My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1757

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Chi Yangyang didn\'t ask Jiang Zhen how he could be here anymore. He immediately called the police.

After the call, the two of them waited in place, no one moved, because as forensics, they all knew the importance of protecting the murder scene.

Jiang Zhen saw Chi Yang shudder and hurried to her side, patted her on the back: "Yang Yang, don\'t be afraid, the police should come soon."

"Teacher, I\'m fine. Don\'t worry about me." Chi Yang looked at the dead lying on the ground. The man looked in his early thirties and was still very young.

Who would choose to kill him on such a night?

What exactly did he write on the half piece of paper that he held tightly in his hand?

Will he be the witness who witnessed her parents killed two years ago?

if so, is it possible to prove that the murderer who murdered her parents knew that she had been secretly investigating her parents\' murder?

Chiyang asked Jiang Zhen not to worry, but how could Jiang Zhen, who saw the fragility but pretended to be strong, not worry: "Yang Yang, don\'t stare at it, come and sit next to it for a while."

Chi Yang didn\'t answer.

Jiang Zhen opens his mouth and wants to say something, but he swallows it back to his stomach.

Jiang Zhen knows that everything is possible for chi yang to compromise, but it\'s related to the case that her parents were killed. She will not compromise in any case, and no one can persuade her.


Even though it rained heavily, the police came soon.

The leader of the criminal police detachment in charge of this area is Li Shijian. After checking the scene, he asked: "who are you two the first to find the dead?"? Who of you called the police again? "

Jiang Zhen and Chiyang show their ID cards.

Chi remembers the policeman because she met him in the last memory she wanted to remember: "Captain Li, I was the first one to find the dead. That\'s what I called the police

Li Shijian took over the certificate of Chi Yangyang and looked at it: "you two are the forensics of Cangshan criminal police detachment in Jiangbei?"

He nodded: "yes. We\'re all forensics. "

Li Shijian stared at Chiyang suspiciously, and asked, "how could you appear in the abandoned farm more than 100 kilometers away from Cangshan District in such a heavy rain at midnight? And also so coincidentally met a homicide? "

Jiang Zhen was dissatisfied with Li Shijian\'s attitude towards the trial of prisoners. He stepped forward two steps and stopped in front of Chi Yangyang. Then he said: "officer, we are the reporter, not the suspect. Please pay attention to your tone."

Li Shijian returned the documents to them, saying, "as forensic doctors, you two know that evidence is needed to speak in any case, so please follow me back to the police station to record a detailed confession."

It\'s not that Li Shijian doesn\'t want to believe the two of them, but that in any criminal case, facts and evidence should be used. Plus, it\'s really strange that the two of them will appear here in the middle of the night.


The western suburb criminal police detachment is about five or six kilometers away from the scene of the crime. Soon, Chiyang and Jiangzhen were taken back to the detachment and arranged to record their statements in two rooms.

Li Shijian, the leader of the western suburb detachment, recorded the confession for Chi Yangyang: "Miss Chi, please tell me, why do you have abandoned farms at this time?" Although Chi didn\'t want to let others know that she was secretly searching for her parents\' murderer, now it\'s a criminal case. If she doesn\'t tell the truth, it\'s easy to mislead the police to handle the case, which leads to the inability to find the real murderer in time.

"I received an anonymous text message at noon today that I was told that I could find witnesses in the case of the corpse of Jiuyuan farm two years ago," she said truthfully Suddenly someone mentioned the case of the broken corpse of Jiuyuan farm two years ago. Li Shijian was also shocked. The pen in his hand almost fell, because he was the first one to take over the murder that happened on the rainy night two years ago. Later, because of various reasons, he handed over the case to the above: "you..."

Li Shijian stared at Chi Yangyang for a while, not sure, "are you the daughters of those two dead people?"

As a criminal police officer for many years, Li Shijian has met many families of the dead, and few people can make him have an impression after a long time, even Chi Yang Yang did not recognize him. What impresses him is that two years ago, the girl looked at her parents\' patchwork corpse and did not shed a tear. She was so strong that it was heartbreaking Now, a closer look at Chiyang shows that she is similar to the girl at the beginning. Under her glasses, there are words of bravery and stubbornness between her eyebrows.

When it comes to her parents\' affairs, Chi Yangyang always feels the pain of stabbing her heart with a knife, but no matter how painful it is, she doesn\'t show it on her face. She nods softly: "yes."

After knowing the identity of Chiyang Yang, Li Shijian also had a little sympathy. When he asked again, his tone was soft: "please tell me what you saw and heard at the scene of the crime again in detail." "Good." In order not to miss any useful details and clues, Chi Yangyang recalled for a while before saying, "I started from the criminal police detachment of Cangshan District to Jiuyuan farm in the western suburb at about 7:00 p.m. because of the heavy rain, it took me about two or three hours to get to the destination." "When I got to my destination, I stopped and turned off the fire. I turned on the flashlight of my mobile phone first, and I just got off. As soon as I got out of the car, I saw a black shadow running past my eyes and quickly into the rainy night. " Chi Yang Yang shook his fist and tried to suppress the resentment in his heart. "I haven\'t made any response yet, and I see blood on the ground. I instinctively go looking for blood, and then I see the dead."

Chi Yangyang unclenched his fist, took a breath of cool air, and then said, "because I am a forensic doctor, I have thought about saving the dead, but when I saw the dead, he was dead." Li Shijian stared at her. He could almost feel the sadness hidden in her mind, which made him hate to stop the questioning immediately. However, he understood that the investigators could not abuse their sympathy: "who is the man with you? How can he be here

"He is my leader and my teacher Jiang Zhen, a famous young forensic doctor in Jiangbei," said Chi

Jiang Zhen is famous. All police stations in Jiangbei City don\'t know him. Of course, Li Shijian is also an exception. But now it\'s related to criminal cases, so we have to start from the beginning: "he came with you?"

"No. I found the dead man before he appeared. I don\'t know how he came out here. " Chi Yang shook his head, just thinking that he had just asked Jiang Zhen, but Jiang Zhen didn\'t answer.

At the same time, Jiang Zhen also received routine questions in another room.

"Why do you appear in the abandoned farm at midnight?" the policeman asked Jiang Zhen looks at the police officer and replies, "because he\'s worried about her."