My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1765

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At present, Hang\'s second eldest brother lives in the small villa area allocated by the state in Cangshan District, Jiangbei City, which is about half an hour\'s drive from the place where Chiyang central works.

Before Chi Yangyang and Hang Jin went abroad, both hang and Chi lived in the government compound of Cangshan District. Therefore, the situation that Chi Yangyang knew Hang Jin as a devil as soon as he was born appeared.

After the Hangzhou family moved, his parents passed away. During his absence, his mother often asked him to eat at home. Both of them had a little share. Today, however, when he thought that he was coming to Hangzhou as a "daughter-in-law", he felt uncomfortable all over and was almost at the door of his house. He was still hesitating: "Hang Jin, you see I didn\'t buy anything, so it\'s not good to have my hands free

ah, why don\'t I go to see my uncle and aunt today?"

Hang Jin glanced at her: "don\'t buy it."

Chi Yangyang chuckled: "I don\'t need to buy it at ordinary times, but today I\'m going to visit the second elder as my daughter-in-law after all Unless you don\'t want me to see them as a daughter-in-law. "

"What you are worried about, my young master has already thought it out for you." What\'s the idea in Chiyang\'s mind? Hang Jin thought of it for a long time. He pulled over and stopped. "So don\'t worry, I\'m sorry I didn\'t take the present."

"You want to..." Before Chi Yang finished speaking, he saw their little friend Zhu Chuang, carrying two big boxes, bumping to their car. "Fourth brother, I\'m ready for what you asked me to prepare."

Hang Jin pressed the window and didn\'t plan to get out of the car: "put everything in the trunk."

"OK." Zhu Kaizhan put the two boxes in Hangjin\'s trunk, and then gathered them to Hang Jin\'s window. "Fourth brother, I haven\'t seen my uncle and aunt for a long time, so I\'d better take me with them for dinner."

"When can\'t you have dinner with them? It\'s just that you\'ll come to the party this noon." Hang Jin looked coldly at Zhu Tuo\'s exhibition. "Let\'s go."

"But fourth brother, you can take Yang Yang. Why can\'t you take me?" Zhu Kaifa frowned at Chi Yangyang in the front passenger\'s seat. "Yang Yang, the fourth brother is true love to you. You must cherish him and don\'t hurt his heart."

"Cough, cough..." Chi Yangyang was obviously scared by Zhu Chuang\'s words. "Brother Chuang, you don\'t know how I grew up. How can you even say that?" "Zhu Tuozhan, if you don\'t speak, no one will think you are mute." With a cold look in his eyes, Hang Jin saw Zhu Chuang hurriedly back two steps. Hang Jin took advantage of this gap, stepped on the accelerator and drove away, leaving Zhu Tuo full of grievances

exhibition, "fourth brother, I\'m helping you. How can you be so ungrateful. If I hadn\'t helped you, you wouldn\'t have seen the circle of friends of the Central Committee. "

Thinking that the wechat circle of chiyangyang only blocked Hang Jin, Zhu Tuozhan suddenly felt that he was not so aggrieved, and that the way for hang Da devil to pursue his wife was very long.

Later, he also had the chance to see their peerless Hangzhou fourth brother running after him.

…… "You still know to come back..." When the doorbell rang at home, Hang\'s mother didn\'t see who it was. She opened the door in a hurry. When she opened the door, she saw that Chi Yangyang was also there. She quickly took back the second half of the sentence and put on a kind and incomparable smile. "Here comes the central Committee. Hurry in.

come in."

Chi Yangyang smiled: "Auntie, I have come to disturb you and uncle again. This is a little gift I bought for you and my uncle. I hope you like it. "

It is natural that Hang Jin asked Zhu Tuo to buy the gift. Now Hang Jin asked Chi Yangyang to say that she bought it. Chi Yangyang can\'t help saying "It\'s all in my own house. What else do you want to buy? Why are you suddenly polite to me?" Hang\'s mother took the gift box and put it on the cabinet at the porch. She turned and pulled on Chi Yang, "I haven\'t seen you for some days. Let my aunt have a good look at you."

Hang\'s mother has always been so warm to Chi Yang, just like his mother, who was pulled by Hang\'s mother to watch and see, Chi Yang won\'t feel embarrassed.

Hang\'s mother touched the face of Chi Yangyang: "Yangyang, you are thin again. You see the face is getting smaller and smaller. "

Chiyang Yang didn\'t really feel thin, but when his mother said that, she also touched her face: "Auntie, I think I\'m ok. During this period of time, I have a good appetite. I think I\'m getting fat. "

After registering for marriage with Hang Jin, Hang Jin took her out for dinner in the middle of the night. It\'s good that she didn\'t gain weight suddenly. How could she lose weight. "You young girls are all like this, no matter how thin they are, they are not willing to admit that they are thin." Hang\'s mother said, "in this way, you can ask Hang Jin to pick you up after work and have dinner at our house. Let your aunt cook some soup for you to drink, and make sure you are red

If it was his former identity, Chi Yangyang might have agreed to come to hang\'s house to drink soup, but now he can\'t do it. I don\'t know what the second old man of Hang\'s family will think after he knows that she has defiled Hang Jin.

Before he knew what they thought, he thought it would be safer to stay away from them: "Auntie, I don\'t get off work on time, so don\'t bother." "You\'re right. You can\'t delay your work because of food. It\'s inconvenient for you to go to work. I\'ll bring the hot pot so that Hang Jin can bring it to you. Anyway, he\'s a big idler who doesn\'t do his job. " Chiyangyang is the child that hang\'s mother watched grow up. In addition, she only has a son like Hang Jin who has no daughter. Usually, chiyangyang is regarded as a daughter. She said that she would take care of Chiyang, otherwise she would not be at ease.

Idle people who don \'t do business.

His mother\'s comments on Hang Jin were approved by Chi Yangyang.

Pool Yang Yang also understood hang mother\'s intention, had to nod to agree.

The two women talked about Hang Jin for a long time, but his role was to run errands for Chi Yang Yang. They didn\'t even look him in the eye, so they decided his use.

He was discontented, but he did not dare to attack the Empress Dowager. He could only swallow his anger in his stomach and asked in a joking tone, "empress dowager, who is your own? Who will inherit the throne in the future? "

It\'s OK that Hang Jin doesn\'t speak. When he speaks, his mother gives him a vicious look: "why don\'t you tell me in advance that Yang Yang is coming? I\'d better prepare two dishes that she likes to eat."

"Mom, I\'m your own." From childhood, it\'s like this. As long as Chi Yangyang comes to their home, his mother\'s eyes are only that of Chi Yangyang, an idiot. His son is transparent in front of her. Hang Jin couldn\'t figure out. Chi Yangyang, a small four eyed man, has a bad temper. How can he appeal to his mother, who has a more irascible temper than him?