My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1746

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Back in his office, Chi came to Jiang Zhen\'s office again: "teacher, I\'m really sorry for what happened just now! The man of Hang Jin was just held up by people from small to large. He didn\'t know what to say, but his heart was really good. "

Chi Yangyang apologizes for Hang Jin again and again. She may not understand her mind, but the onlooker Jiang Zhen can see clearly. She regards herself as Hang Jin\'s person.

But why can hang Jin let Chi Yang Yang protect him like this? Jiang Zhen was angry in his heart, but he covered it up very well, and still kept quiet: "Yang Yang, why do you apologize for him? In fact, you and him are just acquaintances. There is no special relationship between you. What he has done has nothing to do with you. "

Chi Yangyang: "actually, we are..."

Before the words "husband and wife" were said, Jiang Zhen interrupted her: "Central Committee, when working, focus on work, don\'t disturb work because of other people and things."

Chi Yangyang: "teacher, I\'m sorry!"

After a busy night, he had no time to go home, and naturally he had no time to manage what Hang Jin was doing.

In the morning, when I was eating breakfast, I heard that the headless female corpse case was not solved, but the murder was still happening. The Municipal Bureau set up a special team to solve the case, and the person in charge of the special team was personally dispatched by the Municipal Bureau.

Before the arrival of the people, the people of Cangshan detachment have been talking about: "team Zhao, the above sent people to take charge of this case. It is clear that they are not satisfied with your leadership."

Zhao Ziqian: "what nonsense? If I can solve the case, can the boss send someone else?"

Zhao Ziqian is a smooth man, but he is also well-known. Up to now, no clue has been found about this case. He can send more experienced people to lead the solution. As long as he can solve the case as soon as possible, he has no opinion.

No, he was generous enough to take all members of the team, including the forensic department and other departments, dressed up and waiting for the airborne leader at the door early.

Jiang Zhen doesn\'t care much about this matter. No matter who is sent to take charge of the work, he always deals with the dead and does his job well.

Although her work was arranged by Jiang Zhen, she was young after all. She was more or less interested in the boss to be sent. Standing at the end of the crowd, she still craned her neck and looked at the door.

"Here comes the man." Some people say.

Other people looked at the door in unison. It didn\'t matter whether they looked at it or not. They all took a cold breath. This is the man named Hang who made a scene in the bureau the other day.

Chiyangyang: "..."

What\'s the matter with Hang Jin?

Chi Yangyang instinctively wants to come forward and let Hang Jin stay quiet, but Jiang Zhen coughs next to her, which makes her stop and look at Hang Jin anxiously. Today, as usual, Hang Jin walks with a drag on his face, afraid that other people won\'t know him. The difference is that he wears a police uniform today. It looks like, it\'s It took Chi Yangyang a long time to think of a word - uniform temptation!

She was frightened by the word in her mind. She didn\'t know what Hang Jin was. How could she think of such a high-level word to describe him.


When Chiyang Yang was confused, Zhao Ziqian immediately came forward: "welcome to Hangzhou team!"

Hang Jin strides over, but he ignores Zhao Ziqian and others who warmly welcome him. He goes straight to Chi Yangyang and puts his hand on her shoulder: "little four eyes, we are going to work together next."

"You?" It\'s not that he is despised by Chi Yangyang, but that Hang Jin, who has never done anything before, can become the top leader of the project team?

The suspect has transformed into an investigator!

What kind of operation is this? Hang Jin Zhan put his arms around Chi Yang Yang, and looked casually at others: "well, I\'m sent by the top to investigate the case, not to walk through the scene. Surnamed Zhao, I\'ll organize a meeting with the dating staff and tell them all the details of the case. "

At this time, Chi Yangyang calmed down, clapped Hang Jin\'s hand on his shoulder, hid behind Jiang Zhen, and immediately felt Hang Jin\'s displeased eyes. However, it\'s rare that this man didn\'t take the occasion into consideration.


Conference room.

Zhao Ziqian is the person in charge of the early stage of the case. At present, he knows the most about all the clues he has. So he explains the beginning. After that, he looks at Hang Jin and says, "hang team, all the clues we have at present are these."

Hang Jin raised Er Lang\'s legs in a high-profile manner, and did not immediately take Zhao Ziqian\'s words. Instead, he slowly looked over the people present, and then slowly added: "do others have anything to add?"

No one should.

Hang Jin\'s eyes turned and fell on Jiang Zhen: "doctor Jiang, did the forensic find any more favorable clues?"

Jiang Zhen: "not yet."

Hang Jin smiled and turned his eyes. He fell on Chi Yangyang beside Jiang Zhen and said, "doctor Chi, how about you?"

Chiyangyang would like to say to him: "Uncle hang, it\'s working time now. Several major cases of human life are not your place to play. Please be serious."

However, she still gave him enough face: "Hangzhou team, not for the moment."

Hang Jin suddenly got up and kicked off the chair: "what are you doing in the bureau? Waiting for lunch

A group of people: "..."

As expected, this gentleman is still furious.

Hang Jin added: "Dr. Jiang, please go back to examine the body to see if there are any missing details. Zhao, please ask some people to take Dr. chi to the scene with me. "

Chiyangyang\'s work has always been arranged by Jiangzhen. Hang Jin snatched people to his side, but Jiangzhen still didn\'t say a word more. Chiyangyang couldn\'t imagine that far. Anyway, it was all the superiors who arranged the work.


Chiyangyang is as slow as an idiot in the aspect of emotion, but her reaction in work is very witty. It is her own effort and talent that Jiang Zhen can take her to work nearby.

Chiyangyang\'s mother is a forensic doctor. Grandpa Chi thinks that girls are not good at this field after all, so he intentionally or unintentionally stops chiyangyang from developing in this field. Unexpectedly, after a big circle, chiyangyang still does forensic work.

On the way to the scene, Hang Jin drove a special car for him from the Bureau. When he saw Chi Yang getting on another car, he called out, "doctor Chi, take my car and tell me the details of the case on the road."

It\'s work. There\'s no reason for chi yang to object, let alone her brain circuit can\'t think of anything else. She sat in the vice driver\'s seat of Hang Jin and began to talk about the situation of the dead when she was seated. Who would have expected Hang Jin to interrupt without hesitation: "I know what you said, can I say something useful?"