My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1755

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The case hasn\'t been completely solved yet. Hang Jin is still holding the title of team leader. He said that he would go together. No one can stop him. Zhao Ziqian still asked: "hang team, you\'d better go with us, of course." Hang Jin ignored him and Zhao Ziqian didn\'t feel embarrassed. He climbed to the deputy driver\'s seat of the police car and sat down. He turned to look at Hang Jin in the back seat of the car and said, "hang team, the murderer is also a fierce master. Last night, he was interrogated all night until this noon to pry open his mouth and let him

say where the head of the dead is."

"Shut up!" Hang Jin doesn\'t care about how to interrogate the murderer at all. What he cares about is Chi Yangyang, because the girl is so wrong that she doesn\'t even know he\'s here.

Hang Jin banged Chi Yang with his elbow. He banged it with brute force. He heard Chi Yang groan, "what is Chi Yang thinking? You can\'t see this young master coming? "

Chi Yangyang is suffering from pain, and just now he comes back to his mind and sees Hang Jin appear in front of his eyes. He is still confused: "how are you coming?"

Sure enough, she didn\'t see him because of other things in her mind.

Hang Jin Huo Avenue: "Chiyang Yang, what did I tell you?"

Chi Yangyang: "what?"

She needs to remember what he said. Does he really take his words as a decree?

Hang Jin pinched Chi\'s chin and said: "when you are with me, you dare to think of other things. I will kill you in minutes."

He was very impressed. He threatened her like this when he had nothing to do, but he didn\'t see what he really did to her. He disdained: "what\'s wrong with you, uncle hang?"

Hang Jin raised his eyebrows and said, "what were you thinking?"

Chi Yangyang: "what do I think has anything to do with you? Would you please find something else to do in a day, and don\'t always appear in front of me and pester me? "

"Nothing to do with me?" Upon hearing this, uncle Hang Jin\'s temper immediately rushed up, "chiyangyang, don\'t forget that you are my legal wife."

Chi Yangyang: "you......"

She really has no way to refute it, because it is true, even if she is not willing to admit the identity at all.

Zhao Ziqian in the front row listened to the conversation in the back seat. When he saw Hang Jin for the first time, he knew that the relationship between Hang Jin and Chi Yang Yang was unusual, but he didn\'t know that the relationship between them had reached such a close level.

Zhao Ziqian vaguely remembers that Chi Yangyang\'s entry certificate says she is unmarried, so that is to say, she only got married with Hang Jin after she worked, but why not make it public?

Zhao Ziqian would like to look back, but due to the authority of Hang Jin, he is not brave enough. He can only think about it by himself But he also heard Hang Jin say, "Zhao Ziqian, you should understand what you can hear and what you can\'t hear."

Zhao Ziqian responded quickly: "hang team, don\'t worry about me when you are busy. I didn\'t hear anything just now."

Hang Jin: are you stupid

Zhao Ziqian: "Hangzhou team, should I hear what you just said?"

Hang Jin: "it\'s really a bucket!"

The news that he wants Zhao Ziqian to spread out is that this kid should keep his mouth shut. He often says that Zhao Ziqian is a good person in front of him because of the old money. This person is obviously a pauper. What kind of person is a good person.

Because of Chi Yang\'s anger and Zhao Ziqian\'s anger, Hang Jin didn\'t say a word all the way. He still kept a straight face when he arrived at the destination and ignored everyone.


The destination is the slaughterhouse in the suburb of Jiangbei, where at least tens of thousands of fat pigs are slaughtered every day and sent to the vegetable markets and supermarkets in the whole city. Although they have been cleaned, they still have a bloody smell.

Zhao Ziqian looked around. There was a bone mountain beside the slaughterhouse. It was a bone mountain made of pig bones of different shapes.

"Is the head of the abattoir here?" he said "Comrade police, I am the owner of the slaughterhouse. My name is Wang. I\'ll be here waiting for you to come when I receive your call. If you need my help, I\'ll do my best. " A fat middle-aged man ran out of a small house beside the slaughterhouse. His belly was bouncing when he ran.

"I\'m Zhao Ziqian, the leader of Cangshan Criminal Investigation Detachment of Jiangbei Public Security Bureau," Zhao said. Now I ask you, has Liu Tieliang ever worked for you

Boss Wang: "what happened to Liu Tieliang?"

Zhao Ziqian: "I ask you if he has ever worked for you?" "Yes, yes, he is a very hard-working young man. He can do the work of two people by himself, and he is never tired. But last month, he suddenly told me that he would quit his job if he wanted to go out for a rush. I asked him where he was going. He didn\'t want to say it, and I didn\'t ask more. " When it comes to Liu Tieliang\'s resignation, boss Wang is really reluctant, "if he doesn\'t get along well outside, he can come back to work at any time."

Zhao Ziqian: "what does he usually do?"

Boss Wang: "he does almost all the work except killing pigs. In other words, if it wasn\'t for his dizziness, he would have worked hard to kill pigs together. "

"Liu Tieliang faints?" Zhao Ziqian thought coldly in his heart that if the man in front of him knew that the hard-working boy with blood fainting in his mouth had killed four people, he did not know whether he would doubt the world.

Boss Wang nodded, "yes."

Zhao Ziqian added, "but he is suspected of killing people. Now you must cooperate with us well."

"Kill, kill people?" Boss Wang couldn\'t believe it. "Captain Zhao, are you mistaken? I believe in whoever kills, but I don\'t believe that Liu Tieliang will kill, if you kill me. "

"Believe it or not, it\'s only necessary to cooperate with us now." Zhao Ziqian beckons, "Xiao Zhang, you ask boss Wang to take you to Liu Tieliang\'s residence for investigation. The others are acting separately from me. "

"Zhao team, there are blood stains that can\'t be washed out everywhere, and the smell of blood. How can we find the head of the dead?" A police officer looked at Zhao Ziqian anxiously. "Look for it, even if you turn the whole slaughterhouse over." In fact, Zhao Ziqian is not sure that he can find the heads of four dead people, because he does not know whether the murderer has told him the truth, but he is not willing to place any chance to find the heads of the dead and let the dead rest.

A group of people were quickly put into work under Zhao Ziqian\'s instruction. Accompanied by the staff of the slaughterhouse, they did not miss any corner where they might find the murderer\'s head.

After searching for about half an hour, someone finally found out: "Zhao team, I have found it here. It\'s like a human skull, but it doesn\'t look very much like it. "

Zhao Ziqian: "Yang Yang, you and I are going to have a look." "Good." Chiyang Yang quickly followed Zhao Ziqian with his tools, ignoring Hang Jin, who was sulking on his own.