My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1756

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After identification, Chi determined that the skulls found by the police officers were indeed human skulls, but whether the skulls of the four people killed in a series of murders had to be taken back to the Bureau for further DNA testing before they could be determined.

Looking at the fragmentary bones in front of him, Zhao Ziqian was so angry that he said, "Liu Tieliang\'s animal is not as good as the beast. What kind of grievance and revenge can make him so vicious to these four people."

It\'s said that the human skull was found in his slaughterhouse. Boss Wang was very scared and walked to Zhao Ziqian with trembling legs. "Captain Zhao, are these bones really human skull? What did Liu Tieliang do? "

Zhao Ziqian looked at boss Wang and said, "boss Wang, now I want to ask you to come back with us to assist in the investigation."

Boss Wang pointed to himself: "me? I don\'t know anything. What can I do for you? "

Zhao Ziqian: "didn\'t you just say that Liu Tieliang resigned to you last month? The skull of the dead will appear in your slaughterhouse. Do you think it has nothing to do with you?"

Boss Wang was afraid, but his mind was still clear: "he told me last month that he resigned. This month, Fang No. 2 officially resigned. The day before yesterday, he returned to get the rest of his salary."

Zhao Ziqian: "don\'t rush to explain, first go back to the police station with me and explain slowly."

Boss Wang: "Zhao team, this matter has nothing to do with me."

Zhao Ziqian: "I said this matter has something to do with you?"

Boss Wang: "..."

"Give me both the evidence and the material evidence." After telling the police officer to finish, Zhao Ziqian looked at Chi Yangyang, who had just finished his work. "Yang Yang, to verify whether these skulls are the four dead, we will trouble your forensic department."

"This is our duty in the forensic department. Captain Zhao is welcome." On the way back, Hang Jin still sat next to Chi Yang Yang, who still ignored him. He also blocked his breath and ignored Chi Yang. Until he got back to the Bureau, he said to Zhao Ziqian, "well examine Liu Tieliang. It\'s better to take Wang as your surname."

Zhao Ziqian quickly replied, "hang team, you can rest assured that we will deal with this matter as soon as possible, give the dead an explanation as soon as possible, and give the people of Jiangbei a satisfactory answer."

Before Zhao Ziqian finished, Hang Jin left without saying hello to Chi Yang.

Chiyangyang is too busy to work.

Jiang Zhen watched her for several times and couldn\'t help but care: "Yang Yang, if you have something, go first. The inspection work has been completed, and then the inspection report will be issued. "

"Teacher, I\'ll go first." In the past, the work has not been completely finished. No matter what she said, Chi Yang will not leave first. Today, she promised so cheerfully that Jiang Zhen had some accidents, but she did not ask many questions.


Chi Yangyang changed his plain clothes in a hurry and drove to Jiuyuan farm in the western suburb of Jiangbei City. Today, someone sent her a text message anonymously, which said that her parents were killed that night, someone witnessed the whole process of the murderer.

It rained heavily that night when his parents were killed, so no one would go out in the heavy rain, so there were no witnesses in all the evidence chains.

At that time, the murderer handled the scene of the murder very cleanly. With the heavy rain all night, there was no useful clue or witness left outside the house.

Because of this, the person in charge of this case in those days could only list this case of dismemberment as headless injustice without finding physical evidence and human evidence.

It\'s just because of this. After two years of searching, Chi Yang still hasn\'t found any useful clues about the murder of her parents. Just when she was almost desperate, someone sent such a message, which ignited his hope.

Whether the news is true or false, she must go to find the so-called witness in the text message and ask the person in person if he witnessed the murderer.

Rumble -

thunder suddenly sounded, and it looked like another heavy rain.

This is the weather in July and August. There is no sign that it will rain.

But Chi Yang can\'t control so much. In order to find the witness as soon as possible, she stepped on the accelerator and sped to the west suburb of Jiangbei City.

It rained in a short time, and the more it rained, the bigger it was, and the more it looked down on the road ahead, the more it had to slow down.

Usually, it\'s about an hour\'s drive from the expressway. Today, because of the rain and dark, it took Chi Yang about three hours to get to the destination.

There were almost no customers coming to Chengxi Jiuyuan farm after the murders two years ago. The boss insisted for two months and finally had to close the door. Now it\'s a deserted farm, which looks very gloomy.

In the past two years, Chi has come to this place countless times. Every time she comes to this place, she feels suffocated. But in order to find the murderer of her parents, she has to come again.

She casually found an open place to stop the car, turned on her cell phone\'s flashlight and walked into the farm in the rain.

As soon as she got close to the yard, Chi Yang seemed to hear footsteps. She followed her reputation and saw a dark shadow flash past her eyes, which made him excited.

But there was no time for her to be afraid, because she saw so much blood. She followed the blood and found a man lying in the pool of blood before walking a few steps.

There is a deep wound on the man\'s neck. Blood flows from his wound

It hurt the neck. There is so much blood flowing. There is no doubt that it will die But Chi Yangyang did not give up. She went up to confirm. When she confirmed that the wounded had died, she could not sit on the ground.

The body temperature of the dead is still soft, which proves that she has just been killed. The black shadow she saw just now is likely to be the murderer

Chiyangyang quickly called the police, but at this time she saw the dead man holding a piece of paper tightly. Some of the paper had been torn off and some of it was still held by the dead man.

Maybe the killer is to grab the note in the hands of the dead. If he can\'t get it, he will hurt the killer. What kind of note is it to let the dead give up their lives and protect them?

Chi wants to know, but she doesn\'t move without permission, because this is the scene of the murder. Any small act of her may destroy the evidence at the scene, leading to the police can\'t catch the murderer.


Ear, suddenly came the voice of Jiang Zhen, but it is not so true. Chi Yang looked up and saw Jiang Zhen: "teacher, how can you be here?" "Did you call the police?" Jiang Zhen didn\'t answer Chi Yang\'s question. He looked at the dead on the ground and frowned. "Let\'s call the police first and let the police handle it."