My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1751

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Qin Muzhi, a college classmate, a little idiot raised from childhood, stepped on his head one by one. Hang Jin felt that he must have owed them in his last life.

He was about to put away his cell phone when another call came in: "boss, Liu is very tight lipped. After two days of asking, he still doesn\'t say a word. It seems that you have to come out."

Hang Jin roared, "a group of people are not allowed to rest."

Without him on his side, people have caught him and still can\'t ask for clues. Zhao Ziqian didn\'t have him on his side. He couldn\'t even catch them. Did he know only how to eat?

Hang Jin hung up his cell phone and went back to his room. Chi Yangyang\'s idiot had already slept down. He was so angry that he pulled open the quilt and said, "are you a pig, little four eyes?"

Chi Yang Yang opened his hazy eyes: "what are you doing? Let no one sleep? "

Hang Jin: my young master is going out

Chi Yangyang: "Oh."


What is this attitude?

In the middle of the night, he said he was going out. Shouldn\'t she ask him where he is going? Even pretend to be concerned about asking him two questions.

Under his fierce gaze, the pool central shrunk his neck: "then you pay attention to safety."

Hang Jin: "you don\'t want to know where I am going?"

Chi Yangyang: "can I say when I ask you?"

Hang Jin: "look at the mood."

"Then why should I ask?" he shrugged

Hang Jin: "idiot!"

Chiyangyang: "..."

She was not an idiot, but she was scolded by him every day, which made her wonder if she had an IQ problem.

Hang Jin: "little idiot, put your cell phone on the head of the bed, unlock and press the number one key for a long time. If you have something, please call me at the first time."

Chi Yang Yang nodded stupidly: "Oh."

She looks like a little idiot. Hang Jin is very angry and funny. Forget it. He is a big man and a little idiot. What do you want to do? "I\'m leaving. Get up and lock the door."

Chi Yangyang: "Oh."

Can this idiot say anything but this word?

"Idiot!" Hang Jin bit her teeth and forced herself to stop beating her up.


An anti drug detachment in Jiangbei.

Hang Jin parked his car in the parking area of the courtyard and hurried to the inside. A young man wearing a work permit greeted him as soon as he entered the room: "boss, you are finally here."

Hang Jin didn\'t have a good way: "if you don\'t have me, can you do one thing?"

The little police officer scratched his head awkwardly: "those drug traffickers are all despicable masters. If they want to talk, it\'s really impossible for ordinary people to do it. You have to be such a powerful and domineering leader as the boss to hold them down."

Hang Jin glanced at him: "less flattery."

He knows how good he is. He doesn\'t need to be reminded.

The interrogation room has been interrogated for a long time, but the prisoner is still a picture. As long as I don\'t speak, you can\'t take my attitude. Hang Jin stood in the monitoring room and watched for a few minutes: "call Xiao Wang out."

Small police immediately called small Wang\'s phone, small Wang answered the phone and exited in a hurry, and returned to the monitoring room: "boss, I\'ve thought of all the ways I can think of, but the rabbit just doesn\'t talk."

Hang Jin\'s sword eyebrow picked it up and said impatiently, "you are still sitting and asking if you don\'t open your mouth? Is your time so cheap? "

Xiao Wang is aggrieved

Hang Jin said again: "all of them are here to give me a good look. Learn a little. Don\'t do anything without me in the future. "

He turned and went to the interrogation room. Of course, his appearance was different from that of other police officers. He kicked the door open and raised the head of the prisoner sitting in the interrogation room as soon as he appeared.

Hang Jin threw the folder on the table: "say it."

What do you want me to say, Hangzhou team

Hang Jin: "name, gender."

Prisoner: "I don\'t even know my name. Do you still catch me? And my gender, you don\'t see it? "

Hang Jin: I don\'t think so

Prisoner: "..."

Let\'s see what they can do with him.

Hang Jin: let me see for myself

Hang Jin beckoned: "two people came in, picked up his clothes and showed me whether he was a man or a woman."

Prisoner: "dare you! You call it privacy violation. "

"Privacy?" Hang Jin lit a cigarette and took two puffs. "How dare you talk to Laozi about privacy, you fucking scumbag who endangers society? I won\'t let anyone tie you up to the tower and hang you for a few days. "

"Boss." Two police officers were called in.

"What are you doing? I\'ve got it all." Hang Jin sat on the chair, put his legs on the table, and held a cigarette in his hand. "Fight with me, I have some ways to clean you up."

The prisoner chuckled, "then we\'ll see."

Hang Jin took a sip of smoke and put out two circles gracefully. Just then he said slowly, "I heard your wife is pretty."

Hearing that Hang Jin mentioned his wife, the face of the prisoner changed a little. Hang Jin seized the opportunity and said, "Xiao Wang, if you send out a message, you will say that this little rabbit has recruited all for his wife."

The prisoner stood up excitedly and pointed to Hang Jin: "you dare!"

Hang Jin pressed the cigarette end on the table and said with a sneer, "do you know what I do? Do you know what I dare not do? "

It\'s impossible to deal with such prisoners by conventional means, and Hang Jin\'s character is most suitable for dealing with these people. However, as for how he judges prisoners, he only depends on the results, never on the process.

The name Hang Jin, in the eyes of those who grew up in his childhood, is a synonym for the second generation of the world\'s dandy. They all think that he only knows to eat, drink, play and never do anything serious.

They certainly don\'t know. The name Hang Jin is a sharp sword in the eyes of drug traffickers in Jiangbei. Whoever catches or catches, no matter who, as long as he stares at it, he will never run away.

Hang Jin came back from studying abroad and took over the anti drug special police team of Jiangbei City in less than a month, but he has solved three major drug trafficking cases. When he mentioned his name, the drug traffickers all hated his teeth.

And the prisoner knows very well that as soon as the false news is spread, those people will think that he has recruited all of them. He is in prison, and those people can\'t take him, but his wife and children at home

Thinking of these, the prisoners have no confidence: "Liu Tianliang, male, thirty-five years old."

Hang Jin smiled, but the smile didn\'t reach the bottom of his eyes at all: "I\'ve been so obedient, but there\'s nothing left. I don\'t want to waste my saliva. I\'ve got everything you know. "

Liu Tianliang: "you all know what I know." Hang Jin: you\'re still very hard