My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1745

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"I didn\'t protect him, I didn\'t worry about him, let alone doubt him." All of a sudden, Chi felt that these men were not very good at communication. When she said something serious, they liked to talk to her, "Zhao team, listen to me and make it clear to you."

Zhao Ziqian: "OK, you say, I listen." "Hang Jin appeared at the scene of the crime with blood all over his body. There were so many eyes looking at him. He was seriously suspected. We must have strong evidence to prove his innocence, rather than you two talking about something. If you don\'t say anything, you will let him go."

That\'s what central Chi is worried about. She believes that Hang Jin is innocent and useless. If he is innocent, he has to show strong evidence to make everyone shut up. Otherwise, if it is spread out in the future, everyone will be the same as her first thought. He can get rid of the crime only because he has a family background of no less than br >


Zhao Ziqian patted Chi Yangyang on the shoulder and rarely spoke to her in the tone of an elder: "Yang Yang, there are some things that don\'t come out and don\'t come out. As long as you know that I don\'t bend the law for personal gain, Hang Jin is not a murderer."

"I believe it\'s useless. If you want others to believe it, you have to show evidence."

Zhao Ziqian added: "you don\'t have to worry about Hang Jin. Now go back to your work, find some strong evidence, and cooperate with us to find the murderer."

Chi Yangyang: "Zhao team......"

"Zhao team, just received the report, No. 98 Liyuan street and found a headless female corpse." A police officer came to report in a hurry, and Zhao Ziqian was stunned. "Damn it, come again. This is my life. "

He quickly said: "Yang Yang, you go to call Jiang Zhen and go to the crime scene together."


At present, it is the fourth case of headless female corpse.

When he arrived at the scene of the crime and saw the dead Headless Woman lying on the bed, he still felt his scalp numb. What kind of psychopath would this murderer kill these women again and again.

Jiang Zhen takes a look at her: "Yangyang......"

Chi Yangyang took a deep breath: "teacher, I\'m ok." As a forensic doctor, if this kind of scene is scared, how can she help the dead get back a justice, how can she find the murderer who killed their parents Soon, Chi put his heart and soul into his work, examining the scars on the dead, and extracting the remaining powerful substances from the dead.

This busy, then busy to the evening, the work is still not completed. Hang Jin didn\'t see Chi Yang when he went home. He called her at the first time, but no one answered the phone. He was so angry that he scolded: "little four eyes, I told you to wait at home. You want to go out. You\'re so brave. I won\'t take care of you when you come back."

After a busy day, Hang Jin disliked the stink on his body, but he didn\'t have time to clean it up. He drove straight to the Bureau, but he was blocked as soon as he was about to enter.

"Sir, this is an important area of the forensic department. No one can enter it."

Regardless of this, Hang Jin rushed inside and said, "are you blind? Where does Laozi write the words "idle people and others"

The police officer stopped again: "this gentleman, I will arrest you if I break in again."

Hang Jin: "call Zhao Ziqian\'s grandson, and the boy surnamed Jiang from your forensic department. Ask them if I can enter your forensic department."

Damn it, you need to be stopped to find your own wife. It\'s not a day for people to live.

Just in time, let the passing Jiang Zhen see this scene, the police immediately asked him for help: "doctor Jiang, this..."

Jiang Zhen: "give it to me here. You can go and do your work."

Officer: "yes."

Hang Jin smiled: "I thought you were going to pretend you didn\'t know me."

Jiang Zhen: "do I know you?"

Hang Jin: "I don\'t know."

I kind of want to beat this kid.

Jiang Zhen: "what are you doing here?"

Hang Jin: "find someone."

Jiang Zhen: "sorry! Our staff here do not receive friends during working hours. "

When Hang Jin approached Jiang Zhen, he suddenly lowered his voice: "Jiang, don\'t put on a dignified appearance in front of me. Chi Yangyang doesn\'t understand your careful thinking. I understand it very well. You don\'t want to move her. "

"What do you know?" Jiang Zhen snorted

Jiang Zhen\'s cold hum was a clear provocation. Hang Jin grabbed Jiang Zhen\'s collar and said, "I warned you. Can\'t you understand people\'s words?" Jiang Zhen said: "Chiyang doesn\'t like you. Even if you cheat her to get married with you by improper means, her heart will never belong to you. And this society is a fair competition society. Everyone has the right to live a happy life and work hard. "

Hang Jin: "ah Fair competition? When I knew her, you didn\'t even know that in that corner of the world. How dare you talk about fair competition with me? "

"Hang Jin, what are you doing?" Chi Yangyang didn\'t know where to run out and forced Hang Jin away. "Do you know where this is? Is this where you can play around? "

Chiyangyang pushes away Hang Jin\'s behavior, which makes him extremely angry: "chiyangyang......"

Can Chi Yang Yang ignore him, immediately looked at Jiang Zhen: "teacher, are you ok?"

Jiang Zhen shook his head: "I\'m ok."

Hang Jin: "boy, I\'m good at acting."

Chiyangyang: "teacher, I\'ll say sorry for him. Don\'t get to know him."

Jiang Zhen smiled: "he is him, you are you, you are two completely different individuals, you don\'t have to apologize for his unreasonable, let alone I\'m really OK."

Jiang Zhenyue is so reasonable, and Chi Yangyang thinks Hang Jin is making trouble without reason, and his face is a little lost: "teacher, if you go back first, I will speak to him alone."

Jiang Zhen nodded: "well. Tell him about it. We are still involved in the autopsy. Don\'t worry. "

It\'s not urgent. In fact, how can Chiyang not be urgent? It\'s the fourth homicide at present. If he doesn\'t solve it, there will be victims: "teacher, don\'t worry, I know how to do it." As soon as Jiang Zhen left, Chi Yang just looked at Hang Jin, his eyes disappointed with many other emotions: "Hang Jin, you eat and drink when you don\'t do business all day long, but you have to understand that not everyone can have such a good life. If I lose this job, I can\'t even support myself. What\'s more, my job is really not a joke. If there is a slip, more people may be hurt. Do you understand? "

Hang Jin suddenly smiled, but the smile was a little cold: "Chi Yangyang, protecting other men in front of me, I will give you a chance, if there is a next time, don\'t blame me for being rude to you."

Then he left again.

Chiyangyang: "..."

Do evil! It must have been the sin of her last life.