My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1764

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He didn\'t know how he could ask such a strange question suddenly. After asking the question, he felt that he was asking for trouble again, so he did not make a sound. But he also heard that Hang Jin was as arrogant as a son of a bitch: "I grew up with you as a little partner, and now I\'m also the husband on your marriage certificate. You also asked me who I am. Are you going to take the title of idiot seriously?

chi Yangyang: "..."

That\'s not what she meant.

She just felt that the man was not as simple as she thought. Maybe his real face was much worse than what she knew now.

"Get up if you don\'t want to. I will accompany my young master back to Hangzhou at noon. " Hang Jin let go of her and took the lead in turning over to get up, because he was wearing only one pair of underpants, which made Chi Yangyang have a panoramic view of her body. She couldn\'t help but look twice.

"Since you want to see it, I will show you enough." He found that Chi Yang looked at his eyes, and Hang Jin called him complacent. He wandered around the bedside for several times, "I have a good figure."

The figure is really good.

To be tall, to have abs

Realizing that he had lost his temper, he quickly took back his eyes: "that I have something else to do this afternoon. I can\'t go back to your house with you for dinner. " Hang Jin is also coquettishly showing off his figure. Hearing that Chi Yangyang doesn\'t want to go home with him, he immediately changes his face and glares at her fiercely: "little idiot, how can you tell me what\'s more important than going home with your man to see his mother-in-law?"

"What, what?" Chi Yangyang was shocked. He looked at Hang Jin strangely. "Don\'t scare me, Mr. hang. I\'m afraid that I can\'t see my parents in law

Hang Jin picked up his eyebrows: "don\'t you want to?" "It\'s not unwillingness, it\'s our relationship..." The more eager he was to explain, the more confused she was, she stopped and took a few deep breaths before she could go on, "you know why we got married, and you know that we are going to divorce sooner or later, so what parents do you take me to see. Later, when you marry your beloved girl, you take her back to see your parents. " Hang Jin\'s parents watched him grow up. From small to large, he had no less time to eat in their home. During his time abroad after his parents died, Hang Jin\'s second eldest brother often asked her to eat in their home. It\'s reasonable to say that Chi Yang Yang and Hang Jin

go back together to have dinner with their second eldest brother, but the key is to see their parents in law.

Seeing her father-in-law, her identity was different. Chi didn\'t want to live a lifetime with Hang Jin, so she couldn\'t go to hang\'s as her daughter-in-law to see her elders.

The more he thought about it, Chiyang and Zhao thought that it was too far fetched for them to get married in such a muddle. They just regarded marriage as a joke: "Hang Jin, we can\'t continue this mistake."

"Wrong? Is our marriage a mistake in your mind? " This little four eyes, just a word can infuriate him, Hang Jin said again, "little idiot, can\'t you see that the girl in my young master\'s heart is you?"

"I am the girl you love?" He only thought that he heard the funniest joke of the year, and chuckled out, "hahaha Hang Jin, stop teasing. "

Hang Jin was so angry that he twitched at the corners of his mouth. He said so clearly. The little idiot still didn\'t believe it.

Under his angry gaze, Chi Yang stretched out his hand and probed his forehead: "no drinking, no fever, which tendon did you have today?"

Hang Jin: "..."

He knew that since he said it, the idiot woman would not believe it. It really pissed him off. Seeing that Hang Jin\'s face was getting ugly, he knew that he was angry again. Although Chi Yang didn\'t know where he had provoked him, he quickly surrendered: "well, I\'ll go home with you for dinner. Anyway, I haven\'t seen

aunts and uncles for many days. It\'s time to see them."

Hang Jin squeezed a few words from his teeth: "little idiot!"


When he packed up and went out, Hang Jin took a special look at the next room.

The door of room 8816 is wide open. There are cleaning workers cleaning it. It seems that the boy Jiang Zhen has checked out.

When Hang Jin turned around, he saw Chi Yangyang Calling: "teacher, Li Shijian didn\'t ask me again. OK, then drive carefully. Well, I\'ll be back downtown in a minute. " Upon hearing this, Hang Jin knew it was Jiang Zhen. He didn\'t care about 37-21, but hung up his mobile phone that had robbed Chi Yangyang: "xiaosiyan, I\'ll warn you for the last time, and stay away from Jiang Zhen later. Don\'t be silly to let people sell, and help others count money. "

It\'s not the first time that Hang Jin forcibly grabbed her mobile phone and hung up. Chi Yangyang was so angry that he raised his foot and stepped on Hang Jin\'s foot: "Hang Jin, I\'ll warn you for the last time, hang up my phone later, i..."

Hang Jin looked down at her: "what can you do? Can you still eat me? "

"You can try it," he said

Hang Jin rubbed her head: "little idiot!"

"Don\'t touch me!" As soon as Chi Yang clapped his hand away, he turned around and left.

Hang Jin followed her a few steps. He went into the elevator with her and came to the lobby of the hotel. Chi gave the room card to the front desk staff: "excuse me, let\'s check out."

She was polite and polite. She didn\'t look fierce in the face of Hang Jin. Seeing that Hang Jin was upset again, he glared discontentedly at the front desk staff of the hotel.

These guys can get the smile of Chi Yang, but he can\'t get it.

Chiyangyang didn\'t want to deal with Hang Jin. After checking out, he went to the parking lot with him and got on his car: "you take me to the Criminal Investigation Detachment in the western suburbs, and I\'ll drive my car."

Hang and Jin Li ignored her. When they stepped on the accelerator, the car flew out.

After driving for a long time, Chi found that not far in front of him was the entrance to the expressway. He just knew that Hang Jin didn\'t take her to the Criminal Investigation Detachment in the Western Suburb: "Hang Jin, didn\'t I tell you that I was going to drive my car?"

Hang Jin looked at it with white eyes: "little idiot!"

Chi Yangyang angrily untied his seat belt: "I said I was going to drive my car. Can you understand me?"

At the sight of her unbuttoning her seat belt, Hang Jin counseled: "Chi Yangyang, put on my seat belt and sit down. You don\'t need to drive the car. Someone will take it back. "

Chiyangyang: "..."

They have had several fights since they got up.

Chi felt that if she quarreled with him again, she would be exhausted. So she stopped talking to him and closed her eyes and reclined on the chair to sleep. But she couldn\'t sleep at all. There were so many messy things in her mind that she couldn\'t make sense of them.