My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1754

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Poof -

Hang Jin drinks the tea in his mouth and sprays it out. If it wasn\'t for Qin Yue to hide quickly, he would have sprayed it all over his face.

Qin Yue frowned at the abandoned land.

"What, what?" Hang Jin\'s eyes widened with surprise, and even doubted that he had a hallucination. "Mozhi, you really scared me this time."

But Hang Jin knew that he would never make such a joke with Qin Yue because of his personality. He said that when he got the certificate and registered with Jane, he would never be false: "you are not a reckless person, how can you be so sudden this time?"

Qin Yue said lightly: "I don\'t know. It\'s very uncomfortable to see her date with someone else. "

Hang Jin said again, "you don\'t love her. Aren\'t you afraid of regret when you meet a girl you really like?"

"No." Qin Yue looked at Hang Jin and said with great certainty, "even if I want to like a girl in the future, it can only be her, not others."

Hang Jin suddenly saw his own shadow on Qin Yue. Once he thought that a person was a train, he could not pull it back. But Qin Yue was different from him. He grew up with Chi Yangyang. He knew Chi Yangyang\'s roots. However, all Qin Yue knew about the girl named Jian ran was just the information she came from. What kind of person is she? He certainly didn\'t know: "Mozhi, do you really know her?"

Qin Yue still replied lightly: "she is my wife, so that means I recognize her. I don\'t want anyone to say that she is not good in front of me or on my back."

This man is protecting his wife so fast. Hang Jin can\'t say anything else: "anyway, I still want to wish you and her a long time."

Qin Yue: "yes."

Hang Jin shook his head and sighed, "you are a man."

Qin Yue: "what about you? Tell me about you."

When it comes to her own situation, Hang Jin is so big that her eyebrows ache: "it\'s not the same as before. No matter how much I do, she can\'t see it."

Qin Yue: "..."

Because there is no love experience, and I don\'t know what kind of experience it is to love a woman deeply. Qin Yue really can\'t give Hang Jin useful advice.

Hang Jin knew that Qin Yue could not give him any useful advice, but some words were held back in his heart. "You said how can I do it, so that she can see my good?"

Qin Yue didn\'t even think about it, and then said, "she can\'t find that you are good enough for her. It must be that you are not good enough for her."

Hang Jin: "..."

It seems that this man who has not been in love has something to say, but he would like to take out his heart and give it to the little idiot of Chi Yang, what else should he do?

During the conversation, the waiter served.

Hang Jin said enthusiastically, "don\'t mention those annoying things. Let\'s eat first and I\'ll go out with President Qin."

Qin Yue: "I have something else in the afternoon."

Hang Jin: are you refusing me to accompany you

Qin Yue: "well."

Hang Jin: "..."

A little white boy at home is mad at him. Here comes another cold man. He\'s really annoying.

But Qin Yue didn\'t seem to notice his mood change. He ate and ate slowly, which was not as elegant as a normal person and looked like a piece of art.

Such a Qin Yue, let alone a woman, can\'t help but look at him more when he is a serious straight man: "Mu Zhi, if I were a woman, I would actively pursue you."

Qin Yue frowned and didn\'t answer. Eating without saying, sleeping without saying is the family education and principle that he has kept in mind since childhood.

But Hang Jin didn\'t care about it at all. He said a lot while eating: "I know you must say in your heart that if I were a woman, I would never have the chance to sit here with you for dinner."

Qin Yue is still eating, no doubt.

It\'s clear that two people eat together, but the other one doesn\'t agree with each other. Hang Jin\'s anger is so overwhelming that he says, "I can\'t talk with you."

Finally, Qin Yue put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth elegantly: "I\'m full, you eat slowly."

Hang Jin suddenly felt, "if you eat with me and ignore me, even if you eat with your wife and ignore her, what would she think? Do you think you don\'t want to talk to her? "

Qin Yue: "No."

Hang Jin: "you\'re not her, how do you know she doesn\'t think so?"

Qin Yue: "because she is my wife."

Hang Jin: "..."

Qin Muzhi is still the one he knows. He has known him for several years, but he has not changed at all. He is vigorous in his work, but a little slow in his emotional life.

A meal is finished in such an atmosphere. Hang Jin said, "where are you going? I\'ll drive you."

Qin Yue: "there is a driver to pick me up."

Hang Jin: "OK. See you next time. "

Qin Yue can\'t see that he wants to have a good chat with him. Come on, let him go, let them insensitive guys go.

It\'s time to worry. Just let Hang Jin worry alone.

After the separation from Qin Yue, Hang Jin was bored and didn\'t know where to go when he thought about it. He drove around by himself and went to the place where he worked.

He patted his head: "what the hell did I owe her in my last life?"

While talking to himself, Hang Jin has taken out his mobile phone to call Chi Yang, and has turned to her phone number, but he still gives up dialing.

It\'s working time now. His phone call will affect the work of central Chi. Chiyang Yang is very serious about her work. She will be tired of receiving his call.

When the phone didn\'t ring out, Hang Jin stayed in the car and looked at the building where she worked quietly, knowing that she was only a few hundred meters away from him, and that the heart in his chest could be quite a lot.

At this time, Zhao Ziqian suddenly led a few people out of the gate. Hang Jin looked at it, and at a glance, he saw Chi Yangyang, who was still in the crowd.

He immediately got out of the car: "what happened?"

Zhao Ziqian, the leader, rushed to meet him and said, "Hangzhou team, it\'s you. It\'s up to you to catch the serial killer so quickly this time. We haven\'t thanked you very much. I will thank you very much when we solve the case another day. "

Hang Jin picked up his eyebrows and said, "where are you going?"

It\'s necessary for Hang Jin gong to catch the murderer. Zhao Ziqian admired him very much. "We just interrogated the location of the dead\'s head. Now we are going to look for it." Hang Jin looked at Chi Yang, but Chi Yang didn\'t look at her at all. He went straight to the police car and saw that Hang Jin was very angry. He also got on the car and sat down beside Chi Yang: "I\'ll go with you."