My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1769

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Jingling bell -

the sharp ringing of the incoming call suddenly rings, which makes Chi Yangyang excited. Hang Jin immediately presses the mute key, takes a look at Chi Yangyang, gets up and walks out: "I\'ll take a call."

How dare Hang Jin avoid her?

Never before, today is the first time.

Chi Yangyang suddenly became curious.

Hang Jin is on the balcony outside the private room, but because the sound insulation effect of the glass door is very good, Chi Yang Yang can\'t hear a word with his ears up.

The more she couldn\'t hear it, the more curious she was. Who was calling him?

Is it her sweetheart?

Or Li Shijian has news of the murderer?

Compared with the two, Chi was more concerned about the latter, so when Hang Jin answered the phone and returned to the room, she said, "is there any news about Li Shijian\'s murderer?"

"Who do you think I am? Li Shijian cable will report to me? " Hang Jin returned to his seat, collected his cell phone slowly, and took a sip of tea.

Chi Yangyang held his mouth: "if you don\'t say it, don\'t say it. What\'s so fierce?"

Hang Jin: porridge can\'t stop your mouth

Chiyangyang: "..."

I\'m so angry. I want to bite him twice, but I can\'t do anything about him.

Hang Jin said again: "today, Saturday, you should go to see Grandpa."

Chiyangyang: "naturally, it\'s going to be there."

Hang Jin: "eat it. I\'ll take you there when I\'m full. "

Chi Yangyang: "I\'m in such a hurry to see me off. Was the call just made by your sweetheart?"

Chiyangyang didn\'t find his question a little sour, but Hang Jin heard it, so he shouldn\'t be jealous.

Hang Jin\'s face suddenly improved. He leaned against Chi Yangdi: "little idiot, do you want to hear it or not?"

"Is it, isn\'t it? Does it have anything to do with what I want to hear?" he asked stupidly

Hang Jin: "..."


As expected, it was he who made love again.


Grandpa Chi is in good physical and mental condition. The doctor said he could leave the hospital two days ago, but he felt that there was no hospital bustle in his home. He insisted on staying for two more days to observe.

When Chi Yangyang and Hang Jin came, he was playing mobile games with a small fart kid. The small fart kid came to him and was so anxious that he could not help robbing his mobile phone to play for him: "Grandpa, why are you so stupid. Run fast. If you don\'t, you will be killed by the enemy. "

As soon as the voice fell, Grandpa Chi shrugged: "I was killed by the enemy when you said it."

"Grandpa, you give me your cell phone, you see how I play, I\'ll teach you."

Grandpa Chi hides his mobile phone behind him like a child: "Xiaoxin, grandpa doesn\'t know how to play. Let Grandpa play again."

"Grandpa, how can you rob the mobile phone with the children?" Seeing Grandpa and a few-year-old boy rob cell phones, Chi thinks his grandpa is really cute, but he is old, wearing a presbyopic glasses and staring at the mobile phone is too bad for her eyes, so she has to stop it.

"Yang Yang, you are here." Grandpa Chi quickly shoved his cell phone to Xiaoxin like a child caught stealing sugar. He motioned to Xiaoxin to find his mother. He pretended that nothing had happened. "Come and chat with Grandpa."

"Grandpa, I just asked the doctor about you. The doctor said that you are unwilling to leave the hospital. Are you bored at home? "

Grandpa Chi nodded: "yes. It\'s really boring to stay at home alone. I live in the hospital, and I have a little cute like Xiaoxin to play with a lot of patients

Chi Yangyang holds grandpa Chi\'s hand: "Grandpa, I\'ll move back to live with you."

"I don\'t want to live with you. You young people have your young people\'s life, and we old people have generation gap. After living for a long time, we are tired of each other. " In fact, the old man wanted his granddaughter to move in with him, but he also knew that young people and the old people\'s life style are different, young people like freedom.

Although he is old, he must not drag Chi Yang\'s hind legs.

"Old man, how about another old lady to play with you?" People who can say this, even if they can\'t hear the voice, can know that there will be no one but Hang Jin.

When Grandpa Chi heard Hang Jin\'s voice, he was angry: "master hang, why are you here again?"

Hang Jin took a stool and sat down beside grandpa Chi\'s bed: "little four eyes want to see you. I\'ll come to see you with her. Do I need a reason?"

With Hang Jin, Grandpa Chi didn\'t even bother to pretend to be polite: "young master of Hang family, what do you say you are pestering such a clown and eight monsters in our family one day?"

Hang Jin smiled: "old man, I didn\'t say that last time. Help your family change genes."

Grandpa Chi: "our family\'s genes are very good now. We don\'t need to change them."

Hang Jin still smiled, "let\'s talk about finding your wife."

Grandpa Chi: "cough..."

"Hang Jin, get out!" Seeing that grandpa was angry with Hang Jin again and coughed, Chi Yang Yang dragged Hang Jin out of the room with a mop. "Please, go and do your business, don\'t make the old man angry."

Hang Jin didn\'t get angry. He reached out and pinched her face: "don\'t go home too late. In the evening, I sleep alone at home and close the doors and windows. In the evening, when you are hungry, don\'t go out to eat or order takeout alone. There are two bowls of noodles at home, which are soaked to fill your stomach. When my young master comes back, I will take you to eat delicious food. "

"Where are you going?" All of a sudden, Chi Yangyang is a little flustered. He subconsciously grabs Hang Jin\'s hand and stares at him.

Hang Jin held her hand tightly in the palm of his hand and squeezed it hard: "little idiot, apart from looking for my sweetheart, where else can I go?"

"Oh..." Chi Yangyang suddenly lost something, but she did not understand where the sense of loss came from, nor was she willing to understand the specific reasons for the sense of loss.

The syllable of her word "Oh" hasn\'t fallen yet. Hang Jin suddenly lowers his head and kisses her lips. After kissing her for a long time, he just let her go: "little four eyes, remember what I just told you."

"What are you doing?" Chiyangyang rubs his mouth in disgust. Thinking that he has kissed another woman\'s mouth with this one, she feels disgusted. "Hang Jin, don\'t you think you are disgusted? Is that right for you to do that? "

"Disgusting? I have never moved my heart to any woman other than my sweetheart. I am clean and white from inside to outside... " Almost told the truth again, and Hang Jin stopped in time.

He\'s confessing to the idiot, Chi Yangyang, but he thinks he\'s blaming her for sleeping him: "that I didn\'t mean to ruin your innocence. "