My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1767

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Chi Yangyang is helpless, but there is no way to take him: "that Give me some more time. After all, my grandfather doesn\'t know about it. My grandfather always has a lot of opinions on you. If you let him know that the two of us quietly received the marriage certificate, I will be able to piss him off living in the hospital for a year. "

The old man has his own opinion, and Hang Jin knows it.

Last time, the old man also wanted to make a blind date for Chi Yang, and he didn\'t lose Chi Yang in front of him. The purpose was to get rid of his idea of Chi Yang.

After thinking about it, Hang Jin made a concession: "today, let\'s tell my parents about our marriage license. Tomorrow, we will go to the hospital to see the old man. Let me talk about it with him." Hang Jin insists on announcing this. Chi Yang is really in a hurry: "Hang Jin, we can\'t go on this marriage anyway. Why should we stop killing each other? We told them today that we were married, and maybe we could tell them tomorrow that we were divorced. " "Chi Yangyang, can you think of anything else besides divorce?" Every time he heard the words "divorce" from Chi Yang, Hang Jin would like to find tape to seal her mouth, so that she can never open her mouth again. "Don\'t you think our marriage is not because of mistakes but because of love? Do you think the two of us can keep this marriage going? Don\'t you marry me because of what I did to you after I was drunk? " Chi Yangyang took a deep breath, sighed, and then said, "Hang Jin, we are all adults, don\'t deceive ourselves, OK?" "That night we just..." In anger, Hang Jin almost said something that had not happened between them that night, but when he thought of the consequences of Chi Yang knowing the truth, Hang Jin swallowed the words to his lips. Chi Yangyang, who is soft and silly at ordinary times, is a little idiot with no attack power. But once she touches her bottom line, her stubborn explosive power is extremely terrible. Before she thinks of the foolproof method, she must not let

know the truth of that night. "Sorry! I don\'t want a marriage without love. I can\'t live a lifetime with a man who doesn\'t love and doesn\'t love himself. " I\'m afraid it\'s the hardest time for Chi Yangyang to be in front of Hang Jin in her life, but she doesn\'t know why she has some pain in her heart after saying this. She deliberately ignores the pain. "Hang Jin, I don\'t know if I can meet someone I want to love with my heart in my life, so I don\'t have much hope for love. But you are different. If you have girls you like, cherish them. Don\'t waste your energy on such unimportant people as me. " "You don\'t fucking matter?" Hang Jin was so angry that he didn\'t want to say a word. But if he didn\'t, the idiot would continue to make him angry. "Do you really think my young master has eaten too much when he is around you all day? Do you really think you are a man of no consequence to Ben "Actually..." After a fierce attack by Hang Jin, Chi Yangyang counseled again, "in fact, you are not irrelevant to me. After all, we grew up together, and we still have feelings of growing up together." And her inner trust and dependence on him.

But sooner or later, he will protect the person he loves and leave her. Instead of passively accepting it later, it is better to accept and adapt now.

"Idiot!" Hang Jin turned around angrily and left. As soon as he stepped out of the kitchen door, he ran into Yin Nian and smiled, "Mom, why are you here?"

Yin Niang smiled and said, "we are waiting for lunch. You drove away sister Jing. How can I come?"

Listening to his mother\'s tone, I didn\'t hear the conversation between him and Chi Yangyang. Worried about going with the smoke, Hang Jin said with a smile, "come right away, come right away."

Yin nianxiao: "I just heard you scolding again. Who are you scolding?"

Hang Jin: "scold myself."

Chi Yangyang is not as flexible as Hang Jin, and his mood has not come out yet. He can\'t laugh and laugh with Yin Nian like Hang Jin. He can only escape first: "Auntie, you talk first, and I\'ll serve vegetables first."

As soon as he left, Hang Jin wanted to follow him, but he was caught by his mother: "I said Hang Jin, do you have a long brain?"

"Mom, leave my business alone." "I don\'t care. If I don\'t care about you, you will drive away the girls." Yin Niang smiled and wished to wring Hang Jin\'s ear. "Silly boy, if you like other girls, you should treat them better. It\'s always so ferocious. Sooner or later, it will scare the girl away."

Hang Jin: "Mom, even you know I like that girl, but that idiot doesn\'t know. I told her plainly that he still didn\'t believe it. And always doubted what I would do to her. "

Yin nianxiao: "if I were her, I think so."

Hang Jin: "what else do you want me to do?"

Yin nianxiao: "be nice to her, don\'t ask you to be 100% nice to her, at least do what your father did to me."

Hang Jin: "my father did that to you?" Hang Jin tried hard to recall how his father was good to his mother. However, apart from his father\'s obedience to his mother at home, there was no other picture that impressed him very much: "Mom, I\'d like you to tell me two examples of my father\'s kindness to you

Yin nianxiao is really pinching his ears at the moment: "stupid boy, do you want me to fall in love for you?"

Hang Jin: "that\'s not necessary."

Love is like a poison. It\'s addictive to know that it\'s poisonous, but it still makes people want to touch and try.


On the table. No accident, Yin nianxiao arranges Chi Yangyang to sit next to him, puts all the delicious dishes beside him, and warmly entertains him: "Yang Yang, these dishes are what you like to eat from childhood. You must eat more, and you can\'t be thinner." "Mom, she doesn\'t have long hands. You don\'t need to get used to her like this. I can help her." According to Hang Jin\'s usual disposition, he would say that, but today, he is totally unconventional, helping Chiyang yang to take dishes, "Chiyang, this is delicious

, which is also what you like. You have some."

Being treated so gently by Hang Jin suddenly, Chi Yang shakes his hand and almost doesn\'t drop the vegetables. Does this man think of a new way to clean her today? "Why not? Not delicious? " In order not to frighten him, Hang Jin tried to be gentle, but the more he was like this, the more worried he was, "I Brother Jin, are you not feeling well? "