My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1753

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It\'s done!

It\'s not good for Chi Yangyang to whisper, but he can\'t stop: "Hang Jin, don\'t do that."

Hang Jin\'s hand didn\'t stop: "what can\'t you do?"

Chi Yangyang\'s hands were in front of his chest, defending the last line of Defense: "you can\'t take off my clothes any more." If you take it off again, it will be the same as him. She still needs face.

Hang Jin raised his head slightly, but he was still very close to her. When he was near Chi Yang, he could feel his breath: "what? You\'re only allowed to take off my clothes. I can\'t take off yours? "

"I was drunk that time, and I didn\'t know what I had done. Besides, you are stronger than me. You can stop me completely. "

Hang Jin: "Chiyang, you should be kind, not arbitrary. Some things have been done is done, you can not excuse yourself drunk do not know that I am not responsible. " "Who says I\'m not responsible for you? Didn\'t I get married with you? What else do you want me to do? " If there were not a handle in his hand, Chi vowed that even if she had a knife on her neck, she would not have foolishly married Hang Jin.

two people who do not love each other are not only responsible for each other, but also irresponsible to society. This mistake is really wrong. She really wants to finish it early. But Hang Jin has not been tired of this game. It is not her has the final say to end the game.

Want to understand, Chi Yang Yang soft attitude, try to ease the atmosphere first: "hang, you first let me go, we slowly discuss this issue."

Hang Jin: "don\'t let it go."

What do you want to do

Hang Jin: "have a baby with you."

Chi Yang shook his head: "no, no need to give birth. Hang Jin, we\'ve missed it once. We can\'t go wrong again. "

"Chiyang!" Hang Jin suddenly called her name, and nodded her forehead with one hand. "When can you look at it carefully, you idiot?"

Chi Yangyang: "what are you looking at?"

Hang Jin knew it would be such a result, but he was still angry when she said it so bluntly. He turned over and lay aside angrily: "look at my young master sleeping."

Chi Yangyang: "I\'ll watch you sleep?"

Hang Jin: any questions

No, no problem

In front of him, what problems can she have.

As a result, Hang Jin fell asleep. Chi Yangyang sat next to him pitifully. He was obviously sleepy, but he could only watch him sleep.

Of course, in order not to have long needle eyes, Chi Yangyang is very considerate to pull up the quilt to cover him.

It\'s just that I saw something I shouldn\'t have seen in the corner of my eye. Chi Yangyang sighed in his heart - it seems that it\'s much bigger than when she held it in her hand when she was a child.


I don\'t know if Hang Jin was made of steel or not. He didn\'t have a good rest for several nights. At dawn, he was as energetic as a chicken.

Chi Yangyang put his breakfast in front of him and couldn\'t help but look at him a few more times: "I said hang Sishao, you have nothing to do. What do you do when you get up so early?"

The point is that he got up so early, she had to prepare breakfast. She was very tired.

Hang Jin took a sip of porridge, which was still as bad as ever. If it wasn\'t for her cooking, he would not drink it: "take you to work." "I have my own car. You don\'t have to get up so early to see me off. You see you slept so late last night. You should sleep a little longer to make up for your sleep, or you will grow old quickly. " Knowing that he would not give her a good face if he didn\'t need to send her directly, Chi thought of a more gentle way to refuse:

sure enough, this method works for Hang Jin: "do you feel sorry for me?"

"Pool Yang Yang unwittingly nods:" HMM

But Hang Jin stared at her discontentedly: "little idiot, pay attention to your eyes when you lie."

Chiyangyang: "..."

This man doesn\'t do his job all day long, but he looks at people one by one. It\'s poisonous.

Looking at the embarrassment that Chi Yangyang was exposed on his face, Hang Jin proudly whistled loudly: "little four eyes, work hard, I will pick you up at night."

Chiyangyang: "let\'s forget it."

Hang Jin: "don\'t talk nonsense. I said I would pick you up, but I didn\'t ask your opinion. "

Well, if you can\'t refuse, you can only accept it.

He quickly finished his porridge and changed his clothes. It seemed that he was in a hurry to go out: "where are you going now?"

Hang Jin: "steal."

Chiyangyang: "..."

Hang Jin: "jealous?"


Not really.

Chiyang asked him to find someone else to stop pestering her, but he didn\'t dare to say, "I\'m going to work. You drive slowly. Don\'t always have one car occupying two parking spaces. Now the parking space is tense. It\'s annoying that you do that. "

Hang Jin: "I can\'t do my own things well, and I\'m nosy."

It\'s said on the lips, but Hang Jin\'s parking is honest from now on, and no one car occupies two parking spaces, which can be attributed to Chi Yang Yang.


A restaurant in Jiangbei. Hang Jin knows that Qin Yue is the most punctual person. Even if he hasn\'t had a good rest, he still arrives at the date place on time. Seeing his friends who haven\'t seen each other for many days, Hang Jin is in a good mood. He comes forward and gives Qin Yue a big hug with a smile: "Moji, good

long time no see, I really want to read."

He was hugged by Hang Jin. Qin Yue did not refuse or respond. Instead, he relentlessly opened it up: "you saw it before you went back to China."

Hang Jin looked at Qin Yue discontentedly. "Oh, I said you, the leader of Shengtian group, don\'t have any sense of humor."

Qin Yue asked him to sit down, and he just sat down: "what do you want to drink?"

"You can see what you like to drink." In other words, Hang Jin still took the menu in his own hands. "I\'m a native of Jiangbei. Of course, you\'re my treat when you come to Jiangbei."

Qin Yue said, "thank you."

"It\'s just dinner. You\'re welcome." Hang Jin called to the waiter, "give each dish in your restaurant. It\'s light. You can\'t put onions in any dish."

After ordering, Hang Jin looked at Qin Yue with a smile: "Mozhi, look, I love you so much. I know that you are allergic to onions, and I remember that."

Qin Yue: "I mean something simple." "Jane?" Hang Jin was shocked. He just understood that Qin Yue\'s thanks meant something simple. He had to look at Qin Yue carefully. "How many girls in our school wanted to catch up with you before? You never looked at those people. Now I\'ve come all the way to Jiangbei for the sake of a woman. If I hadn\'t seen it with my own eyes, I couldn\'t believe it. "

It\'s just that Qin Yue didn\'t take Hang Jin\'s words and said his own meaning directly: "I\'ll take over the simple things myself, and leave her affairs alone in the future."

"No problem." Hang Jin has never been a man of many things, and he also believes in his friends. Qin Yue asked him not to mind, so he would not have many things, "then how are you going to pursue her?" Qin Yue said quietly, "we have already got married."