My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1771

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After a group of people finished, they saw that Hang Jin had run a long distance. Several people hurriedly followed up, and heard Hang Jin shouting: "Xiao Wang, you take people to chase from the left. Xiao Chen, you take people to the right. If he runs away, none of you will want to go back. "

Damn it!

If it wasn\'t for these bastards, he wouldn\'t have left the little idiot alone to have nightmares at home without time.

At ordinary times, his little idiot sneezes, and he has to be pained for a long time. Today, she has nightmares, and he can\'t be around.

At the thought of this, Hang Jin was so angry that he had to let the little idiots have a good taste of the crime of nightmares.


Hang Jin hung up the phone, and Chi Yang Yang felt some worries.

Just now she seemed to hear someone over there say something and run away.

In the middle of the night, who can run?

What is Hang Jin really busy with?

Will you drink with Ye Zhiyang again?

Although it was early in the morning, Chi didn\'t consider whether other people had rest. He turned to the phone number and dialed it. The first one was Ye Zhiyang.

"Yang Yang, how come you haven\'t slept so late?" Even in the middle of the night, as soon as Chi Yang\'s phone got through, ye Zhiyang answered at the first time. Ye Zhiyang\'s confused voice came from the handset. It was obvious that he was not with Hang Jin.

"Brother Zhiyang, I\'m sorry I have the wrong number. You can continue to rest." Hung up Ye Zhiyang\'s phone, Chi Yangyang went to Zhu Kaifa and Xie Yuanbo respectively, and Hang Jin was not with them, and they didn\'t know that Hang Jin was so late. Besides playing with them, they couldn\'t think of anyone else.

The little friends who grew up together can\'t find Hang Jin here. Chi Yangyang thinks of Hang\'s second eldest brother again.

Chi would like to call Hang Jin\'s home to ask if he is at home, or if they know where Hang Jin is, but it\'s too late, and she\'s worried about making the second elder worry. Her cell phone was in her hand, and hang\'s phone numbers were all turned out, but she couldn\'t get the call out after all.

After thinking about it, Chi finally called Zhao Ziqian.

Zhao Ziqian\'s voice is similar to Ye Zhiyang\'s, which is confused when he is forced to wake up in his sleep: "Yang Yang, I finally finished the trial of the case, and I just got a good sleep tonight. At midnight, do you want my life when you call?"

Chiyangyang said that he didn\'t use a word and went straight to the theme: "Zhao team, do you remember that Hang Jin appeared at the scene of the murder with blood all over his body?"

How can I not remember, this life may not forget.

But why did Chi Yang suddenly ask about it?

Zhao Ziqian guessed about it, but he didn\'t want to say it clearly. It would be better if he could make a fool of the past: "Auntie, isn\'t that thing already gone? How can you talk about it with me when you call me in the middle of the night? "

"You haven\'t told me how Hang Jin got rid of the suspicion," he added

Sure enough! Sure enough!

He knew that this little girl film was very persistent about a thing. Last time he fooled her, she remembered that she would not let him go.

It\'s killing!

Zhao Ziqian coughs gently and starts to talk nonsense: "I said that my grandma and sister-in-law, you still doubt hang Shao. He is your man. I tell you that you always doubt him like this, which will affect your feelings. "

What is she?

She didn\'t admit it.

Knowing that Zhao Ziqian was talking nonsense to her, chiyangyang didn\'t answer him, "Zhao team, you know that\'s not what I mean."

Zhao Ziqian pretends ignorance: "what do you mean then?"

"Tell me, why did Hang Jin Tian appear at the scene of the crime, covered in blood? Don\'t try to deceive me. As a leader, you are obliged to let the subordinates involved in the case know the truth about the case. " When Hang Jin was suddenly transferred as the team leader last time, Chi had doubts about the identity of Hang Jin. In addition, he could easily get the information about the murder last night from Li Shijian, so she was more sure that he had an identity she didn\'t know.

It\'s just that she can\'t guess the identity of Hang Jin?

In fact, he would not really do anything against the law and discipline. What reason could he hide it from her?

Zhao Ziqian really wanted to die. He had such a problem in the middle of the night. He also wanted him not to go to sleep: "Central..."

Seeing Zhao Ziqian in such a dilemma, Chi Yangyang guessed that it must have something to do with Hang Jin: "Zhao team, I know Hang Jin told you, you are not allowed to tell me his identity."

"Yes, yes!" Zhao Ziqian snapped, "Yang Yang, since you know that he didn\'t let me tell you, why did you force me?"

Chiyangyang is determined to know: "you tell me, I will never tell him."

Zhao Ziqian is about to cry: "Yang Yang, why do you embarrass me..."

"Zhao team, I won\'t tell Hang Jin. Even if Hang Jin knew, could he really eat you? " The more excited he said, the more he stopped to take a deep breath and said, "Zhao team, I\'m not forcing you, I\'m begging you. You tell me his identity. After the event, he knows to let him scold. But if I don\'t know, I\'m afraid that he will be in danger... "

Yes, she is afraid.

The more ignorant she was of his identity, the more frightened she became.

She must know his identity, what he is doing now, and see if there is anything she can help?

"Central..." Listening to the voice of Chi Yangyang, it seemed that he was really worried. After a while of hesitation, Zhao Ziqian bit his teeth and went out. "The reason why Hang Jin was at the scene of the murder that day was because he was chasing a poison criminal with his men. When the poisons resist arrest, they move their hands, and there will be blood on his body. That blood is a drug offender. We also went to our colleagues in the assurance department for identification. It has nothing to do with the dead. "

"He\'s got the poisons?" Chi Yangyang suspects that Hang Jin has an identity, but he doesn\'t think that Hang Jin\'s identity is actually a drug police Drug police are people who walk on the edge of the sword, because they are faced with the most vicious drug criminals.

What happened to Hang Jin?

Even if Hang Jin is willing, what about Uncle hang?

Does he agree with Hang Jin to do such a dangerous job?

Or does uncle hang have no idea that Hang Jin has taken such a job?

Zhao Ziqian: "Yang Yang, I know so much. I don\'t know what position he holds. "

"Team Zhao, thank you." After hanging up the phone, Chi thought of a sentence he had just heard on Hang Jin\'s phone - someone ran away.

In the middle of the night, Hang Jin doesn\'t go home. There are other people around Can it be said that Hang Jin is carrying out the task, and that someone just ran away is their target?

Because with this conjecture, I can think of the nightmare I just had Is that dream warning something?