My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1773

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"And you?"

If he\'s really busy, will she worry? Will it be sad?

Hang Jin suddenly approached Chi Yang and asked softly in her ear.

"I, of course, worry. After all, you are my legal husband in name. If you have something, I have to get a bad reputation. " She is not only worried, but also afraid that Hang Jin, like her parents, will never be able to stay with her.

"Is that really the only reason?" Hang Jin does not give up asking.

Under his strong questioning, Chi Yang nodded: "I\'m afraid."

Hang Jin\'s eyes brightened: "what are you afraid of?"

"Although you bully me every day and make me angry, I hate that you will disappear from my eyes immediately, but I may never see you again when I think about it. I don\'t know why I am afraid again." Chiyangyang looked at him and said slowly, "I\'m afraid that I will never see you again, and I\'m afraid that no one will bully me again. I\'m afraid that when I have nightmares, no one will drag me out of them. "

Listen, listen, what was this little idiot talking about?

She said such a lot of nonsense, in fact, it means that she is afraid to lose him.

Isn\'t this idiot telling him that way?

If so, he accepts to accept to accept the heart and every part of the body all accept!

Hang Jin was so excited that he grabbed Chi Yang\'s shoulder and said happily, "little idiot, you like me. You are expressing your love to me."

"You scratch me, easy!" Chi Yangyang struggles twice, but doesn\'t, so he gives up. "Like you? How, how can it be! "

"What do you mean to be afraid of losing me?" Hearing Chi\'s denial, Hang Jin felt that he had fallen from heaven to hell in an instant, which almost drove him crazy.

He thought that Chi Yang Yang, an idiot woman, was suddenly enlightened, who knew that he was just angry in a different way.

Chi didn\'t seem to notice Hang Jin\'s gloomy face. He continued, "we grew up together with Zhiyang and they have known each other for more than 20 years. No matter who happens to be among us, others will be afraid. "

"Just for this reason?" he said

"What\'s the reason?" he asked vaguely

Looking at her silly appearance, Hang Jin knows that he has become amorous again.

"Fuck!" Hang Jin put the cup on the table and left.

Chiyangyang: "..."

Just now, it\'s not good. Why do you fuck again?

After a few steps, Hang Jin suddenly turned around and glared at Chi Yang: "little idiot, I told you that I would bully you all my life, that\'s my life. Don\'t think my mother will let you go."

So angry, he didn\'t forget to reassure her in his way.

Chiyangyang: "..."

She doesn\'t understand. Is she self abusive or something?

When she heard that Hang Jin was going to bully her all her life, she was somehow happy.


Chiyangyang tidies up the dining table and kitchen, and goes back to the room. Hang Jin is asleep.

She could not help but let go of her steps, went to the bedside and lay down beside him, looking at his face from the side of her head.

It has to be said that Hang Jin is such a good-looking guy, with beautiful features and a sense of arrogance in his bones. Where he goes is like the warm sun in winter, which makes people want to approach him involuntarily.

Of course, if you don\'t know him.

Looking at him, Chi Yangyang is no longer satisfied with watching. She wants to touch him, so her hand is on Hang Jin Junlang\'s face, and her fingers slide gently: "big bastard, if you are quiet, don\'t scold, don\'t be cruel, don\'t make trouble, you can definitely attract many girls to like it."

"There are so many girls in the world, but I just want you to be a little idiot." Hang Jin shouted in his heart.

He didn\'t fall asleep at all. He felt that Chi Yang touched him and said this kind of words to him. His heart was boiling. But he knew that what the idiot said might not be what he understood at all. He tried not to say anything, but the idiot was getting too much. His hands were uneasy in his face, and slowly went down

"Ah, big bastard, I didn\'t expect your abs to be strong, much stronger than I thought." Chi Yangyang patted Hang Jin\'s abdominal muscles gently. It\'s not her fault. Who told him not to wear more clothes when he went to sleep? Who made him have such a good figure.

Damn, is this little idiot a real idiot, or is he deliberately challenging his bottom line?

Let her touch it again, and the fire will be lit. Hang Jin can\'t hold it anymore. He grabs Chi Yang\'s hand and opens his eyes and looks at her: "Chi Yang, do you know what you\'re doing

Chi Yangyang avoids his gaze and subconsciously draws back his hand: "I......"

She hides, but Hang Jin refuses. He forces her to look at him in the eye: "since you don\'t like me, don\'t make me misunderstand you. Lao Tzu\'s mind is very fragile. It can\'t stand you hurting twice, three times and four times. "

"I didn\'t..." Chiyang Yang didn\'t know how he hurt him. Thinking about it, he was just drunk. "I apologize to you. All my savings are given to you. What else do you want me to do?"

Damn it!

Hang Jin took a deep breath and then took a deep breath. After repeated efforts, he still failed to control his anger: "idiot!"

Chiyangyang: "..."

Hang suddenly Jin turns over and pulls her into his arms. He lowers his head and kisses her, kisses her hair, kisses her forehead, kisses her nose, kisses her face, and finally lands on her lips. When the four lips meet, he suddenly stops all his movements.

He looked at Chi Yang, his face red and hot. His eyes were red and he asked: "little four eyes, if you find someone has cheated you, what would you do?"

"Ah?" Chi Yangyang\'s brain is still a little muddled. It\'s a few seconds before he responds, "you lied to me?"

"I..." said Hang Jin

Chiyangyang saw his twinkling eyes, she understood, he must have something to hide from her: "are you hurt? Is something wrong? "

He said he lied to her. Her first reaction was not that he did something sorry to her, but that he was not hurt.

Just like this, Hang Jin thought it was worth it. It was worth his life to protect her.

He smiled: "I\'m naked to show you, I hurt you will not see?"

"You don\'t want to lie to me!" Chi Yanyang pulls back the quilt, but he doesn\'t care about the difference between men and women. He repeatedly confirms that Hang Jin\'s body is not hurt, and then he lets go.

Seeing her nervous appearance, Hang Jin called her happy. It seems that he finally chased the Idiot\'s daughter-in-law. The ruffian said with a smile: "little four eyes, you are under the banner of checking whether I am hurt. Do something wrong."

Chi Yangyang glared at him, "Hang Jin, I tell you, I don\'t care if others cheat me, but you can\'t!"