My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1761

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"Then I would like to wish you all the best and never regret what you have done." With that, Jiang Zhen walked back into the room with a smile and politely closed the door to Hang Jin.

Hang Jin: "..."

It seems that we should take good care of these people, or we will not take him seriously.

He took out his mobile phone and dialed a person\'s phone number: "let Li Shijian send me the information about the murder tonight."

With that, he hung up his cell phone.

Soon, I received a message about Li Shijian\'s contact information and a sentence - [I have already said hello to Li Shijian. If you want any information, please contact him yourself. He should cooperate with your work. 】

shit, what is Li Shijian supposed to be able to work with.

In spite of his displeasure, Hang Jin called and quickly got through: "hello."

Hang Jin: "I Hang Jin, send me the information about tonight\'s murderous cases."

Li Shijian hesitated: "hang Shao, though..."

"I don\'t want to hear any nonsense. I\'ll send the murder information to my mailbox or ask your people to send it to me. I\'ll give you ten minutes. When time comes, I won\'t listen to you for any reason. "

Once again, Mr. hang hung up directly. Before long, when the mobile phone information prompt started to sound, Li Shijian sent the murder information to his mailbox, and finally made a remark - [hang Shao, this case is related to the case of Hang couple\'s body shredding two years ago, please protect Ms. Chiyang

secret. 】

damn it, he\'s not stupid. He needs Li\'s advice.

Without any further delay, Hang Jin turned back to the room, opened the door, and saw Chi Yangyang sitting on the bed turning over her mobile phone. He didn\'t know what she was looking at. Hang Jin looked at her coldly: "little four eyes, you are not only blind when you don\'t wear glasses, but also blind at heart."

Chiyang Yang doesn\'t want to talk to him. She really doesn\'t want to talk to him at all. She gets upset when she hears his voice. She wants to beat people when she sees his people. If you stay with him again, he can guarantee that she will make him become a violent maniac. "What? Even deaf? " Hang Jin comes to her and grabs her mobile phone. Chi Yangyang is so angry that he grabs the pillow and smashes it at him. "Hang Jin, I dug your ancestral tomb or something in my last life. Why do I torment you so much?" "How happy Ben is!" This sentence can\'t be simpler. Chi Yangyang can hear it almost every day, but every time she hears it, she can almost blow up, "Hang Jin, I warn you, return my mobile phone to me right away, or I want you to look good"

"How do you want me to look good?" Hang Jin opened Chi Yang\'s wechat - Settings - privacy, and released her wechat from her blocked circle of friends. "Chi Yang, I dare to set up your circle of friends in the future. I have to delete all my friends in the wechat


Chi Yangyang: "give me back my cell phone."

Hang Jin threw it to her: "remember it for me!"

Chi Yangyang grabbed his cell phone and gave him a angry look: "Hang Jin, what do you want me to do, so you can not pester me or torture me?" "You made the mistake at the beginning, so you have to be responsible to the end." Seeing the crazy appearance of Chi Yangyang, Hang Jin seemed to be very happy and smiled smugly, "little four eyes, you go to sleep, I don\'t want to play with you if I have something else to do.


After all, he was just playing with her.

Chi Yangyang knew that in the heart of Hang Jin, the son of a bitch, she was a toy. No matter whether it was fun or not, she had engraved his exclusive logo. As long as his uncle didn\'t say don\'t play this game, no one could take it from his hands. "Son of a bitch!" Chi Yangyang yelled angrily, but Hang Jin sat aside and didn\'t pay attention to her at all. Seeing him like this, Chi Yangyang was so angry that he wanted to rush over and bite his neck, suck his blood, and never let him do harm again. "Little four eyes, if you can\'t sleep, get up and make me a cup of coffee. Don\'t gnash your teeth there." If he didn\'t look down at his cell phone, he would suspect that he had been looking at her, only to know that she hated him so much.

Make him coffee. He dreams. She\'s very interested in making him a poison. "If you poison me, you will be charged with the murder of your husband and wife, which is not punishable by death, but also by life imprisonment. It\'s not worthy of being a bastard for me." While checking the murder data, Hang Jin can also distract himself from talking to Chi

Central Committee.

Chi Yangyang: "you still know you are a son of a bitch. At last, you have a little self-knowledge."

"I know what I am in your heart." As he spoke, Hang Jin glanced over the column of evidence data, and the first item said -- [the dead man holds half of the note tightly, and there are three words on the note (murderer is)] the half of the note held by the dead man probably pointed out the murderer in the case of corpse breaking in Jiuyuan farm two years ago, but now only half of the note is left, indicating that the other half of the murderer\'s key has been destroyed by the murderer, and they Lost the most important evidence


Hang Jin was a little annoyed. In fact, in the past two years, not only Chi Yangyang has been investigating the case of his parents\' murder, but Hang Jin has also been investigating it. He has also been investigating it for two years. However, with such a wide network of people, he has not found any clues and evidence. Today, with such a clue, he has to work hard again.

Seeing this, Hang Jin looks in the direction of Chi Yangyang. Seeing that she is still turning over with her mobile phone, Hang Jin knows that Chi Yangyang is also looking for clues.

She is a forensic doctor. She must know that the evidence is easy to be destroyed in this rainy day, and the murderer is well prepared. There is no strong evidence left at the scene. It is really difficult to find the murderer, but she still tries her best to find it.

Just when Hang Jin saw her, Chi Yang Yang suddenly looked up and said, "brother Jin, I want to ask you a question." There was a light of excitement in her eyes, and when she was awake, she called him brother Jin. It seemed that she had found something. Seeing her happy, Hang Jin was also happy: "if you want to ask me anything, please ask me. I am in a good mood. I will tell you everything I know."

Chi Yang Yang beckoned to him, "come here."

With a wave of Chi Yang\'s hand, Hang Jin ran to her like a pug, almost holding her thigh.

He sat down beside her and leaned on her shoulder: "what can I do here?"

He handed his mobile phone to Hang Jin and said, "look at this."

She was beside him, almost half of her body was in his arms, and the girl\'s unique body fragrance drifted into his nose and breath, which made Hang Jin have a momentary mood disorder. His little four eyes were so fragrant, how could they be so fragrant. It\'s like a delicious roast duck, and he\'s the one who hasn\'t eaten for several days. He\'s so greedy that he can\'t wait to eat her into his stomach.