My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1744

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Kill her!

Hang Jin really wanted to, but he killed her. How could he live?

You can\'t fight, you can\'t win, you can run.

Hang Jin turned and went to the bathroom. Unexpectedly, Chi Yangyang followed him. He stopped and pretended that you wanted to take advantage of me: "what do you want to do, little four eyes?" "Hang Jin, I thought last night that Zhao Ziqian is not an unprincipled person. He will never let you go before there is no evidence that you are not a murderer." Last night, he took care of Hang Jin\'s leisure time. Chi Yangyang was not idle either. He thought about the headless female corpse case again.

Hang Jin\'s family is famous, but before such a big murder, it\'s no use for me to come

Hang Jin: want to know why

"Pool Yang Yang nods:" think

"Wait, I\'ll tell you in real time." Hang Jin took off his clothes in front of Chi Yangyang, and he was so scared that he turned around quickly. "Hang, I\'m asking you to be serious. Can you be serious?"

"Now for me, bathing is the business." Hang Jin took off the last thing to hide his shame. "If you really want to know why, come and wash it with me."

"Hooligan!" Chiyangyang can\'t communicate with this man any more. He goes back to the room in a huff. She knew that there was no answer from Hang Jin, so she had to find Zhao Ziqian.

After a phone call, Zhao Ziqian\'s attitude towards her was much more enthusiastic than before: "it\'s the central bank. What\'s the matter with calling me so early?"

"Zhao team, I just want to know why you let Hang Jin go yesterday," said Chi

Zhao Ziqian: "Yang Yang, although we found Hang Jin at the scene of the crime yesterday, there is enough evidence to prove that he is not a murderer. Of course, we should release him."

"What evidence?" chiyangyang asked "By the way, Yang Yang, Hang Jin is not a murderer. You don\'t need to avoid suspicion. The headless female corpse case started with you and Jiang Zhen. Now you can go back to work. " Zhao Ziqian made it clear that he was not willing to tell the truth, and Chi Yang had no way of saying goodbye and hung up.

Although I still don\'t know how Hang Jin proved her innocence, at least she can go back to work, which is good news for Chi Yang.

"What are you thinking, little four eyes?"

The voice of Hang Jin suddenly sounded behind her. Chi Yang turned around and saw Hang Jin standing naked in front of her. She was so scared that she quickly covered her eyes: "Hang Jin, you and I are all adults. Can we make some faces?"

Hang Jin never knew what his face was: "yes, you and I are adults, and I have been slept by you. You have seen all the things you should not see. Is it necessary to dress neatly in front of you?"

Chiyangyang: "..."

It\'s hard to breathe.

Hang Jin: "well, my young master is going out. You can sleep at home and take you to eat delicious food when I come back in the evening."

No, I know how to eat it myself

Hang Jin dressed slowly: "I want you to choose?"

Chiyangyang: "well, when I didn\'t say it."

I don\'t know his temper. Why are you still fighting with him? Has she eaten too much these two days?


Hang Jin has just left, and Chi Yang has simply cleaned up and gone to the Bureau. Because the newcomer took over the work of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, which was confused for a while. When Jiang Zhen was angry and didn\'t know where to go, the appearance of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was his Savior: "Xiaofan, you should return the case of headless female corpse to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and you are still busy with your case."

"Good!" Li Xiaofan took Chi Yangyang and walked away, saying, "Yang Yang, thank God you didn\'t get suspended."

Chi Yang Yang drew back his hand without trace: "we didn\'t take over other cases in the middle of the way. How can you make it look like the sky is falling down?"

"In fact, the key is not to take over the case. It\'s Dr. Jiang." Li Xiaofan looked around and confirmed that no one had just continued, "since he came back yesterday, he didn\'t give me a good look."

"What happened to Dr. Jiang?" Chi thought about the situation when he just saw Jiang Zhen. "Isn\'t Dr. Jiang always like this? He\'s not hot or cold to anyone. No one can see what he\'s thinking."

Li Xiaofan: "who said that Dr. Jiang is lukewarm to all of us? Doctor Jiang is totally different from you. You didn\'t see the slightly raised lip angle when you came back

"Doctor Jiang and doctor Jiang are different to me?" He thought about it. Maybe it\'s because of his mother.

"You didn\'t find it?" Li Xiaofan\'s disgusting expression that you are stupid, so obvious that you haven\'t found.

"Haha......" Chiyang Yang really didn\'t find out, but he was a little guilty of thinking about his mother\'s relationship. "Stop talking about it, and hand over the case to me."

"The autopsy report has come out, and there is still no useful finding." Li Xiaofan handed over the report to the central government, "the report has been read by Dr. Jiang, let you give it to Zhao team."

"OK, I\'ll go now." He took the report and hurriedly went to Zhao Ziqian. He not only wanted to give it to him, but also wanted to get information from him.

Passing by Jiangzhen\'s office, Jiangzhen suddenly stopped her: "central, come to my office after delivering the report."

"Yes, sir," said Chi


At present, there is no new progress in the case of headless female corpse. Zhao Ziqian went to the meeting and just came back. Seeing how he wanted to hit people, he knew that he must have been scolded.

It\'s because he can\'t solve the case without using it. He dare not have a rebuttal.

At this moment, he came back and ran into Chi Yang. His face turned fast: "Yang Yang, here comes the report."

"Latest autopsy report." He handed the report to Jiang Zhen and said, "Zhao team, what\'s the matter with Hang Jin? Can you tell me? "

But who is Zhao Ziqian? You can\'t pry out his mouth even if you have pliers: "Yang Yang, my good Yang Yang, you have such a good relationship with hang Sishao. Why don\'t you ask him, why do you want to embarrass me?"

"I have a bad relationship with him," he denied

"You have a bad relationship?" Zhao Ziqian made two random gestures, "then yesterday he told you Oh, you think I didn\'t say, I didn\'t see anything. "

Chi Yangyang blushed with embarrassment, but he still tried to get back to the business: "Zhao team, yesterday so many of us saw Hang Jin full of blood at the scene of the crime, he was the most suspected." Zhao Ziqian looks at Chi Yangyang and wonders: "Yang Yang, no, I think you are worried about him. You were protecting him at the scene yesterday. Why do you doubt him today? "