely: "Feiyang, why should I die for Hang Jin?"

LAN Feiyang said, "you and I all know that there is only one person in the eyes of the fourth brother. No matter what you do, he can\'t have love for you. Why do you waste your youth and love for a man who doesn\'t love you?" "I can\'t waste my youth and feelings for a man who doesn\'t love me. What about Hang Jin?" Jiang Eryue suddenly raised his voice, "Chi Yangyang doesn\'t love him at all. Isn\'t he wasting his youth and feelings for a woman who doesn\'t love him?"