My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1770

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Hang Jin: "..."

Hang Jin knew that Chi Yangyang, a little idiot, had the ability to drive him crazy when he spoke, but he was reluctant to let her go.

Chi Yangyang: "that..."

Hang Jin: "idiot!"

Later, turn around and walk away, leaving Chi yangleng in situ to blame himself.

She vowed that she would never drink again, and that she would never drink again.

"Central, Central..."

In the room, Grandpa Chi called several times, and he just heard: "Grandpa."

"What\'s the matter with you and that boy of Hangzhou family?" said the official outside the pool

Chi Yang Yang shook his head: "we are OK."

Grandpa Chi said, "it\'s not a way for him to pester you so much. We have to find a way to let her die for you."

"What can I do?" he said listlessly

She and Hang Jin have both got marriage certificates. As long as Hang Jin doesn\'t agree to divorce, she can\'t make Hang Jin stop pestering her.

"Tell him you have a boyfriend and let him die," he thought

What\'s a boyfriend? Hang Jin is her legal husband.

In his heart, he thought like this, but he was afraid to frighten grandpa and dare not say, "Grandpa, this method doesn\'t work."

Grandpa Chi said wishfully, "how about Jiang Zhen? Jiang Zhen\'s kid got such a famous name at a young age by his own ability. He is steady and steady. If he pretends that Jiang Zhen is your boyfriend, will hang Jin leave

"Grandpa, this doesn\'t work." Now, Hang Jin is very unhappy with Jiang Zhen. If Jiang Zhen plays her boyfriend again, Hang Jin will go crazy as soon as he starts, but he doesn\'t know what kind of crazy things he will do.

"Is it Jiang Zhen or something else?"

"You don\'t know the temper of that man, Hang Jin. If you annoy him, he will be upset." Chi didn\'t want to let Hang Jin leave in such a bad way, and Hang Jin was not obedient.

This method doesn\'t work. Grandpa Chi doesn\'t have an idea. He suddenly feels sorry for his granddaughter, who has been entangled by the big devil of Hang Jin since she was a child.

It\'s a rare weekend to be busy. Chi Yangyang accompanies grandpa chi to dinner in the hospital before returning home.

There was no Hang Jin at home. There was not even a speaker in the family. It was very cold.

Human beings, as strange animals, always contradict each other.

When Hang Jin was at home, she hated his quarrel.

When Hang Jin is not at home, she dislikes the quietness of the house and always hopes that he can come back early.

He\'s been out for hours, and he doesn\'t know how his date with his sweetheart is going, or if something will happen between them tonight.

I don\'t know what happened. The more he thought about it, the more fidgety he became.

She picked up her mobile phone and involuntarily dialed Hang Jin\'s phone number. However, after several calls, the voice of artificial intelligence came back and forth in her mobile phone - the user you dialed has turned off, please call again later.

He shut down.

Chi Yang Yang put away her mobile phone, turned around and went into the bathroom. After taking a shower, she was half lying in bed reading books, and no longer hanging where Hang Jin was. Finally, she was in a good mood.

Book, this kind of thing, when you don\'t want to read it, it\'s the best hypnotic drug. The book is still in your hand, and Chi Yangyang sleeps in a daze.

It may be that the night is too quiet, or there is no Hang Jin around. Her heart is always hanging uneasy. She has no accidents and has nightmares in the middle of the night. But the dreamer is not her parents, but Hang Jin who looks annoyed every day.

Hang Jin was wearing a white shirt, but the white shirt had been dyed red with blood. He walked to her with heavy steps: "little four eyes Help me

"Brother Jin..." Chi tries to rush to him and hug him, but she can\'t move half of her step. Seeing his blood flow more and more, she cries out, "brother Jin, brother Jin, don\'t you want to leave me, I only have grandpa and you, I don\'t want you to have something, I don\'t want you to have something!"

Her parents were killed by the murderer in the cruelest way when she had no psychological preparation. They left her forever. She had only grandpa and Hang Jin.

If even Hang Jin is gone

Jingling bell -

the sharp phone call suddenly woke up Chi Yang from his nightmare: "brother Jin..."

She grabs the mobile phone, and it\'s clear that the phone is called by Hangzhou devil.

She took several deep breaths before she got through the phone. When she got through, she heard the arrogant and unreasonable voice of Hang Jin: "what are you doing when you don\'t sleep well in the middle of the night?"

"Maybe I didn\'t pay attention and accidentally dialed your number." Knowing that he is OK, knowing that he is still OK, the sense of suffocation like despair just disappeared from the heart of Chiyang.

Hang Jin always said, "idiot!"

Chi Yangyang gently called him: "brother Jin..."

Hang Jin was stunned, and his voice was obviously gentle: "what\'s the matter?"

"Can you come back?" he said

Hang Jin looked back at several poisons squatting on the ground. He had just caught these crafty poisons. He had a lot of things to deal with. He couldn\'t walk away. "What\'s wrong with you?"

Knowing that he couldn\'t see, he shook his head: "I\'m ok." Suddenly I want to see him and see him standing in front of her.

"Boss!" His subordinates are calling Hang Jin. Hang Jin motioned to his subordinates not to make a sound. Then he said to Chi Yang on the other end of the phone, "if you have nothing to do, go to bed. I can\'t go back tonight if I have something to do."

"Oh..." Chi Yangyang was disappointed. He wanted to hang up, but he couldn\'t help saying, "brother Jin, you must be good."

Hang Jin recognized something wrong in her voice: "are you having another nightmare?"

Chi didn\'t want to show his weakness in front of him again and again, but he couldn\'t help trusting him and relying on him: "HMM."

As soon as the word "eh" came out, Hang Jin could not help but grow a pair of wings and fly to her, but Xiao Wang said, "boss, if they can\'t catch the head, they will have a lot of trouble later."

Hang Jin was worried about Chi Yang, but the criminals ran more and would harm more people. He had to catch the criminals first: "four eyes, don\'t think about it, sleep well."

Hang Jin took the lead in hanging up the phone, and immediately his opponent said, "you guys take people back, you guys follow me. I don\'t believe that boy can grow wings to run today. "

"Yes," he said

It\'s up to Hang Jin to successfully catch several poisons tonight.