My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1776

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Just after the work was stopped, Chi Yangyang didn\'t get out of the haze. He turned around and received a call from Jiang Eryue: "Yangyang, I\'m back to Jiangbei. Are you busy today? "

Before Chi Yang responded, Jiang Eryue on the other end of the phone continued, "but even if you are busy, you have to come to accompany me for a meal. Who makes you my good sister?"

He didn\'t know how complicated his heart was, but he smiled: "sister Eryue, I just don\'t have anything to do today. Where is the location? I\'ll go ahead. "

Jiang Eryue said with a smile: "the time is set at noon today, at the old Xiejia City Chinese restaurant. Zhiyang, Feiyang and Lao Zhu are all coming here, so they will send you and Hang Jin. I\'ll let you know. Please tell Hang Jin the time and place for me. "

"This..." Chi didn\'t want to tell Hang Jin, but he couldn\'t refuse, so he nodded, "OK, I\'ll call him and ask if he has time."

Jiang Eryue said, "OK, then I\'ll trouble you."

Chi Yangyang: "it\'s just a piece of work. Elder sister Eryue, what are you polite to me? "

After the end of the call with Jiang Eryue, Chi Yang turned to Hang Jin\'s phone number and hesitated for a while, but she still dialed it and heard Hang Jin say, "what\'s the matter?"

"Do you have time at noon?" he asked

Hang Jin said with a smile: "what? After a while, I miss you

Chi Yang Yang shook his head: "it\'s elder sister Eryue who asked you to have lunch together at noon. Let me tell you."

Hang Jin: fuck

Chi Yang Yang frowned: "you don\'t have time. Can\'t you talk well? If you open your mouth, it will hurt your image. "

Hang Jin doesn\'t have a good way of speaking: "you little idiot!"

Chi Yangyang is angry: "hang up!"

"I haven\'t finished talking about what to hang." Hang Jin snapped to stop, "Jiang Eryue called me. I told him that I was not free at noon. Now I want you to tell me that I ate too much."

Chi Yangyang: "Oh!"

It turned out that he was angry at this. Chi Yang suddenly thought that he was so angry and cute.

Hang Jin: just tell her that I\'m not available

Chiyangyang said again, "Oh."

Hang Jin: "you can\'t say anything but the word Oh?"

Chi Yangyang: "what are you busy with?"

"What do you care about me?" Hang Jin said, "don\'t eat the canteen by yourself at noon. I\'ll go to see you later and take you out to eat delicious food."

"Chi Yang Yang a Leng:" you don\'t say noon is not free

Hang Jin: "I don\'t have time to eat with her, but I have time for you."

Chi Yangyang: "but I promised that elder sister Eryue would have a dinner with them at noon. It\'s only a pleasure for you."

Hang Jin was so angry that he said, "idiot!"

He resolutely hung up the phone of Chi Yang Yang, and made him look confused.


Because he had just dealt with the corpse, he drove home to take a bath, changed his clean clothes, and drove to the appointed place for lunch.

Fortunately, the restaurant of Lao Xie\'s family is in Cangshan District. It\'s not far from the place where Chiyang\'s family lives. It\'s only a ten minute drive. She got there early. When she arrived, no one else arrived.

"Yang Yang, you are here." When Xie Yuanbo saw the appearance of Chiyang Yang, he instinctively looked behind him. He didn\'t see the man he expected, and he was curious, "four brothers didn\'t come with you?"

"He said he was busy and didn\'t have time at noon," he said

"It\'s rare that you come and the fourth brother doesn\'t." Knowing that Hang Jin is not there, Xie Yuanbo opens his arms and gives Chi Yangyang a big hug. "Little girl, if you have anything to do, please come to my side and sit here. I won\'t charge you for tea."

"Because you don\'t charge me for tea, I\'m embarrassed to come here often," chuckled Chi

Xie Yuanbo led Chi Yangyang to the private room and said, "we have grown up to be friends since childhood. What are we doing with such a clear mind?"

"What about me?" Speaking, a beautiful woman in a white dress stood at the door of the shop and said in a clear voice, "Yang Yang, Lao Xie, long time no see, do you miss me?"

When Xie Yuanbo looked back, he saw that it was Jiang Eryue and hurriedly greeted him: "I was just saying to the central government that we grew up as children. Do you think I can miss you?"

Jiang Eryue smiled: "thank you for talking."

"Elder sister Eryue, I haven\'t seen you for a long time!" he said with a smile

Jiang Eryue stepped forward and gave a hug to Chiyang: "two years, we haven\'t seen each other for nearly two years. You think I\'m dead these two years. "

Chi Yangyang: "I miss you too."

Xie Yuanbo pretended to be angry: "Eryue, you didn\'t give me a hug, didn\'t say you miss me."

Jiang Eryue: "think about it, think about it all. Surely I miss you more than you miss me. "

A few people talked and laughed and entered the private room. Without much Kung Fu, Shuangyang and Zhu Tuozhan arrived. After another round of polite greetings, they didn\'t know that Zhu Tuozhan, who was not available for Hang Jin, turned his eyes to Chi Yangyang: "Yangyang, why didn\'t the fourth brother come?"

It\'s Jiang Eryue, not her Chiyang, who brings us together. Why do we all ask her?

Chiyangyang didn\'t have time to answer. Zhu Kaifa looked at Jiang Eryue again. "Eryue, did you forget to inform the fourth brother?"

Jiang Eryue smiles awkwardly. Naturally, he looks at him. He learns from Hang Jin that Jiang Eryue called Hang Jin in person, but he didn\'t tear it down. She is about to open her mouth to explain. Who knows that the door of the room was suddenly pushed open. No accident happened. Hang Jin\'s tall figure came out of the door: "what soup was boiled at noon today?"

He asked the waiter who was following him.

Chiyangyang didn\'t care what the waiter answered. Her eyes fell on Hang Jin, a little angry.

Didn\'t he say he couldn\'t come?

Why are you here again?

Fortunately, he came in time, before she said he was too busy to come, or other people thought she had not informed him at all.

"Fourth brother, I said that we are all here. How can you not come?" It\'s Ye Zhiyang who talks. In fact, what he wants to talk about is how it\'s possible that Chi Yangyang is here and Hang Jin is not here, but he has no courage.

Other several people also separately called: "four elder brothers."

Hang Jin nodded in response, then looked at Xie Yuanbo on the left side of Chiyang.

Jiang Eryue sits on the left side of the main seat, and Chi Yangyang sits on the left side of Jiang Eryue. The main seat is empty, and a set of cutlery is left. It is obvious that it was prepared for Hang Jin.

But Hang Jin didn\'t appreciate it at all. He looked at Xie Yuanbo, who was sitting on the left side of the central pool. When Xie Yuanbo received some kind of dangerous signal, he immediately got up and sat down in the main position, and vacated the position beside the central pool. Hang Jin just sat down beside the central pool with satisfaction.