My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1772

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Chi didn\'t want to believe in superstition, but before her parents had an accident, she had a similar dream. Before long, she received the news that her parents were killed.

What is she going to do?

How can I contact Hang Jin?

Chi tries to calm himself, but his hands are shaking.

No, you can\'t panic.

You can\'t call Hang Jin now. In case he\'s after the poisoner, calling will affect him.

Chi tries to tell himself that Hang Jin is working. He has many colleagues around him. They will be OK. They will be ok In the second half of the night, she spent it in such a state of worry and impatience until the sky turned white.

When he felt that his hair was going white, he finally heard the sound of opening the door. She rushed to the door almost at the first time.

It was Hang Jin who opened the door. He was still wearing the white shirt he wore yesterday, but the white shirt was a lot more wrinkled than yesterday, and there were some stains visible to the naked eye. Usually, the hair that is not well cared for is in a mess at this time. It seems that it hasn\'t been washed for half a month.

With the fastest speed, Chi Yang looked at Hang Jin from top to bottom - fortunately, he was still busy.

"It is rare that there is nothing in the team. It can let you have a good weekend, don\'t sleep well, and get up so early in the morning. Where are you going?" After a busy night, Hang Jin was really tired and sleepy. He didn\'t notice that the eyes of Chi Yang Yang were not right.

"Hang Jin..." Chi didn\'t answer why he didn\'t sleep a little longer. He went straight to hug him. Her hug made Hang Jin change his shoes. Suddenly, he remembered that the little idiot had a nightmare last night. He didn\'t sleep well after the nightmare.

Hang Jin patted her on the back: "I\'m back. I\'m not afraid."

Hang Jin didn\'t say clearly what to make her not afraid of, but Chi knew what he said was a nightmare. Sometimes, she understood what he thought: "I\'m ok."

"It\'s OK to hold this young master early in the morning. Do you know that a man can easily be aroused in the morning?" Hang Jin\'s tone was very dismissive, but he held the little idiot in his arms involuntarily, and he was still a little ugly in his heart - see, it wasn\'t him who took the initiative to hold her, this time it was her who took the initiative to hold him.

"Don\'t talk!" Chiyang yells at him.

"I said little four..." Did the girl eat gunpowder today? I dare to roar at him early in the morning. I\'m very brave.

"Hang Jin, I told you not to talk. Didn\'t he hear me?" Chiyangyang yelled at him again, "I just want to hold you. Do I need a reason to hold my man in my own home?"

"Little thing, who gives you courage!" Damn it, Hang Jin really believes that he has a tendency of self abuse. Everyone else likes his partner, Wen wenrou, to be like a cute and sensible bird, but he just likes such a bully as Chi Yang Yang.

It\'s not self abuse. What is it?

Chi Yangyang yells again: "shut up!"

Hang Jin: "..."

If you really shut up.

However, after a few seconds of silence, he said again, "if you want to hug me, I didn\'t say that I won\'t let you hug me. What\'s the matter?"

Chiyang stares at him!

Hang Jin hurriedly shut up and dared not make her angry again.

Holding enough, Chi Yang just let him go. "Have breakfast before you come back?"

Hang Jin shook his head. "No."

As soon as he finished his work, he ran back to accompany her.

Chi Yangyang: "you take a bath, I\'ll get you something to eat. You eat before you go to sleep. "

Hearing what chiyangyang is going to eat, Hang Jin is not good at all: "little four eyes, you are so abnormal today, you don\'t want to poison me."

The central pool stares at him: "ask you to take a bath to take a bath, which comes so much nonsense."

This little idiot, bullies him to bully to be addicted to, isn\'t it?

A little dissatisfied, but Hang Jin obediently went to the bathroom.


Chiyang Yang is not good at cooking, but fortunately, there are sandwiches and milk in the refrigerator that she bought before she went home last night, which can be eaten after simple treatment.

When she did it, Hang Jin washed it.

Seeing that Hang Jin only encloses a bath towel to cover the lower part of his body, it seems that the bath towel may fall down at any time with his stride, Chi Yangyang is not surprised at all. Hang Jin, a shameless person, has seen nothing at home. Today, she has been very good.

Chi Yangyang: "you eat quickly, eat and go to rest."

Hang Jin sat down, picked up the sandwich, looked at it again, picked up the milk, smelled it again: "little four eyes, you should not give me the colorless and tasteless poison."

Chi Yangyang stares at him again: "yes, it\'s poison. Do you have the courage to try it?"

Hang Jin took a bite of the sandwich, ate it slowly, and drank hot milk: "as the saying goes, peony flowers die, and it\'s romantic to be a ghost. For the first time, my young master has a delicious breakfast prepared by your girl. I\'d love to be poisoned by you. "

The word "Sheng" at Hang Jin\'s exit is all about teasing Chi Yang Yang, but Chi Yang Yang doesn\'t take it at all: "eat it quickly, and then go to rest. Don\'t talk nonsense."

Hang Jin: no mood

Chi Yangyang was sitting opposite him. His eyes didn\'t move away from his face at all. This time, Hang Jin was a little uneasy. "What\'s on my face?"

Chi Yang shook his head.

Hang Jin: "little idiot, are you stupid?"

Chi Yangyang: "I want you to eat seriously, don\'t talk nonsense."

Hang Jin took a sip of the milk from the cup and put it heavily on the table: "little four eyes, I am not a tiger. Do you think I am a sick cat?"

He took the cup and went to the kitchen. "I\'ll add you another glass of milk."

Hang Jin: "..."


This girl is so abnormal!

What\'s wrong with this girl?

When Chi Yang poured the milk and went back to the table, Hang Jin finished his sandwich and took the milk but didn\'t drink it. He also looked at Chi Yang: "if you want to ask me anything, please don\'t look at me with such grievance and poor eyes."

She didn\'t know that she was so domineering and pitiful that he wanted to ravage her.

Chi Yang shook his head.

No matter what she asked, he would not refuse to answer.

She knows the answer. Why bother.

Hang Jin: really don\'t ask

Chi Yang Yang still wanted to shake his head, but he was really worried about him. He couldn\'t help opening his mouth, "did you catch the criminal who ran last night?"

"Who told you I\'d catch..." Hangzhou Jin realized that he was almost trapped, and the conversation turned around. "Little four eyes, you don\'t know that I\'ve been eating and drinking all day long. Who the hell told you that I was going to catch the poisons?"

Chi knew that he would not admit it or said quietly, "you should pay attention to safety no matter when you are on a mission in the future. Don\'t forget that your parents are your only son. The Yin family and the Yin family of the hang family have made great achievements. They are waiting for you to inherit this single seedling. Never do something that makes them sad. "