My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1749

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People point guns at their heads and say that it\'s deceitful not to be nervous. But Zhao Ziqian has been rolling among criminals for many years. He has been wandering around many times. Can nervousness be expressed in his face: "who are you?"

The intruder sneers, "the one who wants your dog\'s life."

Zhao Ziqian: "you have to understand that robbery and murder are totally different in nature. Before we make a big mistake, let\'s stop in time. It\'s too late. "

"In time?" The intruder laughed, "killing one is a murderer, killing four is a murderer. What\'s the matter with killing two more people? Captain Zhao, do you think that\'s the truth? "

"You are the murderer of the headless female corpse case?"

"It doesn\'t matter. Anyway, Captain Zhao, you don\'t have a chance to catch the murderer yourself."

"Why did you kill them?"

"Why? Because they deserve to die. " The murderer smiled, "Captain Zhao, I didn\'t intend to kill you. Who wants you at home at this time?" "You want to kill my wife..." At this moment, Zhao Ziqian finally understood why Hang Jin wanted him to go home, but it was too late. His gun was in the hands of the murderer. As long as the murderer pulled the gun valve, his life would probably be in the hands of the murderer.

As a people\'s policeman, he has the mission of protecting the people. Since the murderers have all come to the door, if the murderer is allowed to run away again, he is not qualified to be a policeman again. Since Hang Jin asked him to come back, Hang Jin should take the next step, just don\'t know if Hang Jin is outside at this time. But the murderer didn\'t have time to give Zhao Ziqian more thought, and then he picked up the gun valve: "Captain Zhao, you go first,

I will let your wife accompany you soon."

Bang -

the gun rang out, but the shooter was not the murderer, but Hang Jin who broke into the door. Hang Jin hit the murderer\'s hand holding the gun with one shot, causing the murderer to scream and lose the gun.

Zhao Ziqian responded quickly, immediately jumped up, picked up the gun in one hand, grabbed the handcuffs on the sofa in the other hand, quickly handcuffed the murderer, and then hit the murderer in the face with a fist: "I told you to kill his mother."

Hang Jin said, "the murderer will be taken back by others. First, you can see if Mrs. Zhao is OK."

Then the police officers rushed in and caught the murderer. Zhao Ziqian immediately checked Mrs. Zhao\'s injury. Fortunately, she was temporarily unconscious due to skin injury, but no more damage was caused.

If he doesn\'t come back tonight, then Zhao Ziqian did not dare to think further. He looked up at Hang Jin and said, "hang team, thank you for saving my wife\'s life."

Hang Jin: "you are the one who saves her. You have to thank yourself."

Hang Jin didn\'t do any good, and Zhao Ziqian didn\'t continue. He asked the question in his heart: "hang team, I just want to ask, how do you know that the murderer will come to my house to commit murder?" "Take Mrs. Zhao to the hospital first." Hang Jin put away his gun and said, "as for why the murderer would come to your house to commit murder, and why the murderer should kill four dead people and how to kill the dead, I\'ll leave it to you, Captain Zhao, to interrogate slowly. As for me, I have other things to do, so I won\'t be accompanied."

Before going out, he locked the little white fool of Chiyang in his home. Half a day passed. It\'s estimated that the girl should be in a hurry. If he doesn\'t go back, the little idiot will have to call the police.

When Hang Jin returned home, Chi Yangyang sat in the sofa in the living room, curled up into a ball, and looked like a stray dog abandoned by others.

Looking at her picture, Hang Jin felt a sharp pain in his heart: "I\'m back."

Chiyang didn\'t even look up at him.

Hang Jin came to her side and held her in her arms as soon as she reached out: "little idiot, the murderer has caught her. What you worry about won\'t happen again."

Hearing that the murderer had been caught, Chiyang finally had a reaction. She slowly looked up at him and said, "give me my cell phone."

Hang Jin gives her her cell phone. She immediately dials Zhao Ziqian\'s phone number and learns from Zhao Ziqian that the murderer has been arrested. She just drops her hanging heart: "how did you catch the murderer?"

Hang Jin smiled: "Chiyang Yang, do you not believe me so much?"

He told her that she had caught the murderer. She didn\'t believe it. Instead, she called Zhao Ziqian to confirm it. How bad was he in her heart?

"If only the murderer had been caught." Chi Yangyang got up and went to the room. He was dragged back by Hang Jin. "I\'m asking you something, Chi Yangyang."

Chi Yangyang: "Hang Jin, do I believe you are so important? Anyway, no matter what my opinion is, you will not listen to it or do it after hearing it. "

"It\'s a little bit of a self-knowledge." The heart is clearly dripping blood, but Hang Jin still raised a indifferent smile, "I\'m hungry, accompany me to dinner."

"I have no appetite," said Chi

Hang Jin: "I asked if you have any appetite?"

Chiyangyang: "..."


Chiyang Yang didn\'t know which tendon of Hang Jin had pulled. In the middle of the night, he drove her for tens of kilometers to "eat to open" farmhouse.

Today, ye Zhiyang\'s farm music is very lively, because the little friends they grew up with are all there. When Hang Jin arrives, he is immediately invited to sit in the middle.

Chi Yangyang is a person of Hang Jin. Everyone knows that the location next to Hang Jin is naturally for Chi Yangyang. From childhood, he sat like this. Chi Yangyang didn\'t realize there was anything wrong.

Sitting next to him was LAN Feiyang. As soon as he sat down, she helped him with a bowl of soup: "Yang Yang, you didn\'t eat well this day. First drink a bowl of soup to warm your stomach."

"Thank you, Feiyang!" Chi Yangyang holds the bowl and drinks two mouthfuls of soup, only to find out dully, "Feiyang sister, how do you know I haven\'t eaten well in one day?" "Of course, I don\'t know. It\'s not the fourth brother who called in advance." When Hang Jin did these things, he told LAN Feiyang not to say anything, but LAN Feiyang felt that if he didn\'t help Hang Jin to say a few good words, he couldn\'t catch up with his wife. It was their group of people who worked hard

so he had an extra word.

Sure enough, just as the voice fell, I received the warning eyes from Hang Jin.

LAN Feiyang hurriedly stopped and pretended that he had just said nothing: "Yang Yang, this soup is made by the old hen raised in our own farm. It\'s nutritious and healthy. You can drink one more bowl."

"Thank you..." Chi Yangyang looked at Hang Jin, but before he could say thank you, he saw that Hang Jin looked at Xie Yuanbo, who was sitting beside him. "Has the girl named Jian ran been to your shop recently?"

Xie Yuanbo: "..."

What does he remember about Jane ran? Chi Yangyang takes back his eyes, bows his head and drinks soup. His thoughts are a bit confused for a while. Suddenly, he hears Zhu Chuang saying, "Eryue is back home next week. Let\'s think about how to celebrate."